Naturealm Sacred 7 is made up of the medicinal species of mushrooms found on land. Contains seven different kinds of mushrooms that are highly nutritional. It is formed with only the whole organic fruiting bodies. Also, it is rich in immunity boost superfood, 100% natural product, certified by USDA, Non-Gmo, Vegan, and Gluten-free.

Scared 7 contains pure mushroom extract powder; no other ingredients are in the product to provide the best quality. Also, no chemicals are in for the cultivation of the mushrooms. For quality assurance, every mushroom goes through a test in the lab.

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What makes Naturealm Sacred 7 different?

Numerous mushroom products are available, and it is hard to choose the best quality product. Some contain only one or two mushroom extracts with cereal; grainy-like texture, but Sacred 7 is a mixture of seven highly nutritious mushroom species.

sacred 7

 High in Beta-Glucans, minerals, and my compounds. It does not only have nutritional properties but is also very delicious. Dark in color, malty texture with chocolaty flavor.

Seven Various Mushrooms Species

Naturealm Sacred 7 is a powerful blend of 7 different but highly nutritious species of mushrooms.


It is a highly medicinal type of mushroom mainly used for stomach discomfort, liver, and heart.


It is rich in lanosterol-type triterpenes, and it is ideal for formulating dietary supplements in improving the immune system. Read this article to know more about vegan probiotics for better immunity.


It is used as herbal medicine to treat several conditions.


Including cancer respiratory problems, as it shows anticancer activity.

Lion’s Mane

It is widely consumed in Asian countries for its nutritional benefits.

lions mane

The mushroom fruit bodies include antibiotics, antifatigue, and improvement of anxiety and depression.

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It is majorly used for insulin resistance.


It has been beneficial for influencing hypertension and diabetes.


It is known as a Bitter mushroom with fantastic health benefits.


Also, the bioactive compounds have countless health properties to treat asthma, bronchitis, and hypertension.


It has been in Asian countries for traditional therapies over the decades.


Also, studies show that it contains a cholesterol-reducing agent and is a natural medicine against high cholesterol levels.

Turkey Tail

It is a powerful ingredient against cancer as it can fight cancer developing cells.

turkey tail

These were the sacred 7 mushrooms.

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Naturealm Sacred 7 Benefits

Here are some benefits of the product :

High Nutritional And Medicinal Values

It is a scientific fact that mushrooms contain low fat, high dietary fibre, proteins, vitamins, and minerals(like zinc, copper, iodine, iron).


Also, they help cure many diseases like asthma, diabetes, insomnia, cancer, etc.

Pure Organic

Our mushrooms are 100% organic, and no chemicals are in our farming. Certified by USDA, Non-Gmo, Vegan, and Gluten-free.


Also, to guarantee purity, mushrooms are going through tests.

Best Quality

Sacred 7 provides the best quality of mushroom extract powder by using whole mushroom fruiting bodies that contain high Beta-Gluten.

best quality

Also, without adding any other ingredients, grains, and starch.

Boost Immunity And Mental Health

Beta-Gluten, protein complexes in mushrooms, boosts immunity.


And help with diabetes, cancer, chronic hepatitis, and many more.

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Why Should You Take Mushrooms?

Mushrooms have always been able to fight numerous diseases for their medicinal and nutritional properties.

Mushrooms help boost the immune system essential in this time of the pandemic. Subsequently, it improves oxygen uptake and increases blood flow to stay energetic and productive. However, mushrooms enhance the functionality of the mind and boost memory.


People consume a lot of products to keep healthy and fit. It improves the strength and endurance of muscles. Helps to detox the body as the body collects the toxins daily to release the waste from the body, but sometimes it won’t detox itself. A yummier way to stay healthy without taking too much of calories. But it’s not that delicious, and if it would be, it’s not that much a healthier option.

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Due to the pandemic, there is an increase in the popularity of being healthy. People are looking for different ways that suit their lifestyle for being healthy without spending a lot. And that is why mushroom products are the trend.

Nowadays, mushrooms are gaining interest for their traditional usage as a good source of minerals, proteins, vitamins, etc. In addition, there are various mushroom supplements available in the market. Naturealm Sacred 7 is a product that contains one or two types of mushrooms. It contains rich anti-oxidant filled with 7 different types of purely organic mushrooms. Similarly, made from high-quality, tested mushroom extracts.

There is no doubt that Sacred 7 is highly nutritious and contains powerful anti-oxidants, but it also gives the chocolaty flavor to enhance its taste more. In powder form, that is very easy to use.

If you are looking for a great, easy-to-use option for being healthy and keeping the diseases away without paying a penny, then give a try to Naturealm Sacred 7 mushroom extract powder.