Amino acids are a great supplement of protein, glutamine is an essential body-building block. Taken post-workout, glutamine is said to aid a healthy immune system. Though the human body produces a sufficient amount of glutamine with an adequate diet, glutamine is generally found in meat and animal products which brings a necessity of taking an additional supplement for vegans. It carries essential metabolic functions. Helping in intestinal health regulation by glutamine maintains intestinal lining. In this list you’ll find the best glutamine powder.


The primary part of a glutamine supplement is to aid physical exercise by assisting muscle recovery. It also helps in boosting the immune system. While consuming glutamine is of great importance, choosing between the various options in the market is also essential.

By adding glutamine to your supplement stack, chances are there to become stronger, gain muscle mass, and you will be able to do more workouts. Apart from this, Glutamine supplements can be useful in the following ways:

  • It is taken to improve nutrition
  • Moreover, it helps people recover from injuries, burns, bone marrow, marrow transplant, HIV/AIDS, radiation, and cancer chemotherapy complications.
  • It helps in recovering quickly after surgery and also helps in fighting harmful viruses and bacteria.

Based on surveys and research, here is a list of 2021’s best glutamine powder brands, making it easier for you to choose among the broad spectrum of options.

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How Is Glutamine Made?

Bacteria that produce Glutamine are used to make Glutamine for commercial purposes through the fermentation process. It is available both in the form of capsules and in packets in the form of powder.

Glutamine is of two forms: L – glutamine and D – Glutamine


Almost both the forms are similar but have different molecular arrangements L – glutamine is generally found in food and supplements. Some supplements use the term L- Glutamine while the others use the broader term Glutamine. However, D – glutamine is not so important.

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Glutamine Supplements Important Facts To Note

Some important points of glutamine supplement powder 


  • It will help your muscles and immune system recovery
  • Moreover, it will reduce your stress 
  • 100% pure and healthy 
  • Improve your digestive system 
  • Make you feel active and healthy 
  • Most important, always discuss with your trainer 
  • Available in flavored & unflavoured 
  • Keep it away from kids

Best Glutamine Powder [Our top picks]

Here’s our list of best glutamine powder :

 MuscleBlaze L-Glutamine 

Unflavored and budget-friendly, muscleblaze glutamine powder gets absorbed in the body quickly and helps in preventing breakdown on muscles when consumed with water.


Made of non-vegan ingredients, muscle blaze glutamine powder is an excellent choice for body-building purposes when paired with a protein shake.

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ON (Optimum Nutrition) Glutamine powder

Possessing the same qualities as Muscle blaze, optimum nutrition glutamine can be easily mixed into protein shakes.

on glutamine powder

A spoonful of the powder mixed into your favorite beverage would make an ample consumption required for your body.


  • Top quality ingredients 
  • Improve a healthy immune system
  • Also improve muscles 
  • Help in fast recovery 

This is one of the best glutamine supplements, in which we don’t need to shake or mix a powder with water. These capsules are the best for our health.

  • Un flavored/no counterfeit flavors
  • Replaces glutamine lost during extreme exercise
  • 5 grams of unadulterated L-glutamine per serving
  • Assumes a part in muscle protein advancement
  • Blends effectively in any fluid
  • Ideal Nutrition has a long, positive standing for making top-notch supplements.

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Jacked Factory L-Glutamine 

This product contains zero artificial ingredients, and it is what makes it unique from other products.

jacked factory

This product is an entirely vegan product, while others include mutton and chicken breasts. The brand is very popular among the various brands available online.

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BCCA Glutamine Supplement 

Including vitamin C and coconut water, this product is available in a wide range of flavors like green apple, strawberry, orange, grape, lemonade, tropical punch, and blue raspberry. Anybody who’d like flavored supplements can go with this option blindfolded.

bcca fast up

The additional vitamin C is what makes this unique. Anybody who prefers vitamin C along with glutamine can choose this product.

Musclepharm Glutamine Mineral Supplement 

Musclepharm glutamine mineral supplement is the foremost item to fix and recover your muscles while working out in the gym. Accepting you are looking for top-quality glutamine powder to allow muscle pharm glutamine mineral supplement is the perfect decision for you. You have to take care of your health, take a proper meal in time, have healthy food, keep on doing your normal exercise routine, and get the best result.

Musclepharm Mineral Supplement 

This glutamine mineral powder helps for your fast recovery and makes you an active person all day.

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Musclepharm glutamine mineral supplement powder is for both men and women. This powder is a vegetarian product, and also discuss with your coach to follow their rules. The most important part is to keep it away from children.


  • Improve your digestive system 
  • Boost recovery of muscles 
  • Applied for both men & women
  • It accommodates 5g of glutamine each quantity
  • Top–quality product 
  • Get the best result 
  • 100% pure 

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Bulk supplements N-Acetyl Glutamine 

It is free of soy, gluten, dairy, yeast, and sugar, which makes it a high-dose supplement. People who prefer higher doses of glutamine can choose this powder.

bulk supplements g

N-acetyl glutamine is different from L-Glutamine and is more potent in comparision to the latter.

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Nutricost L-Glutamine Powder 

  • It contains 2.2 pounds of l-glutamine powder per bottle (200 servings)
  • Sans gluten

Nutricost L-Glutamine Powder 

  • 5 grams of L-glutamine powder per serving prescribed
  • Outsider tried
  • Unflavoured

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NOW Supplements L-Glutamine 

Available in capsule form, this is an affordable vegan-friendly product. Capsules are way better for people who travel and find it difficult to take time and mix the powders into water and beverages.

now g

People who are specific about their budget and would prefer capsules over powder can undoubtedly go with this option.

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However, like everything has a negative side, glutamine has its side effects in the absence of basic precautions. The amount and frequency of consumption play a significant role in determining your body’s effects post glutamine consumption. Glutamine supplements may sometimes worsen the situations of kidney and liver patients. Fundamental bodily changes include bowel syndromes and fast heartbeat, which can be avoided by taking simple precautions.

On the first note, anybody would look if a capsule would be good or a powder and the cost of the products before choosing among the various brands. But, one should look up to the ingredients used and a medical professional before starting with a supplement and allow the body to acclimatize to it by introducing smaller amounts. Choosing a health supplement should be a priority. Researches prove that powders show a better absorption capacity than capsules.

At the same time, there is nothing terrible about consuming glutamine. It is the cheap and best supplement that would aid in gut health. Taking it post-workout increases muscle protein synthesis. At the end of the day, consumption which exceeds the limit is risky.

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