Suppose you find it hard to go to the gym and would like to bring the cardio experience home. But are restricted in space. Rowing machines must be your ultimate go-to equipment. The rowing machines allow you to target the major core, legs, and arm muscles and cut down belly fat. Here we have listed the best rowing machine for apartment to begin your home-gym journey.

rowing machine

Some of the best rowers for apartments are the Fitness reality magnetic rowing machine, Concept 2 rower, Energy fit SKI row, and Stamina body trac glider. The list includes budget-friendly rowers, space-savers, and the best luxury rowing machines.

 Rowing machines can give you ultimate cardio experiences with overall major muscle workouts. Any best rowing machine for an apartment must be compact to fit the space. Hence we have enlisted the 6 best rowing machines. So choose the rowing machine which fits your home workout experience.

Factors To Consider Before Buying 

Before buying a rowing machine, you must look into the following factors:

  • Size of equipment: Rowing machines are considerably huge. Hence you must assess your living space before buying it. Foldable rowing machines are a better option when you are restricted by space.
  • Noise: Traditional rowers often have unbearable noise in the long term. Hence choose hydro rowers and water rowers if you like quiet workout space. rowing machine features
  • Maintenance: Every rowing machine requires maintenance. Suppose you are someone who needs to dedicate time to cleaning the equipment. Choose simple rowing machines with detachable parts, which will save you time.
  • Price: Do proper research on rowing machines to ensure you get the best rowing machine for apartment within your budget.

List of The Best Rowing Machines

Below are the 6 best rowing machines for you to consider before purchasing.

Fitness Reality Magnetic Rowing Machine

The fitness reality’s magnetic rowing machine is the best option If you are searching for the best budget-friendly rowing machine. It is a comfortable rower with an accommodation range of weight up to 250 lb and a height range of 6.4 ft.

fitness reality magnetic rowing machine

Another amazing feature is its MycloudFitness app which allows you to customize workouts that fit your needs. It has a comfortable cushioned seat and magnetic resistance. Additionally, it has a 3.5-inch LED screen which helps you track your workout progress.

Buy: Fitness Reality Magnetic Rowing Machine

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Concept 2 Rower

If saving apartment space is your major criterion, then Concept 2 rower is the best compact rowing machine for an apartment. It stands as a fairly affordable machine with its lightweight and foldable features. 

concept 2 rower

Concept 2 rower has adjustable footrests for comfortable rowing, and its unique engineering of flywheel makes it function with the least noise. And it also comes with a wall hanger for you to store after the workouts. Its well-structured caster wheels enable easy movement across the apartment. Also, the rowing machine is enabled with an LCD screen to track your workout sessions. You can connect to the ErgData fitness app to track the workout session. 

Buy: Concept 2 Rower

Echelon Row-S

If you consider yourself a beginner to rowing machines, then Echelon Row-S stands as the best collapsible rowing machine. It has features like a simple design with a protective covering on handles to prevent blisters on users’ palms. You can fit this rowing machine easily without any assistance.

echelon row-s

Echelon Row-S is equipped with a 22-Inch HD screen that can turn at a 180-degree angle. It falls in the lesser weight category and can easily move across the apartment. Despite its weight, it is quite sturdy and can tolerate weight up to 350 pounds. Hence Echelon rows are comfortable for people of all heights and weights. Another interesting Echelon feature is it offers affordable memberships for live and on-demand classes, which sounds best for beginners.

Buy: Echelon Row-S

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EnergyFit Ski-Row

This machine is a step ahead of the conventional rower. It comes with an intelligently built 2-in-1 skiing cum rowing machine. If you were looking for two machines and worried about space, this EnergyFit Ski-Row would be the best rowing machine for apartment.

energyfit ski-row

One can easily transition its traditional rowing machine to a skiing machine by pressing the lever. The Ski-Row has a monitor displaying pace, calories burnt, resistance level, etc. 

Buy: EnergyFit Ski-Row

Hydrow Rower

If you like your workout space to be quiet, the Hydrow Rower is the best machine for you. This rower offers the nearest experience to the gym equipment with its patented electromagnetic tech and high-quality steel and aluminum frame. The frame is thirty percent lighter compared to other rowing machines to store it easily in the apartment. 

hydrow rower

This rowing machine exercises all your major muscles with this comfortable equipment. This smart rowing machine has a 22” high-definition touch display monitor. It connects to Bluetooth headphones and speakers, allowing you to stream while you work out. Also, it connects to Strava, an app you can use to monitor workout session progress. The only backlog of the hydro rower is it stands on a pricier rower’s side. But, with its unique features, it stands out as the best rowing machine if budget is not a concern.

Buy: Hydrow rower

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Stamina Body Trac Glider

The Stamina body trac glider is your great option if you want the best rowing machine for apartment that is highly portable. Its durable steel frame with an aluminum center beam will last a good number of years. It perfectly fits people with a weight limit of 250 lbs. Additionally, it comes with a warranty of 90 days for parts and one year for the steel frame.

stamina body trac glider

Its unique feature of full-arm motion gives full body exercise experience with major stress on the legs, arms, and back. Also, it has adjustable straps and foldable arms that act as a super space-saver. It comes with a multi-functional LCD monitor to track your workout session.

Buy: Stamina body trac glider


What is the basic pricing of the rowing machines?

Rowing machines are available at a basic price tag of 500 dollars. While coming to high-end rowing machines may cost more than 2000 dollars.

How many types of rowing machines are present?

Rowing machines are of four types. They are Flywheels based, hydraulic-based, water-based, and finally, magnetic rowing machines.

What are rowing’s benefits?

Rowing exercises greater than 80% of our body's muscles, including all the major muscles. Thus it is the best lower-impact cardio workout.

What is better- Rowing or Running?

Every exercise has its set of benefits. But, based on the muscles being used, rowing is considered an overall body exercise, while running is a lower body exercise.

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This Article features the best rowing machine for apartment. The list includes EnergyFit Ski-Row, which offers two-in-one benefits of skiing and rowing, and the Fitness Reality magnetic rowing machine, which is the most budget-friendly option. And Concept 2 rower is the most compact type for saving space. And Stamina Body Trac Glider, with its unique full arm motion feature, gives an overall body exercise, etc. Additionally, the Article speaks briefly of considerations before purchasing a rowing machine. We hope the Article sheds light on the rowing machines and helps you choose the best one for your apartment.

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