During this pandemic, it has become burdensome to hit the gym. But, who said that you could not work out in the comfort of your home? Don’t you worry, fitness freaks, I am here to save you! I have brought to you five simple leg curl alternatives you can try at home.

Your leg workout determines who you are. The lockdown is not an excuse anymore! What if you can do a workout that does not require any equipment yet gives you the craving results?

;eg curl alternatives

You can commence with exercises that are leg curl alternatives. There are plenty of exercises within this category. These methods are the ones that can replace the leg curl exercises. Stop worrying, and start exercising!

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Why Should You Use Leg Curl Alternatives?

You might be wondering what is the point of doing a leg curl alternatives. There should be a reason that you should be doing it at home. Here are some things you should think about while performing the leg curl alternatives workouts.

  • Well, the first apparent reason is that you do not have the equipment at home. You don’t have to spend money on buying the equipment. Moreover, most of the electricity cost certainly would be saved. 
  • You must have heard about a lot of injuries caused due to heavy equipment usage. Most exercises that are alternatives to leg curl do not require heavy equipment. Therefore, the risk of injury reduces!

leg curl alternative

  •  For fitness freaks, this is the best thing to be done at home. When you hit the gym, you do not want to come out with a muscle pull. Therefore, it is advised that you continue working out at home not to face problems later on.
  • You will witness an improvement in your poster when you do this exercise without any equipment. This is something that you will see with time.

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5 Simple Leg Curl Alternatives 

Here are some uncomplicated leg curl alternatives exercises that you can do. Remember that some exercises might require you to take some help from someone.

For you to do it better, there are pictorial representations as well! Do pay close attention to the method that has been stated below. One wrong posture can cause an injury that will cause an eternal problem for you. Hence, you must look at the poses carefully. Also, go through the instructions properly!

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Buttock Lift

A Buttock Lift shall require you to take assistance. Grab a towel, fold it in the way as done in the picture. Put in over a mat. You are done with the ‘equipment’ part.

If you are taking help from someone, ask them to hold your ankles tightly and push them against the floor.

Meanwhile, you must bring your back in perfect alignment with your hips. Cross your arms tightly while you are fixing your posture.

When you are an amateur, you need to begin slowly. Only follow the simple procedure that is being prescribed now. Bend your toes after you fix your posture. It would be best if you were comfortable moving your calves during this workout.

buttock lift

After you get accustomed to this posture, you are ready for the advanced level. The next thing you do is to keep your toes straight. This will then put the calves out of the picture. This is where your actual workout starts.

Stiffen your buttocks and lower the body slowly, keep your hips in the same position while extending the knees.

Put your arms forward when you come closer to the ground to prevent yourself from falling. 

Keeping your back still and flat, push yourself slowly from the ground. Pay close attention to hiring hamstrings and buttocks.

Finish the movement without losing track of the tension of your buttocks and the hamstrings. Continue the position for a second. After this, you can return to the start position.

Dumbbell Lying Leg Curl

If you have a dumbbell, this is something you can do. Do not worry, in case you do not have dumbbells; you can use a water bottle too!

This is a lying leg curl alternatives that is somewhat a mirror image of the lying leg curl machine. The only difference is that the resistance differs. Beware, the dumbbell lying leg curl is more complicated.

However, you should not freak out! It is extremely straightforward. All you need is one dumbbell and a mat. 

Take your time to position the dumbbell correctly. Put it properly so that you do not drop it. Do not ask what happens if you drop the dumbbell.

dumbbell lying leg curl

To start with this fitness exercise, the foremost step is to lie flat on your stomach. Make sure that the dumbbell is adequately placed.

Begin with keeping feet close to the ground. Then, slowly and steadily bend your knees and touch your hamstrings to lift the dumbbell. Imagine you doing this on the machine. Yes, that is how it gets easier. A great way to use this as Leg curl alternatives.

Try to keep your legs at about 90 degrees. After you cross a little more than 90 degrees, bring back your feet to the initial position. Remember that this workout is to be done slowly. Again, do not drop the dumbbell.

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Hip Extensions

This seated leg curls alternatives exercise is one of the rarest types of workouts that will not require any equipment to be purchased. This is an extremely simple exercise. Get a gym mat, and you are good enough to get started.

Lie on your back and relax. After this, correctly position your knees approximately just over 90 degrees. It is essential to keep your feet flat on the floor.

hip extensions

Push your heels by slightly lifting your hips and back off the flat ground. This is only so that you only leave your upper body and shoulders on the mat stiffly.

Try to keep your repetitions slow and administered. You will then certainly ace at this leg curl alternative!

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Alternative Reverse Lunges

This lying leg curl substitute can easily help you by utilizing a dumbbell. Even a barbell works. 

The forward lunge does not have a powerful impact on your body as the reverse lunges do. The important aspect of this exercise is your back leg. Here is how you begin. Get a suitable mat and position yourself by standing upright on your feet. After this, take a wide step backward and be sure to start with the weaker leg. One of the best Leg curl alternatives you can use. 

alternative reverse lunges

Begin by lowering the upper part of your body by trying to bend your knees. Look back to keeping your torso in an upright position.

If you are confused about whether or not you are doing this exercise right, check if your body weight is converging on your front foot’s heel. Keep a check of the knee being exactly behind your toes.

Now, get back to your starting position and repeat the procedure.

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Kettlebell Squats

This type of exercise helps you work on your hamstrings, butt, and quadriceps. 

Initially, it would be best if you stood with your feet shoulder-width apart (when you stand this way, each foot is straight below the outside of your shoulders ). Hold both sides of the kettlebell or dumbbell with both your hands exactly at the chest level.

kettleball squats

You must flex your knees and hips to perform a deep squat. Lower your butt beyond the knees. Continue to do this slowly.

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If you want to stay fit in the comfort of your house, be ready for putting in the extra effort. Leg curl alternatives require a little extra effort, although the results are marvelous!

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