Today, let us see some of the Best Vegan Clothing Brands that are emerging in 2022. Read on till the end, to know more about the vegan clothing brands.

vegan clothing brands

Fashion, something around which our lives revolve. Today it’s not just about trend and style, rather an emotion—a way of expressing yourself with confidence louder than words. No doubt, the fashion industry has received attention from people all around the globe. But there is a dark side we are not acquainted with.

For the rare material which attracts eyes and is so compelling to touch, be it feathers, leather, or wool, millions of animals suffer every year. All in the name of ‘Fashion.’ 

Thankfully, many organizations are trying to end this animal exploitation by selling vegan fabric.

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Best Vegan Clothing Brands

Some of them are as follows: 

Best Vegan Clothing Brands Paio

Paio is a vegan shoe brand that aims to create vegan footwear by replacing materials like leather and silk with cotton, jute, hemp, and faux leather.


When compared to genuine leather, it is cheaper and easy to wear. It requires less maintenance and is highly versatile. 

Visit: Paio

A Big Indian Story

The next one in the list of best vegan clothing brands is ABIS. ABIS (A big Indian story) sells various products, from footwear to jewelry, all made from eco-friendly components, like Cactus leather and pineapple fiber.

Best Vegan Clothing Brands

They have evolved into a comprehensive fashion brand, supporting the idea of cruelty-free products and a sustainable approach.

Visit: A Big Indian Story

Best Vegan Clothing Brands Aulive

Who doesn’t love handbags? After all, it has become a necessity nowadays. Aulive produces handbags by using artificial leather. Their materials are sourced from Italy and designed by freelancers. From clutch to laptop bags, they have it all.


And hence, we have placed Aulive in the list of best vegan clothing brands.

Visit: Aulive

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We can’t step outside our homes without carrying our wallets. However, most of the wallets are leather-made, which is procured from animal skin. We all buy wallets to store our money which has value, but what about the importance of life?

Best Vegan Clothing Brands

Arture derives raw materials from plant-based components. They design them with minimalism and sustainability in mind. Therefore, Arture is one of the best vegan clothing brands.

Visit :Arture

Best Vegan Clothing Brands No Nasties

Most of us prefer to wear cotton clothes as they are super comfy, especially during the summer season. Unfortunately, today most of the cotton is made by genetically modified seeds and synthetic farm inputs.

no nasties

No Nasties is one of the best vegan clothing brands that uses 100% Organic cotton, avoiding GMOs.

Visit No Nasties

Heartcure Clothing

The best thing about Heartcure is that they don’t limit themselves to trade and fashion. They have built a whole community that stands against animal exploitation.

heartcure clothing

Their clothes are simple yet cool looking. They are super comfy and affordable. And one of the best vegan clothing brands.

Visit Heartcure Clothing

Vegan Outfitters

If you are the kind of person who loves t-shirts, then Vegan Outfitters might be the best platform to buy them from.

vegan outfitters

With the idea of sustainability and veganism, the brand provides a variety of quirky-style T-shirts.

Visit Vegan Outfitters

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Best Vegan Clothing Brands Vetta Capsule

Vetta capsule believes in ‘responsible fashion.’ They use organic materials and leftover fabric, which is then analyzed based on its lifecycle. This helps them to seek the highest quality and best performance.


They make mini wardrobes that consist of five pieces of versatile clothing.

Visit Vetta capsule

People’s Tree

The next brand in the list of best vegan clothing brands is People’s Tree. Though the company was started in 1991, the idea behind it has remained unchanged. From start to end, every product is made, keeping in mind the various environmental implications.

people's tree

Not only do they use organic materials, but they also promote traditional artisan skills such as hand weaving and hand block printing.

Visit People’s Tree


Everlane provides a variety of styles. From denim to sweaters, from shoes to accessories, they have it all, and that too is made from organic material.

Best Vegan Clothing Brands

Their styles are versatile, quirky, and elegant.

Visit Everlane

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Best Vegan Clothing Brands Thought Clothing

This is preferably the most affordable vegan clothing brand, and skipping this won’t be the best option. And hence it holds its place in the list of best vegan clothing brands.

Best Vegan Clothing Brands

Thought clothing provides a variety of products. All of them are made out of natural fabrics like bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton.

Visit Thought clothing

The Sisterhood

Not only do they make beautiful outfits, but most of them are timeless and can stay in your wardrobe forever.


Their products are sustainable and carbon neutral. They refrain from making products derived from animals and are completely cruelty-free.

Visit Sisterhood

Jill Milan 

This time luxury is going to be guilt-free. Jill Milan supplies a diverse range of handbags, all 100% vegan.

jill milan

They also provide various kinds of accessories made of organic material. They are compelling and elegant, giving a luxurious vibe. 

Visit Jill Milan

Best Vegan Clothing Brands Malai

Kerala, the state, is known for juicy coconuts. Who would have thought this compelling food item would help in preventing Animal exploitation?


Malai uses waste coconut to make flexible and durable material, similar to leather. It supplies a wide range of footwear, wallets, and other accessories. And is one of the best vegan clothing brands.

Visit Malai


Zouk is a Mumbai-based brand that provides a wide range of bags. From sling bags to backpacks, they have it all. And that too made out of organic substances.


They combine the craft of local artisans with modern functionality, which makes their product unique and one and only.

Visit Zouk

Alabama Chanin

The next best vegan clothing brands is Alabama Chanin. Alabama Chanin is not just a brand but a lifestyle company.

alabama chanin

They make products for both people and households, designed intricately. They use repurposed and reclaimed materials instead of GMO seeds.

Visit Alabama Chanin

Riviera Home

This is the last brand in the list of best vegan clothing brands. Riviera Home provides not only wearable clothing but also household goods made from organic materials.

riviera home

They use production processes that are environment-friendly and have little/negligible impact on nature.

Visit Riviera Home


Dominant brands are a significant obstruction for such organizations that are trying to stop animal exploitation. What they need is recognition, which comes from our support. I hope this list of Best Vegan Clothing Brands has helped you in some way. Let us know in the comments below how this article was helpful to you.

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