In Today’s scenario, millions and millions of people died out of covid; after days and days of research, it was proved that the primary reason for such a pandemic was our weak IMMUNE System. Pea Protein powders help substantially to improve immunity. Thousands of doctors worked day and night to bring an efficient and safe vaccine into existence, and their hard work paid off; they were pretty successful in their mission.

In a recent interview, a doctor was asked about such cases of pandemics, and his opinions will catch you unaware of the absolute truth. A short message from the interview –

Interviewer – “Doc. Why is this pandemic happening? and what could be its obvious reasons?”

The Doctor straightforwardly replied –

Doctor – “Such epidemics happen once in a CENTURY, and the thing to be caught guilty is our weak IMMUNE System.”

This Statistics clearly shows the recovery rate of our country is just 11.4, which is way too lower than other nations and the primary reason is our weak immune system.

Source – Immunopaedia

Now, this raises the Burning Question of all time: Is money more valuable than your health? I think most of you guys will say NO. because I know I have rational readers over here.

pea protein powder

To curb this dilemma, I have listed the 7 Best Pea Protein Powders (for 2021) that will revitalize your immune system and rejuvenate your physical health and state of mind. Pea protein powder is spectacular for health-conscious people and gym freaks. It is gluten- and dairy-free and has proved excellent for your liver, pancreas, heart, and waistline!


Health Benefits! The nutrition of pea protein is what adds to its potential health benefits 

1. Enhance Physical Performance 

2. Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

3. Helps in weight loss 

4. Great Source of Iron


Here Goes the List of nutritious pea protein powders:-

OZIVA Plant Protein

This plant-based protein is made from organic pea protein, organic brown rice protein, and organic quinoa. Its per serving contains 30g of pea protein and 5.3g of BCAA. It helps you to achieve your daily protein goals by providing all nine essential amino acids. It boosts your immunity and aids in the faster recovery of your muscle. OZIVA Plant Protein is entirely cholesterol-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, lactose-free. In addition to this, manufacturers add digestive enzymes for more rapid absorption.

oziva plant protein

This plant-based protein can be consumed by the entire family irrespective of age.

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MB green plant protein

The design of this protein is specifically to boost the performance of the workout. Its per serving contains 25g of protein, 4.6g of BCAA, 9.7g of EAA, and 135.8g of kcal means no compromise with quality. MB green plant protein is a 100% vegan plant-based protein powder made with brown rice and pea protein blend. It contains all nine essential amino acids and is also includes a blend with vitamin c, vitamin e, and green tea extracts, and is easily digestible due to the presence of plant-based enzymes.

mb green plant protein

The most significant advantages are that it is available in café mocha, chocolate, and strawberry flavor.

MY VEGAN Pea Protein Isolate

This is the ideal protein for those who are training on a plant-based diet. As it is sounds from its name, it is entirely free of soy and dairy. Its per serving contains 23g of high-quality pea protein.

my vegan pea protein

Here’s zero sugar added, and it helps 107 calories per scoop you to meet all your fitness goals. It has all nine essential amino acids as well.

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NUTROVA Pea Protein

Most Indian vegetarian diet lacks adequate protein. To resolve their problem, Nutrova has launched its plant-based protein. It contains highly purified protein from peas, with all antinutrients filtered out for better absorption.

nutrova pea protein

It’s per 100g serving contains 82g of protein and 1.5g of BCAA. It is 100% gluten-free with no additives, flavors, or sweeteners. It is 100% natural pea protein.

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NUTRABAY Pure 100% Pea Protein

Nuutrabay pure 100%pea protein isolate is a high-quality vegan plant protein powder for lactose intolerants or looking for a dairy-free protein that is allergen-free, easy to digest, and great tasting.

nutrababy pure 100% pea protein

Its 33g scoop provides 25g of protein, a rich source to the body for building muscle. It also contains BCAA and glutamic acid, ensuring faster muscle recovery and growth after an intense workout.

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WOW Plant-Based Protein

Wow, life science plant protein is a formulation with a blend of pea protein and brown rice protein. This powder is a vegan plant-based complete protein powder with all the essential amino acids.

wow plant-based protein

Each scoop of the powder contains 25g of protein from a plant source. Furthermore, This vegetarian and gluten-free supplement helps to support a heavyweight and contains enzymes for faster and better digestion.

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ORIGIN Vegan Protein

This is a premium quality plant-based pea protein powder. The use of European golden peas and organic cold-pressed pumpkin seeds makes it unique from another brand supplement. Its per serving contains 30g of protein and 5g BCAA.

origin vegan protein

It is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free. This supplement combines with digestive enzymes, thus boosting gut health and providing better absorption.

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Usage of Pea Protein Powders 

To manage the amino acid intake and use a protein blender properly, there is a great idea to combine pea protein with brown rice protein. The taste of pea protein is refreshing, hence, making it a great addition to smoothies or shakes for a healthy post-workout meal. The primary serving of pea protein powder is approximately 33 grams. 

usage of pea protein powder

We can also divide that amount into parts and combine it with half a serving of some other protein powder, such as rice protein, to get in a vast range of amino acids and essential nutrients. It’s recommended for healthy adults to get at least 0.8–1.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Therefore, The amount can vary widely based on your energy level, with some athletes requiring up to twice as much protein. Additionally, Older individuals with health conditions like cancer or burns may require higher amounts of protein.


Mentioning the utility of pea protein powders, I hope this curated list of the 7 best pea protein powders helped you in gaining knowledge and perspective. A list of curated products for vegans and vegetarians.