Are you trying to level up your swimming? Then surely a swim tracker would help you. Swim trackers help with monitoring your heartbeat and calories. Additionally, you can track your stroke count, distance, and many other numbers of value. 

swim tracker for swimming

The following are some of the top swimming fitness trackers: Form swim goggles, Fitbit flex 2, Amazfit GTS 2, Garmin swim2, and Finis swim sense. All these swim trackers are water resistant. Additionally, Some of these trackers not only help you in tracking swimming but also help you monitor other workouts.

Though swimming is a long-practiced sport, it is only recently that the waterproof fitness tracker is emerging. Some trackers require a mandatory connection to a phone or PC to gain insight into workouts. While some trackers don’t need a PC or phone. This article enlists the best-performing swim tracker for comprehensively monitoring your swimming activities.

Benefits of Swim Trackers

Swim Trackers assist you with the following biometric monitoring of swimming: 

  • Goal-settingSwim tracker helps you track stroke counts, the number of repetitions, an unbroken swimming set, and every other measure you can think of.
  • Plot your training: At the professional level, biometrical tracking of your swimming helps you to note your backlogs. You can further use these biometrics to up their swimming game. benefits of swim trackers
  • Accountability: How often do you see swimmers leaving early based on wild pace guesses? Swim trackers enable you to note your results rather than random guesswork correctly.
  • Measurable accomplishments: In any training, having a numeric result in front of you pushes you to do better. Thus measurable accomplishments with the help of a swim tracker would help swimmers to compare all of their performances.

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The 7 Best Waterproof Swim Trackers

 The 7 best waterproof swim trackers from all the available brands are as follows:

Form Swim Goggles

The Form Swim Goggles stood up as the most popular smart goggles with their unique feature. The goggles enable you to track your swimming time, heart rate, pace, and every other metric right in front of your eyes in a literal sense. It might take you a while to adjust to its on-screen data update in front of your eyes while training.

form swim goggles

The display of goggles is not affected by sunlight. It performs well in dim light too. The battery lasts for a whopping 16 hours with a single charge. The goggle’s strap material is of silicon origin, which is far more durable than the latex straps. The only backlog is its anti-fog sensors, which you can protect by using anti-fog sprays.

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Finis Smart Goggles

This swim tracker can track your splits, laps, and other biometrics in the same way as form swim goggles. But the added advantage is if the form swims goggles large display troubles you, the finis display is smaller and available at the corner of the goggles.

finis smart goggles

Ciye powers the goggles, and you can get the details of your swim with the help of the Ciye app post swimming. Its battery lasts 6 hours and is rechargeable by a USB port.

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Garmin Swim 2

If you are a triathlete, the Garmin Swim 2 is the best swim tracker for you. You can track your strokes per lap, covered distance, and pace. It has a customizable drill feature, where you can add various drills for swimming. 

garmin swim 2

One can use this swim tracker even in depths of up to 50m. The most beautiful part of Garmin swim 2 is its self-change battery. You will need to change this swim tracker’s battery annually. Additionally, its software is compatible with both windows and mac. Hence you can upload your workouts effortlessly.

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Finis Swim Sense

Finis has always been competitive with its large range of innovative swim gear. The finis swim sense offers the following distinguishing swim tracking features.

finis swim sense

These fitness bands for swimming can measure other strokes, which helps you save time on reprogramming after every stroke change. The display of the tracker is OLED. The high contrast of the display screen enables swimmers to see clearly, even in the dark. Finis swim sense is rechargeable with a USB port.

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Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple watch series 5 stands out as one of the best fitness watches for swimmers. The swimming tracker comes with cool features such as GPS tracking, a water lock feature, and access to third-party apps. GPS tracking should be the stand-alone feature if you swim in open waters. With the help of arm recovery strokes, it tracks your position and direction. 

apple watch series 5

The watch also measures heart rate. Additionally, Apple Watch offers features like a never sleeping display that provides constant feedback to swimmers. And also, you can download apps like water lock and other third-party apps such as Myswimpro. The water lock app locks your tracker when underwater, and you can remove water from the tracker’s speaker with the app’s help. 

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Fitbit Flex 2

The next on the list of waterproof fitness watches is Fitbit Flex 2. The Fitbit Flex 2 is the go-to watch if you fancy a small swim tracker. It takes up little space on your wrist. Also, it falls under the low price category, being available at 50 to 60 dollars.

fitbit flex 2

Due to the smaller size of Fitbit, it comes with certain restrictions. You will only be able to see on-time data simultaneously throughout your workout. It would help if you waited till you uploaded your practice data to the PC or the phone to analyze it.

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Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch

The Amazfit smartwatch falls in a rather affordable range than its offered features. Additionally, the most important one is the sleep monitor feature. It tracks your calories, oxygen levels, blood, and heartbeat rate.

amazfit gts 2 mini smart watch

The Amazfit GTS 2 comes with built-in fitness trackers for 70 sports. So make sure to put on the swimming mode before your swim routine.

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What is the best smartwatch for use as a swim tracker?

Apple series 5, with its unique features of GPS tracking and third-party apps access, stands as the best smartwatch for swim tracking.

Is there a Fitbit for tracking swimming?

You can use Fitbit Charge 4 and Fitbit flex 2 for tracking swimming.

Does Garmin Track swimming activities?

Yes. Garmin watches are enabled with features to track various swimming activities.

Is the Apple Watch or Fitbit better as a swim tracker?

Recent studies suggest that the Apple Watch is better at measuring swimming activities than the Fitbit swim tracker.

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We hope you find the best swim tracker that fits your needs. The swimming tracker is the ultimate partner for any swimmer. It evaluates measures of heart rate, the number of laps, the direction of your swimming, and the distance covered. The article enlists smart goggles by Form and Finis that instantly give you performance details of your swimming. The Apple watch series 5 is the ultimate smartwatch on the list, with a GPS tracker and access to third-party apps. Also, if you are searching for a budget-friendly swim tracker, Fitbit Flex 2 is the best choice. Happy workouts! Click here for the 8 best vegan pre-workouts.