Vegan! When you hear the word vegan, what is the first thing that comes to mind? A vegan product, according to science, has no animal substances of any kind. People are increasingly turning to vegan products since they are cruelty-free and do not contain any animal substances. For example, animal fat, skin, or fur are all examples of cruelty-free animal products. For the year 2022, we’ve compiled a list of vegan foundations that are cruelty-free. 

I’d like to explain the difference between Vegan and Cruelty-Free items before we get started. Vegan items are free of animal components, whereas cruelty-free products are environmentally friendly. Animal substances that are safe to the species and nature, such as beeswax, cholesterol, and wool, are used in cruelty-free goods.

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7 Best Vegan Foundation Brands

Now without further ado, let’s dive into the best foundation brands of 2022.

EVXO Peek-A-Boo Liquid Mineral Foundation

Natural ingredients in EVXO’s Peek-A-Boo Liquid Mineral Foundation improve your natural skin tone without clogging your pores. Its long-lasting formula has a dewy, non-greasy finish and medium coverage built up to conceal all blemishes.

evxo organic mineral foundation

Thyme, chamomile, and vitamin E are among the skin-nourishing substances in the foundation. The foundation is suitable for delicate skin that is prone to irritation.

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Fifth & Skin Better’n Ur Skin Mineral Foundation

The next one in the list of best vegan foundations is Fifth & Skin Better’n Ur Skin Mineral Foundation. With its high-quality buildable product, Fifth & Skin Better’n Ur Skin Mineral Foundation conceals your flaws.

fifth & skin better'n ur skin mineral foundation

It covers blemishes, freckles, sunspots, red spots, and blackheads well. This foundation has a dewy texture that reflects light and makes fine wrinkles less visible. It also provides natural sun protection and is made entirely of natural components. This foundation works well with all skin tones.

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Glo Skin Beauty Luminous Liquid Foundation

The Glo Skin Beauty Luminous Liquid Foundation conceals flaws, hydrates the skin, and gives radiance to the face. It’s made with light-diffusing diamond powder, SPF 18, antioxidants, and unique hydration components to keep your skin looking young and supple.

glo skin beauty luminous liquid foundation

Vitamins A, C, and E and green tea extract are included in the foundation to help hydrate the skin. The foundation’s SPF protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, while the light-diffusing diamond powder blurs blemishes for an airbrushed look. And hence, it makes it way to the list of best vegan foundations.

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Gabriel Cosmetics Powder Foundation

The Gabriel Cosmetics Powder Foundation absorbs excess oil from your face and lessens shine without blocking pores or drying out your skin.

gabriel cosmetics powder foundation

It is a silky plant-based solution with sea fennel extract to protect your skin from environmental aggravators. This foundation has a smooth texture that makes application a breeze.

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Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation 

The next one in the list of best vegan foundations is Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation. Cashmere Kaolinite Clay effortlessly controls oil while removing out impurities to keep skin clear throughout the day.

immaculate liquid foundation

Immaculate are for consumers who prefer a matte effect without touching up their makeup all the time.

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Smashbox Studio Skin Full Coverage Foundation

This foundation is for you if you want a full coverage foundation that lasts all day. Despite the ultra-full coverage, it features a lightweight formula that feels like skin.

smashbox studio skin foundation

The finish is matte, so if you want to add some glow, you’ll need to use a dewy primer. And that is why it holds a place in the list of best vegan foundations.

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Gaya Mineral Foundation

The last one in the list of best vegan foundations is Gaya Mineral Foundation. This foundation conceals flaws while enhancing your skin’s natural brightness. It provides long-lasting, complete coverage while avoiding pore congestion.

gaya mineral foundation

To prevent breakouts and redness, this foundation contains zinc oxide and green tea powder extract. It’s suitable for skin that’s sensitive , acne-prone, or inflamed.

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This was the list of best vegan foundations you must try in 2022. Now that you have the list of best one, you know which one to buy. Make a smart choice!:) These are some best brands if you are looking for vegan options. Shine and be confident with these products.

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