Do you want to enjoy your soda or drinks with flavors but don’t want to ruin your diet with all the artificial colors and sugar? Sodastream diet syrups are your friend. We have a detailed review of the best SodaStream flavors you can enjoy on your diet. 

We are all past that time when being loyal to your diet meant sacrificing all your favorite things. With all the diet-friendly options and market-like vegan snacks, just egg for egg alternatives, sugar-free protein powder, and soda stream diet flavors. Sodastream offers an extensive list of flavors that are sugar-free and diet-friendly, and they have interesting flavors like cranberry raspberry, pink grapefruit, lemonade, orange, ginger ale, etc. Let’s see the diet-friendly best SodaStream flavors. Shall we?

Keep reading to find out if SodaStream offers a variety of packs of diet syrups or not. 

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Best Sodastream Flavors While On Diet 

Below are the healthy SodaStream syrups you can use guilt-free while on a diet. 

Diet Dr. Pete Sodastream

Diet Dr. Pete has a lightly sweet flavor and is comparatively more citrusy if compared to the non-diet Dr. Pete. It tastes just like Dr. Pepper, but with much less sodium and contains sugar instead of harmful fructose corn syrup. 

diet dr. pete

It is available in a 440ml bottle equivalent to 33 cans of soda if you use 8 oz of syrups for one serving. Diet Dr. Pete SodaStream does have ingredients like artificial flavor and caramel coloring, but nothing to be scared of. It uses sucralose as a sweetener. Diet Dr. Pete is also fat-free and protein-free and has a rating of 4.7 on the official website. The price online is $5.99.

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Cranberry Raspberry Zero Calories

One of the favorite flavors in the fruity SodaStream flavor list. Customers love this mixed berries soda flavor. Usually preferred mixed with sparkling water. It is calorie-free caffeine free, so you don’t get an energy rush from it.

cranberry raspberry zero calories

Cranberry Raspberry Zero Calories is available in a 440 ml bottle, but it can make upto 9 liters of soda. It has stevia and sucralose as sweeteners. Stevia is a natural sugar replacement made from stevia leaves, so that’s how you know it’s not dangerous. Priced at $5.99 on the SodaStream website. 

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Diet Energy Drink

SodaStream Diet Energy drink is perfect for your parties before or after the gym or any time in the day. Users say it tastes like Red Bull but not as strong and with no fructose and no calories. The nutritional facts state it has 2% sodium which is still not an alarming percentage. Other ingredients also contain vitamin D3, vitamin E, and caffeine. Its taste usually finishes on a bitter note but works fine when mixed with different juices. 

diet energy drink

Sodastream diet energy drink uses Acesulfame, Potassium, and Sucralose as sweeteners, and you can buy it on the official website for $5.99. 

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Diet Fountain Mist

Sodastream diet fountain mist is one of the favorite secret flavors in sugar-free SodaStream flavors because it’s almost always sold out. A taste taster customer said it tastes like Sun drop, which is supposed to taste like mountain Dew, but it’s not as sweet as Sun Drop. It has a more yellow tone than coffee, and you can describe the taste of citric soda as the most accurate match. 

diet fountain mist

Diet Fountain Mist comes in a 440 ml bottle that costs $ 5.99 on the website. It is calorie-free and can take mixed 9 liters of soda. 

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Diet Caffeine Free Cola

If you are a cola fan of diet, this is for you. It tastes similar to diet cola but a little bit sweeter. Sweetness is because of sucralose and not harmful fructose syrup. Right up your alley if you like diet cola but not the caffeine. Best SodaStream flavor for you if you want a caffeine-free option. If you are looking for caffeine-free options for soda syrups, these are the best SodaStream flavors.

diet caffeine free cola Also, comes in a 440 ml bottle that can be dissolved upto 9 liters. The official website has priced it at $5.99 and has a customer rating of 5.

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Strawberry Watermelon Zero

Another one of the best SodaStream syrups in fruity flavors. If you love a super sweet syrup, this is for you. Only 12 ml or 2.4 tsp of syrup is supposed to dissolve, and one 440 ml will serve 36 drinks. It is fat- and sodium-free and has no protein and carbohydrates. The nutritional facts claim that it has no fat, sodium, carbohydrate, or protein. Read this article if you are wondering if protein powder makes you fat. But it does have vitamins like D, E, and B6. Strawberry watermelon has zero calories and uses vegetable juice color as coloring and natural flavors. 

strawberry watermelon zero

It is priced at $5.99 and can be dissolved for upto 9 liters. Try their other fruity diet syrups like strawberry watermelon, orange, and Pink Grapefruit with zero calories.

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Diet Root Beer

Diet root beer is counted among the best SodaStream syrups that are healthy. A customer says it tastes like A&W. Perfect for just sparkling water or with any drink, and it has no caffeine and no sugar. If you do not know what A&W tastes like, this syrup tastes like a sweet root beer similar to cream soda and has a citrus finish. 

diet root beer

It can be dissolved in upto 9 liters and approximately 36 serving in one bottle. It costs $5.99 on the website. 

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Diet Lemon Lime

If you love sodas that stack up, this is for you. It is rare for diet sodas to stack up, but lemon lime SodaStream does. It has a clean, bright, and crisp taste. Diet Lemon Lime has a similar taste to sprite, but if you were to add lemon to it. It lacks the artificial flavor that most sodas syrups do. Contains no fat, sugar, and 1% of sodium. Diet lemon-lime uses sucralose as a sweetener. 

diet lemon lime

Diet Lemon lime comes in a 440 ml bottle and can be dissolved upto 9 liters. 

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Diet Ginger Ale

Consumers’ views on this one are a little confusing. To some, it tastes like watered-down cough syrups, and some say it tastes exactly like root beer. There are fans of both tastes; if it works for you, it’s a fit. It does not have a gingery smell and very little ginger taste. 

sodastream diet ginger ale

Nutritional facts claim no fat, carbohydrate, protein, or 1% sodium, and it has sucrose as a sweetener. It comes in 440 ml, costs $5.99 on the website, and is rated 4.5. 

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What is the best SodaStream flavor?

According to users, blueberry syrups are the most favorite flavor. Your personal preference can argue against it, and it's okay.

Are SodaStream syrups harmful to you?

It uses contents like caramel coloring and artificial sweeteners, but it is as harmful as any other soda.

Why should I consider SodaStream better than other sodas?

You don't have to change your soda choices, but SodaStream offers a natural alternative to heavy-sugar sodas that is much more harmful to your health.

Does SodaStream cola taste like regular cola?

Yes, it tastes like original soda. Their diet soda also tastes like regular diet soda but with no caffeine.

Does SodaStream have packs offering diet flavors?

Yes, they have two variety pack combos in the diet syrups options. One has all the fruity flavors, and the other has a mixture of energy drink, cola, and lemon flavors.


I hope you have a good list of the best SodaStream flavors you can use while on your diet. Sodastream has a wide variety of syrups in all categories, like diet syrups, general syrups, tea syrups, and tonic syrups. They also have other products like water bottles and gas refills. 

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