Looking for a bikini body with those monster pecs and chiseled abs? This year has been disastrous for every fitness freak out there as the gyms were the first places to be closed after the lockdown in every country. Sadly, only the year is over, not the pandemic. For all the fitness enthusiasts and the people who aspire to get that bikini body, now is the time to invest in one of these best abs machines.

Here we bring you the list of some of the best abs machines in which you can invest your precious money and time in 2021 but before that, let us answer that one question that everyone asks, which is:

Do Ab Machines Really Work?

Gone are the days when you could just do sit-ups and crunches to train your core. We are entering 2021, and we have the power of sophisticated workout equipment at our disposal. These abs machines provide us with great form and prevent us from bad postures and injuries. Additionally, they give better support for the muscle movements.

It is actually better to train your core using these machines as they target the specific muscles and helps them grow faster. They isolate the muscle group in our abdominal region. The best part about using abs machines is that we can increase the resistance very easily and comfortably without any hassle. And consider it, it is one of the possible advantages of daily workout.

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Now that you have a pretty good idea about ab machines and you are ready to invest in one, the next question in your mind must be which ab machine to buy.

Best Ab Machines To Buy In 2021

Here is the list of 8 best ab machines that you can buy in 2021:

Fitness Reality X-Class Abdominal Bench

This Fitness Reality X-Class Ab bench will assist you in preparing your body for the mid-year. Numerous different activities should be possible on this seat to focus on the back and glutes and also making this a flexible and valuable bit of wellness hardware for your home gym.

fitness reality x-class abdominal bench
Fitness reality X-class abdominal bench

Since they can accommodate a  650 lb weight limit, it is a good start for the obese or the pot-bellied. Moreover, its One level- three decay positions, feature allow enough flexibilty for your body.

How To Use It?

You can utilize it for abdominal muscle and core activities including, knee raise invert sit-ups, and decrease sit-ups. You can do your favorite variations of sit-ups on this comfortable ab machine. 

Buy Here: Fitness Reality X-Class Ab Bench

Sit-Up Bar: Aduro Sport Doorway Exercise Bar

Don’t you have much space for a decline or a roman seat? Try a sit-up bar that is similar to the Aduro Exercise Bar and all things considered.

situp bar aduro sport doorway exercise bar
Situp bar aduro sport doorway exercise bar

This bar ought to settle you as you tackle sit-ups, permitting you to log an extraordinary workout without giving up your structure.

How to use it?

It has a simple process to slide the clip under an entryway and make sure to close your door about the sit-up bar. At that point- slide your feet under the bar. The bar will keep your feet immovably set up as you tackle the activity—much the same as a decrease seat or a roman seat.

Buy Here: Sit-Up Bar Aduro Sport

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SkyFlag 3-Wheel Portable Ab Roller

This small machine is one of the best ab machines out there in the market to train your core effectively. It trains your upper, middle, and lower core as well as your obliques. Furthermore it is portable and pocket-friendly.

skyflag 3-wheel portable ab roller
SkyFlag 3-Wheel Portable Ab Roller

Those who find excuses for ab workouts will be thrilled to use this equipment.

How to use it?

You are holding the roller in your hands, and I would advise you to be on your knees if you are a beginner. Roll all the way down to the level where you feel you can hold It and it is comfortable. Squeeze with your glutes and abs. Rollover again and try to straighten your back, squeeze again and push with your abs, glutes, and shoulders.

Buy Here: SkyFlag 3-Wheel Portable Ab Roller

IRIS Fitness Ab Vertical Core Toner Ab Trainer Workout Machine

This ab coaster machine lets you hit your obliques, hip flexors, transverse abdominis, and rectus abdominis with ease, thanks to its swivel seat. You can also put weighted plated on either side to increase resistance.

iris fitness ab machine
iris fitness ab machine

It is a great fitness equipment for Ab-crunches with a counter. Thus one of the best ab machines available for you!

How to use it?

The working is pretty straight-forward. You just need to grab the handlebars, rest your legs on the seat, and engage your core to slide the seat up and down.

Buy Here: IRIS Fitness Ab Vertical Core Toner Ab Trainer Workout Machine

Ab Coaster MAX

If you have space for wellness machines, think about investing in an ab coaster, similar to the Tristar Products Ab Coaster MAX. Since a machine is dependent on a straightforward sliding movement, it is staggeringly clear and simple to utilize.

coaster max ab machine
Coaster max ab machine

What’s more is if you need to challenge your obliques, you can generally turn so that your feet are confronting one corner of the footplate and complete your reps from that point.

How to use it?

Start by remaining on top of the underlying footplate and holding the padded handlebars. At that point, draw in your core to twist your knees and slide the footplate up toward your chest. Keep your core workout drawn in as you slide the footplate down in a moderate controlled way to finish one rep. This movement ought to reinforce your core from top to bottom—without putting any strain on your neck.

Buy Here: Ab machine Coaster Max

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CAP Barbell Unisex Adult Ab Trainer

This ab rocker is a great way to take your crunches to the next level while eliminating the risk of neck strain and back injuries at the same time.

cap barbell unisex ab trainer
CAP barbell unisex ab trainer

This rocker provides a sturdy and ergonomic design. The padded pillow allows you to rest your head and neck comfortably and the front of the rocker provides support, which allows you to perform your crunches more efficiently.

How to use it?

Lie down comfortably with your head on the pillow, grip the front of the rocker with your feet on the ground, engage your core, and start lifting your upper body. Then slowly lie back down, keeping your core engaged throughout the process.

Buy Here: CAP Barbell Unisex Ab trainer

Adidas Steel Essential Utility Bench

This abs bench is a must-have for your commercial/home gym. It sports incline, decline, and integrated dip bars, which are suitable for hitting muscle groups other than just abdominal muscles. Furthermore, since it is lightweight and incredible for little spaces they make one of the best ab machines.

adidas steel utility ab machine
Adidas steel utility ab machine

The bench is sturdy and stable. Performing sit-ups and crunches on this machine engage the lower region of your core, and your body weight provides a natural resistance for your training.

How to use it?

To use this bench for your abs, put it into decline mode. Secure your feet under the foam rollers, engage your core, and perform sit ups or crunches.

Buy Here: Adidas Steel Utility Ab bench


Dolphy Free Standing Pull Up Bar

Last but not the least, you can never go wrong in buying a power tower. It takes care of most of the major bodyweight exercises and provides you with a full-body workout.

dolphy free standing pull up bar
Dolphy Free Standing Pull up Bar

It features a standing pull up bar, parallel bar, dips station, and push up bar.

How to use it?

Hang from the high bar or place your forearms on the lower bar and grab ahold of either handle. Begin to lift your leg (they can be straight or bent) up off of the floor and toward your chest. Lower them back to start with control.

Buy Here: Dolphy Standing Pull up machine


As you must have realized by now, there is an abundance of abs machines out there! The choice, in the end, comes down to your goals and preferences. Abs are mostly made in the kitchen than in the gym, and hence, you need to take proper care of your diet as well. I would personally like to suggest The Abs Roller if you are looking to invest in an Abs Machine. Unlike the “As seen on TV” Abs Machines, It is an extremely pocket-friendly option that we have at our disposal. Another recommendation would be the Power Tower because you can never go wrong in purchasing that. You can engage different muscle groups and perform a variety of workouts on that.

Here’s wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2021, and we wish you all have a really happy, successful, healthy, and fit year ahead!

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