In an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle, the rush has led to people, more often than not, ignoring their health. In fact, health and lifestyle come pretty low in the general list of priorities of the current populace. However, with COVID highlighting the need for solid immunity, there has been an ideological impact towards maintaining fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

While the pace is picking up again, the people are no longer ignoring their health needs and are trying to make up for the lost nutrition of the day through supplements. This article will be a detailed 8greens supplement review.


8Greens is one such supplement having the combined power of a number of green, leafy vegetables, which are available for a user through effervescent tablets. On consumption of a single tablet in 8 oz water, the benefits of 8 different Greens are there, it has the combination of nutrients you get from 8 different types of greens, such as Wheatgrass, Spinach, Blue-green Algae, Chlorella, Kale, Spirulina, Aloe Vera, and Barley Grass.

These ingredients individually are to provide for a large number of things, such as anti-inflammatory properties improving the blood flow as well as circulation, iron, calcium, probiotics, carb burners, strength, etc.

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Benefits of 8Greens Supplement 

In this 8Greens supplements review, you’ll find the benefits. 8Greens supplement can be proved very beneficial for you if taken in an accurate way. The key benefits of the 8Greens supplement are: 

8Greens Made From Natural Greens 

8Greens supplement tablets are made from raw greens. These raw greens prove to be essential for our bodies as they come straight from the farm. These greens are spinach, kale, blue, green algae, spirulina, wheatgrass, aloe vera, chlorella, and barley grass.

natural greens
natural greens

8Greens is dairy and gluten-free at the same time and contains no added preservatives. It is a low calory supplement as it has only 15 calories. It is a perfect supplement for people who are vegetarian and love veggies.

8Greens Rich in Nutrients 

It is a highly enriched nutrient supplement. 8greens contains a vast number of vitamins and minerals in it. It can also supply you with antioxidants. One tablet of 8Greens can provide you with as much vitamin C as six oranges.

high nutrition
high nutrition

Also, one tablet of 8Greens can supply you with vitamin B12 as much as 7 cups of milk containing vitamin B12. 8Greens’ one tablet also contains vitamin B6 as much as 6 cups of spinach and vitamin B5 as much as 15 cups of broccoli. One tablet of 8Greens contains as much zinc as 3 cups of peas. The natural greens in the 8Greens supplement are dehydrated so as to recollect their nutrients.

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8Greens Supplement Boosting Immunity 

8Greens is a perfect supplement for boosting your immunity and ensuring complete wellbeing. When reviewed, it was found that 78% of the customers who use 8Greens feel that the supplement is improving their immunity.

boosts immunity
boosts immunity

According to them, after taking 8Greens, their immunity is enhancing during flu and cold season. 8Greens have all the essential natural greens in it that can make you healthy.

8Greens Supplement Produces Energy 

It supplement is very beneficial for your body as it contains a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and other essential components. 8Greens contain vitamins B6, B1, and B12, and all of these vitamins play a vital role in maintaining the nervous system in a healthy state.

produces energy
produces energy

The human body needs all these B vitamins for the proper functioning of nerves. These vitamins also play a crucial role in the production of energy. Thus, 8Greens also plays a vital role in energy production. 


In this 8Greens supplement review, it is important to note that the stated facts do not mean that the tablets are in themselves a balanced diet but are, in fact, an addition to a clean, if not balanced diet, hence, being a supplement. Having the supplement instead of these vegetables means that, in essence, the user’s body will have much less fiber intake.


Fiber consumption is a must for a healthy digestive process. Furthermore, a large number of users and studies report that the homeopathic benefits/remedies that the brand claims for its product are largely unproven. It is important to note that the data shows this particular supplement is for adults. There is no data showing its suitability for children.

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According to our 8greens supplement review, the product does what it claims. It adds the equivalent of green leafy vegetables to your diet. However, while the product has a beneficial impact, it is not a magical remedy. Taking note of the caveat placed in the disadvantages section, it is essential that one consumes the product along with a clean lifestyle.

The tablet in itself is not enough the reflect a dietary and nutritional change in your daily life. To make the pill beneficial for your overall health, make changes to move your diet to a balance. Consulting a dietician is one such measure that can be taken to regulate intake and daily exercise alongside it to control/lose weight. We hope you liked our 8Greens supplement review.

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