The practice of yoga is very common nowadays because of the increase in mental and emotional problems seen among people of all age groups. Fitness and well-being appear to be the only solution for millennial to cope up with their everyday problems. Yoga poses provide a sense of responsibility, and it is a great way of finding the inner self. But some find it difficult while doing different poses and sometimes even lose their balance. Here comes a prop as a rescue, which are called Yoga Blocks.

Yoga block supports the body in doing yoga poses and creates a great balance while stretching. It is made up of foam, bamboo, wood, or cork, which makes it reliable for many people to do yoga with ease and comfort.

yoga blocks
Yoga blocks

Let’s shed light on some of the uses of Yoga blocks.

  • It reduces the range of motion by bridging the distance between the person and the floor
  • A great aid in getting correct alignment
  • It majorly helps beginners and those with physical ailments
  • Place in any position as per convenience.

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The unprecedented arrival of coronavirus has made lives upside down due to the Covid-19 induced lockdown in 2020. It paused the hustle and bustle of everyday lives, which reduced the activities of people. Therefore, people mostly switched to yoga to attain peace and tranquillity.

Yoga is an ancient form of physical, mental, and spiritual exercise that has its origins in India. You don’t have to be a saint to practice yoga. In the modern-day world, people practice yoga irrespective of their caste, religion, or gender.

Types Of Yoga Blocks

There are distinct types of yoga blocks that help in maintaining correct postures. Yoga will remain effective only when it is done in the right way. The basic element of yoga is to attain perfection in asanas and to reap greater benefits.

A yoga block is a helping device to make graceful movements without any obstacles. For instance, while doing Parsvakonasana or side angle, using a yoga block would make movements more comfortable without getting strained. This increases joy in doing yoga rather than doing it for the sake.

Besides, these blocks make you get accustomed to yoga and bolster the ability to stretch without getting injured.

There are many yoga blocks available in the market, which makes users choose the appropriate one.

Cork Blocks

These are made from the bark of cork oak tree, recyclable and reusable. One of the advantages of cork blocks is that these continue to grow after the bark is harvested. It has natural friction, which makes it easier to use.

cork blocks
cork blocks

Cork blocks are affordable and are available in different colors. However, these don’t have a smooth texture and are difficult to clean.

Check them out here

Wooden Blocks

They were in use long before cork blocks came into existence. However, they have exorbitantly high rates. Wooden blocks are thick and heavy, which means they are non-slippery. They are durable and guarantees a long-lasting effect.

wooden block
wooden block

It is seen that wooden blocks are a great tool for exercises that involves strength and energy. Bamboo is used for making wooden blocks, which is the best choice for eco-friendly products.

Foam Blocks

It is lightweight and easy to carry, which can easily take a lot of pressure. A great choice for beginners, which gives comfort for standing and sitting positions while doing asanas. Foam blocks are softer than the other two blocks, which makes it easy to carry around.

foam yoga blocks
foam yoga blocks

They aren’t slippery and gives perfection during difficult poses. The chances of getting scratches are high, which makes it non-durable and less eco-friendly.

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Yoga Block Sizes

These yoga blocks come in different sizes.

3 inch

These are designed for people who perform, for instance, tadasana (mountain pose) and utkatasana (fierce pose). They are the most budget-friendly than other larger sizes

4 inch

These come in standard sizes with all types of materials like cork, wooden, and foam. Among the others, this size is the most used by beginners.

yoga block sizes
yoga block sizes

5 inch

These are taller and bigger blocks than the standard size, thus beneficial for taller people. The 5 inch blocks help in deep breathing asanas, which are very much stable. These type of blocks are a great tool to maintain good posture, which mainly helps in breathing and exercising during hard times.

Top 6 Yoga Blocks of 2021

With lockdowns becoming the new normal, 2021 will be a year to achieve good health and wealth. So, to make exercises easier and fun, there are some economical yoga blocks available in the Indian market, and these are

Amazon Basics Yoga Blocks

These are slip-resistant yoga blocks that give the right balance while performing yoga asanas.

amazon basics yoga block
Amazon basics yoga block

It is one of the most trusted and popular brands. Use them for proper alignment and body structure.

Buy Here: Amazon Basics Yoga block

Strauss Yoga Block

strauss yoga block
Strauss yoga block

 It is known for its durability and affordability. Best for maintaining balance and gives body control.

Buy Here: Strauss Yoga Block

Bodylastics Yoga Starter Kit

bodylastics yoga kit
bodylastics yoga kit

It comes with a kit that includes two blocks, a yoga strap, and a cooling microfiber towel. This has got all the essentials, which makes it a great purchase.

Buy Here: Bodylastics Yoga Starter Kit

Kobo Yoga Block

kobo yoga block
Kobo yoga block

These are for those fitness freaks who prefer buying eco-friendly products. It is a long-lasting product that is slip-resistant and reduces injuries.

Buy Here: Kobo Yoga Block

House of quirk yoga Eva foam block

house of quirk eva yoga block
House of quirk EVA yoga block

It has soft, firm edges, which does not change its size in the long run. These are moisture-proof and can be cleaned with soap and water.

Buy Here

Fitsy Wooden Yoga Bock Brick

These are wooden bamboo blocks that are lightweight and durable. They are natural and non-toxic, which enables every yoga lover to achieve effortless body postures. It also has a beautiful pattern which makes it more attractive.

fitsy wooden yoga block
Fitsy wooden yoga block

Buy Here: Fitsy Wooden Yoga Block Brick



This was all about the the different yoga blocks you can buy. We made this list of best yoga blocks so that you can compare them and choose the one you wish. Thank you for reading till the end!

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