Iodoral is a tablet that contains a high concentration iodine/potassium iodide supplement. In one 12.5 mg tablet, Iodoral includes an amount of total elemental iodine corresponding to the average daily consumption of this critical element among mainland Japanese. Iodine is a necessary component of the human body. Although the thyroid gland’s primary role is to produce thyroid hormones, iodine is essential for appropriate body function by other organs.


Iodine intake is necessary, according to several studies. The lowest level of iodine found in these trials is 0.1 mg/kg body weight/day. 

The daily iodine required for a 50 kg person, for example, is 5 mg. To function correctly, the thyroid gland needs iodine. Lugol solution, an iodine/iodide solution, was widely utilized, effectively, and safely in medical practice throughout the early 1900s for both low and high thyroid gland activity. 2 to 6 drops of Lugol solution, containing 12.5 to 37.5 mg, total iodide was the recommended daily dose for iodine supplementation. In a book on Pharmaceutical Sciences, 1995, that figure was cited. 

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Why Is Iodine Important? 

Several studies have demonstrated the importance of consuming enough iodine. According to certain studies, Japanese women absorbed an average of 13.8 mg total elemental iodine per day, which may significantly influence their overall health. In the 1960s, a single slice of bread in the United States carried the entire RDA of 0.15 mg of iodine. Iodine has been out of the bread-making process over the last two decades, and Bromine can interfere with iodine absorption and impair thyroid function. After World War II, the RDA levels for vitamins and minerals were brought. Iodine, an invention from 1980 and validated in 1989, was one of the last vital elements added to the RDA system. The amount of iodine/iodide necessary to prevent goitre, excessive idiocy, and hypothyroidism was used to determine the RDA for iodine.


There has been no study of the ideal iodine requirement of the entire human body. As a result, the perfect dose of this nutrient for physical and mental health is uncertain. Lugol solution is a tried-and-true formula with a 150-year track record. Two drops contain 12.5 mg iodine/iodide, close to the mainland Japanese average of 13.8 mg. This Formulation’s Justification Iodine/iodide in liquid solution is difficult to administer accurately can stain clothing. It has a sour taste, and can induce gastrointestinal irritation. Iodoral is a tablet with 5 mg of iodine and 7.5 mg of potassium iodide. The iodine/iodide preparation is into a colloidal silica excipient to prevent gastrointestinal discomfort and remove the disagreeable taste of the iodine/iodide.

Directions for storage: Keep it somewhere cool, dry, and dark. 

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Iodoral dosage

The recommended daily dose is 1-4 tablets per day, depending on your doctor’s recommendations. While on the Iodoral treatment, work closely with your physician.


Tell your doctor if you’ve had thyroid surgery or radiation, if you have chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s), or if you’ve had any past thyroid problems. 

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Before Iodoral Consumption

Your doctor will run hematological, blood chemistry, and thyroid function tests before you start taking Iodoral. They will also do an ultrasound on your thyroid to see how big it is and how it looks. They may request blood tests depending on the thyroid function tests and ultrasound results. Inform your physician if you are taking thyroid hormones. Keep in mind that Iodoral boosts your body’s sensitivity to thyroid hormones. (4,6) Iodoral users are to feel warmer in cold situations. If you’re experiencing palpitation, anxiety, sweating, or heat intolerance, you’ll need to reduce the number of thyroid hormones you’re taking.

iodoral ingredients

Because Iodoral reduces your requirement for thyroid hormones, this is the case. Your doctor will titrate down the number of thyroid hormones you take. If you’re on thyroid hormones, your doctor will recheck you one month later and three months later if you’re not. Please keep track of your observations while taking Iodoral and share them with your doctor.

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Iodoral Supplements

Four Iodoral tablets (or one Iodoral IOD-50 tablet) determine iodine sufficiency throughout the body, followed by a 24-hour urine collection. Iodine deficiency causes the body to retain more iodine and release more minor in urine.

iodoral supplements

In most people, 3-4 tablets of Iodoral per day were necessary to achieve whole-body sufficiency in three months, with the body retaining roughly 1.5 gm iodine at that time. When 90% or more of the amount eliminates in the urine, this is sufficiency. WARNING: Consumption of iodine and iodide has various health problems. 


Stop taking Iodoral and see your doctor if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Acne-like skin lesions in specific body locations
  • In the frontal sinuses, there is a headache.
  • The brassy flavor is unappealing.
  • Increased sneezing and salivation

If you’ve been taking Iodoral for a while and are experiencing any unexpected symptoms, talk to your doctor.

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