A healthy appetite usually refers to a person’s natural desire to eat food to satisfy his body’s nutritional requirements. Frequently, it is observed some adults begin to lose their appetite. Various factors, including stress, gastrointestinal issues, and depression, can cause a lack of appetite. Keeping this in mind, We have enlisted the 6 best vitamins that increase appetite for adults.


Naturally, the body requires a supply of vitamins( especially B-Complex), Zinc, and Omega fatty acids to maintain a healthy appetite. Such vitamin supplements include Tropical Oasis Vitamin B-complex, Natural GreenLife Vitamins, Tropical Oasis liquid vitamin complex, eatmor, and apetasine jellies.

In this article, we have made a detailed account of the causes of appetite loss and also the 6 best vitamins that increase appetite for adults so that you can understand the reasons for your loss of appetite as well as overcome loss of appetite and increase the weight with appetite boosters.

Reasons For Loss In Appetite

There are a few reasons why a person experiences loss of appetite. It includes various physical and mental health conditions. And also, age-limiting factors come into effect for adults. Such as a decrease in the senses of taste and smell, slower metabolic activity compared to youngsters, increased mental stress, etc.

reasons for loss in appetite

First, you need to start by adding vitamins to your diet since its deficiency is one of the primary factors causing loss of appetite. However, many other factors like food allergies, genetic predisposition, or more juices and drinks in between your designated meal time cause appetite loss. You can always revert these factors and enjoy an improved appetite by using vitamin appetite boosters.

What Vitamins Help With Appetite

If you are looking for “What vitamins help with appetite.” Here is the list

B-Complex Loss of Appetite is majorly due to a deficiency in vitamin B-Complex, especially vitamin B1, which is Thiamine. Additionally, Zinc and Omega 3- fatty acids deficiency also leads to a loss in appetite in adults.


Vitamins like Vitamin D and C can help you increase weight. Not just food supplements and vitamins, you can try exercise, yoga, and other physical activities to help you boost your appetite.

6 Best Vitamins That Increase Appetite For Adults

Below is the list of the 6 best vitamins that increase appetite for adults. The list contains liquid vitamin complexes and also vegan options. So, choose whatever you think fits you the best.

Tropical Oasis Liquid B- Complex

This appetite booster for adults is markedly different from others in the market. It is liquid, while the other appetite boosters are usually available as pills. Liquid vitamins provide a higher absorption rate, up to 98%, to the body. And it is 5 times more effective compared to pills.

tropical oasis

This vitamin complex has all the essential 8 B vitamins to increase appetite. It also has a blend of natural herbs such as Ginkgo biloba, Sargasso seaweed, Fleece flower, etc., which are energizing in nature. And the best part of all, it is 100% vegan.

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Natural Green Life Appetite Booster

Second on the list of best vitamins that increase appetite in adults is a Natural green life appetite booster. It contains Lysine, in addition to vitamin B-complex. You can use it for kids and adults, so if you are looking for vitamin supplements to increase appetite for your whole family. Then, it is the best option.

natural appetite booster

This appetite booster has a great dilution capacity. It also comes in liquid form. Hence, it has a higher absorption rate. Thereby, you can add it to your smoothies or juices. It tastes the best when added to orange juice. So, add this appetite booster and enjoy it with your family.

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Herboganic Apetenic

Suppose you are looking for natural vitamins that increase appetite without synthetic color. Then, this is the most preferred option for you. 

herboganic apetenic

This appetite booster is a blend of many nutritional fruits and spices that naturally increase your appetite and help manage weight. It contains Indian Gooseberry( Amblica officinalis), Long Pepper( Piper longum), Chebulic myrobalan( Terminalia chebula), etc., which are great healthy appetite boosters.

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Eatmor Appetite Stimulant

Eatmor is a natural hunger booster. It is one of the best vitamins that increase appetite for adults. Because it works as an enlargement agent that allows the body to increase mass at the right places, such as arms and legs, it allows you to increase your calorie intake by enhancing your food craving.

eatmor appetite stimulant

It also supplements in improving your food intake frequency. Thereby increasing food intake.

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Muscleblaze Multivitamins

It is the best product in the list of vitamins that increase adults’ appetite. In case you are looking for a multivitamin for appetite. Multiblaze multivitamin contains more than 50 ingredients to improve your gut health and appetite. 

muscleblaze multivitamins

It also contains good bacteria. Hence helping you get rid of any gastrointestinal-related loss of appetite issues. It has a 100% required dietary allowance of immunity boosters. Hence, it fulfills all your vitamin requirements for the day.

It is a power pack of multivitamins such as A, B-Complex, C, D, E. It also has zinc, copper, and iron to boost your immunity. So, if you are looking for an appetite booster with combined good effects of improved immunity and gut health, this multivitamin appetite booster is the best of all the listed choices.

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Nuderm Apetasine

Nuderm Apetasine is an energy hub packed with highly appetizing ingredients. It has an improved formula and blend that will help improve your appetite faster. It also boosts your muscle and body weight gain. People of any age group, your kids, parents, and grandparents, can take it. Hence, one of the best appetite boosters for your whole family.

nuderm apetasine

It comes in a tasty, gummy form. It also contains natural enzymes that help in triggering your gastric functions. So you will feel hungry more frequently. So you can have a tasty, delicious journey. 

It also includes fish oils, a rich source of Omega 3- Fatty acids, another essential component to gain weight. Additionally, it improves the effects of deficient collagen synthesis, boosting your skin health.

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Which Vitamins help in improving appetite?

Vitamin B ( especially B1) and other elements like Zinc help improve appetite.

Does Vitamin B 12 helps to improve appetite?

Yes. People having Vitamin B12 deficiency, in general, experience appetite loss. It will improve their weight and appetite when supplied with the required amounts of B12.

What vitamins help you gain weight?

Vitamins such as B( which improves appetite), Vitamin D ( which allows you to gain weight), and vitamin C can be simultaneously used to gain weight.

What fruits are rich in Vitamin B 12?

Fruits such as Apples, blueberries, bananas, and vitamin-c-rich oranges contain high levels of Vitamin B 12.


Along with any underlying medical conditions, loss of appetite is among the most prevalent symptoms you encounter. It can also be due to a deficiency in your body’s vitamin requirements. And all these conditions require you to intake vitamins to boost your health and appetite. I hope this article, 6 BEST VITAMINS THAT INCREASE APPETITE FOR ADULTS, has given you a detailed insight into choosing multivitamins or vegan or liquid-based formulations to boost your appetite.