It is hard to start a journey of being vegan/vegetarian. In our mind, there are thousands of questions like what if this product is not vegan or if I am getting enough nutrition. And how can I find a place where they serve vegan food? But thanks to the internet, there is a wide range of applications available, from vegan food recipes to help you reach your nutrition target by having vegan food.

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Vegan Apps

There is an app available for every need for a vegan lifestyle. In this article, we listed the top 8 vegan apps of 2022.


This is one the best Vegan Apps, Whether you are starting this vegan life or doing this for years, getting the proper nutrition is the topmost priority. The founder of this app is Heather Russell who is a well-known dietician of the vegan society. Vnutrition helps to track your meal.


Plus point is it also provides a checklist and reminders to eat enough portions of the right food. It will help you to build a healthy lifestyle by making healthy food and satisfying your taste buds. For both IOS and Android, this application is free.


Happy Cow

It is difficult to research where you can get vegan food near you. You have to check the menus of the restaurants then you can decide. But Happy Cow eases this process by providing a list of vegan restaurants. This is one of the best Vegan Apps. It helps magically when you are traveling.

happy cow

You want to search for these places. We can review and upload the photos of that place to help other vegans looking for something to eat. You can use this app for free for IOS and Android.


21- Day Vegan Kickstart

This application is specially designed for aspiring and new vegans. The Physical Committee of Responsible Medicine created this app to make this transition easy. This app will help you take enough food to decrease heart disease, type 2 diabetes, or any other permanent diseases.


Just download this app, and you will get tons of recipes and tips from expert dietitians. You will feel a change within you after completing the 21-day cycle. You can start your journey of 21 days by downloading this free app for android and IOS.


Veggie Alternatives

This is one of the best Vegan Apps. With this application, you can find a store near you. From Where you can find alternatives to any food. It is useful for those who are starting their journey in this. This app will help you to discover vegan products and brands. It also suggests some recipes for inspiration and ideas.

veggiee alternatives

You will find 300 plus alternatives of your favourite products like ice cream, meat, fish, cheese, or anything. This application is quite user-friendly. You can find recipes or buy products all in just two clicks. You can download this user-friendly application free for android and IOS.


Cruelty Cutter

There are many beauty products available in the market which contain animal products. Cruelty Cutter helps to identify the ingredients by a single scan. If you are unsure which product is cruelty-free, you have to download this application and scan the barcode. You will get your result within seconds.

cruetly cutter

It will help you to choose the right products for your beauty care routine. You can start using cruelty-free beauty products by downloading this free application.


Vegan Scan

Imagine you are in the supermarket and trying to find some vegan products. It will be tiring to check whether this product is vegan or not. This is one the best Vegan Apps. It will take a good amount of time to figure that out. But this Vegan scan app comes to the rescue.

scan vegan

You have to scan the barcode of the product to know the result. You will find out if this product is vegan or not. It will make shopping easy and will save time for you. This application is free to use for both IOS and Android.



It is burdensome to find a vegan bae like you. But thanks to the Veggie app, you can find and connect with people with the same interest and share the same values just like you. It is the world’s number one vegan dating app.

app veggie

It is a dating app where vegan or vegetarian people can find their partners. This one of the best Vegan Apps for vegan people. This app surpassed more than 200,000 worldwide. Find a veg match near you and chat with them. It helps to bond two people. You can find your partner free of cost by downloading from Android and IOS.


The vegan kind supermarket

Getting your hands on vegan products is not easy. You have to research all the products you want to buy and search for their alternatives. Reading product details to check their ingredients consumes a good amount of time. But the vegan king supermarket will help you to do this process.

vegan kind

This app will suggest to you the alternatives of products like meat, cheese, or fish. It will also help you to find vegan beauty and household products. In short, many things will be done by just downloading this app.



You can find the alternatives of the products for free of cost for both IOS and Android. Starting or maintaining a vegan lifestyle is not everyone’s cup of tea. But all thanks to the available applications which are making this whole journey smooth.

There are other applications available that are not mentioned here. Let us know which applications we missed out on. It will help viewers and us.

I hope this article about Top 8 Vegan Apps  will help our readers.

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