Creatine is nothing but a naturally found substance in the body. What it does is that it helps the muscles to produce sufficient energy to carry heavy weights or do anything that requires heavy exercise. Mostly the gym freaks, sports players, and physical labor does such kind of high-intensity tasks which require creatine.

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Creatine Supplements

Furthermore, supplements of creatine are also available in the market. You can check our Naked Nutrition on Facebook. Usually, bodybuilders take these supplements. But whether supplements are essential is the main question. It has similar chemical nature to amino acids, and therefore, the body can produce it.


The quantity of production might vary from body to body. Some people generate less creatine, and if they are more into laborious work, they can substitute the needs with the supplements. Naked Nutrition on YouTube will help you in the process of understanding the needs of supplements.

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Where Is Creatine Stored In Our Body? 

The maximum amount of creatine is in the muscles of the body. The remaining is in the brain, kidneys, and liver. When a person takes a supplement, it induces the muscles creatine part of the body, which produces energy stored in the cells as a powerhouse to be used when needed. It gives you the boost of energy, but it also helps in protein breakdown, retaining cell hydration, improving myostatin level, helps in improving cell signals. Thus, naturally produced creatine is an essential product in the body. It is also useful in treating neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and others.


It is secreted in the liver. Many creatine-rich foods can help you naturally synthesize creatine in the body, like red meat, fish, chicken, poultry. Now, what about vegetarians? Since creatine is mostly found in non-veg foods, vegetarians only have two options. One is to stay at the level produced in the body, which is very low. Or the second one is to take supplements. Let us talk about the supplements.

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Primary Sources Of Creatine

Since poultry and fish are the primary sources of creatine, the body can only store 60% and a maximum of 80% energy in the muscles. But if you want to retain more energy, you can go for supplements. But when taking anything oral, especially medications, one has to keep in mind the dosage and quantity of medicine taken.

poultry and fish

As per a study, the usual dosage has shown that one can take 20gm of creatine for a maximum of 7 days daily. 20gm has to be divided into small portions of 5gm or as per your doctor’s advice and then taken. It would be best if you did not take the whole 20gm together. It might result in an overdose and put a harmful effect on the brain and muscles. Remember that a body without creatine will feel like a body with no energy. Therefore, you can resolve to supplements but in the right amounts. You can check out Naked Nutrition on Instagram also.

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What Will Happen If You Take Low Doses Regularly?

One study has also shown that people can intake low doses for a more extended period, like 28 days so, it will effectively maintain the correct level in the body in the longer run. In medical terms, low doses for longer terms mean not doing the loading phase of creatine. Some studies have revealed that supplements over a more extended period, like 5 years and for a short period like a few weeks, will not create any harmful side effects on the body whatsoever.


A very named association called ISSN has revealed that one can take 30gm of creatine per day for as long as 5 years and still have no side effects. A healthy individual can take this dose and remain healthy and steady for long life. Some people often develop side effects like nausea, vomiting, weight gain, bloating also. Creatine keeps the cell hydrated, and that is, water retention is what makes the body bloated.

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Having too much creatine can also damage the kidneys. It is in the liver, but the kidneys metabolize it; thus, taking more supplements can damage the kidneys. One must always consult an expert or a doctor in such cases. There are mixed reviews regarding the effect of creatine in dehydration. Some say it increases dehydration and others say the opposite. So, it is best if one takes a physician’s advice before taking any supplement. The doctor will ask you for any health issues prevailing and then prescribe you the amount needed for your body’s functioning and endurance.

Thus, how much is too much creatine will depend upon your physical intensity, your body, and what your body can endure. Overdosing is always a no. Do not act irrationally and check your body limits yourself. Get a doctor that will create a perfect dose and mini-doses for you. If you are a non-vegetarian, you can use naturally synthesized it by taking a healthy diet. If you are a vegetarian, you can be happy with what you have or visit a doctor. Yes, there is an answer to how much creatine is too much. You just have to read and go to a doctor.