Veganism. Abstaining the employment of animal products. Bringing a change. Excluding animal abuse and cruelty. In this article we’ll discover some sonic vegan options and tell you if they are worth it.

We cannot forget “trends.” It’s trendy to be vegan, and it’s trendy to use almond milk in your iced coffees rather than regular milk. It’s trendy to use BeyondMeat burger patties instead of your average chicken and beef ones, and the whole “I’m on a vegan diet, I’ve heard it’s great for weight loss.”

sonic vegan options
sonic vegan options

Demand for vegan food has been rising in a previous couple of years. Companies like Fry’s, VioLife, and Follow Your Heart are now becoming household names, despite a number of them being around since the ’70s and ’90s.

Yes, veganism is great, but it’s not a diet, and it’s a lifestyle, and it requires a mindset. 

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Difference Between Vegans And Vegetarians 

Vegetarian diets exclude meat (chicken, lamb, beef, etc.), but they consume dairy or eggs or maybe both. A vegan diet is relatively somewhat restricted- it doesn’t allow the consumption of dairy or eggs. 

The change from an average American diet into a vegan one which is comparatively richer in nutrients and lowers in saturated fats, could do great benefits such as decreasing- cholesterol levels, child obesity by 10%, diabetes by 2%, and high blood pressure by 1%.

sonic vegan options

With increasing attention on the heart- and our planet and a healthy diet in general, plant-based fast food options are increasing across the industry.

In today’s fast-paced world, where “trends” hold the utmost importance in society, Veganism is one of these trends. An excellent one, of course.

With lots of food (that you can find in sonic vegan options) joints serving lip-smacking vegan food, plenty of fast-food places have put their efforts into adopting this culture by updating their menus the selection and quality of food they provide to their customers. 

With a list of creativity, you’ll put together a good meal with various options available. 

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Sonic: “Service With The Speed Of Sound” 

Sonic was established in 1953 in Oklahoma, has become one of the most popular, drive-in fast-food-restaurant chains in America; serves 3 million customers across 45 states daily, which pretty obviously states its popularity (according to writing published in 2016).

sonic vegan options

Sonic, which is highly famous and well-known for its hamburgers, corn dogs, chili dogs, chicken sandwiches, and desserts like milkshakes and sundaes- only provides a drive-through service where you have to put your order through an intercom speaker system, it’s not that easy to ask for elaborate orders. 

Although it is not a haven for vegans.

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Sonic Vegan Options

Sonic’s menu is quite the extensive one, but it’s simple, straightforward, and, predominantly, cheap. This fast-food chain sells hamburgers, hot dogs, fried chicken food, and sides, like fries and onion rings to chili-cheese tater tots. Here are some sonic vegan options : 

Beyond that, there is a ‘Smart’ menu that offers controlled portions of its burgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs; and there are milkshakes, which adds a cherry on top. 

Here are some of the sonic vegan options – 

DIY Nachos- Fritos corn chips + Salsa de Sonic and some creamy sliced avocado. 

A custom-made sandwich with choices of breads like- tortilla, bagels, ciabatta bun, poppy seed bun, etc. Choices of condiments like- ketchup, Asian sweet chilly sauce, spicy mustard, Hickory BBQ Sauce, Salsa de Sonic, etc. There is an unlimited range of choices for toppings like avocados, jalapeños, sauerkraut, grilled onions, dill pickle chips, etc.

sonic vegan options

An iconic Sonic Slushy with various flavor toppings like- French vanilla, peach, grape, mango, etc., for a vegan-based slush. A loaded hot dog with- veggies, pickles, tater tots, or a-good-old- pack of French fries. 

Coca-Cola Zero-Sugar, Diet Dr. Pepper, Orange Fanta- your classic soft drinks. Soft Pretzel Twists, with vegan-friendly sauces like marinara and mustard.

sonic vegan options

Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea and, Unsweet Tea and Hot Coffee and Green Tea- the hot beverages. Bring your dairy-free ice cream and indulge with Sonic’s list of vegan toppings- fresh banana, Oreo cookie pieces, peanut butter, and some pecans, maybe? Tree Top AppleSauce- a lightweight and classic dessert from the kid’s menu: to end it all off on a good note. 

These were the sonic vegan options.

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Veganism isn’t just all about a diet. It’s about exercise, sleep, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Even if a small part inside you believes that all organisms on this planet (animals) deserve to live with their freedom and without their obligation to humans, you’re on the right path. The smallest of changes in your habits can benefit the environment and body as well. 

Sonic’s vegan onion rings and slushes are worth it and- the most preferred vegan food options. 

The list of plant-based foods may not have been very long, but it does offer some plant-based surprises, but Sonic is undoubtedly worth the stop for a snack or a refreshment. 

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