The majority of fitness freaks know what Shakeology Alternatives are. It is the premium nutrition shake every fitness freak wants. This is an all package of all of the nutrients. Most people take this supplement in order to reduce their weight, to gain weight, or sometimes to develop their muscles. From protein to digestive enzymes, this shake is something that you must take if you are a fitness freak.

shakeology alternatives

However, the cost of such types of Shakeology is something that holds people from buying it. Also, is it worth it? There is no point in spending thousands of rupees on a supplement that can be made at home too!

Why pay thousands of rupees if there are alternatives existing already? Read on to find out the Shakeology alternatives you can use to save money!

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Why An Alternative To Shakeology

We understand that you need to get a solid reason to switch to an alternative. Here are a few things you should know when switching to the replacement option.

  • An immense amount of shakes are standard. You need to choose from the set flavors. Rather than the company adjusting for you, you need to adjust for them. In one drink, you might find some ingredients you do not want, and in the other, you might find something missing. For customized shakes, you will have to pay a huge bag of money.
  • There may be ingredients you are allergic to. And coincidently, you might find this in ALL of the shakes you see as alternatives.

    shakeology alternatives

  • You will have to buy the whole package of the shake. What if you do not like it? You would still have to finish it!

5 Less Expensive Shakeology Alternative Shakes

Here are a few shakeology alternatives that will not cause a hole in your pocket. Read these carefully to get an idea as to how you can go about choosing a cost-effective shake.


A cheap alternative to shakeology is an ideal shake. Something different about this blend is that it helps you control cravings. Yes! It contains Slendesta that aids you in doing so!


In addition, there is a lesser amount of sugar used in these shakes when compared with shakeology. Let me assure you. This does not taste like shakeology. Ideals hake tastes heaven. The dessert-like taste is something you cannot get out of your head.

If you are thinking about what is comparable to shakeology, this is the best replacement option! Although one must note that Idealshake gives you more in something that is reasonable.

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One of the most recommended shakeology alternatives is Exante. The best part about buying Exante is that you can purchase trial packs! So, if it is the first time that you are trying Exante, you can start with a trial pack. Also, you can buy many flavors rather than sticking to just one flavor for one month.


Also, there is a minimal amount of sugar used in this product. It focuses more on natural sugar than added sugar. This makes it unique. And of course, it is way more cost-effective than shakeology.

Moreover, Exante actually helps you to achieve your fitness goal. It has a six-week plan, a four-week plan, many plans that you can opt for.

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Orgain Organic Protein

This is one of the shakeology alternatives you must keep on your checklist. This protein powder is something you should always consider. The best part about this is that it is vegan! You can consume this if you are on a strict vegan diet. It is also Gluten-free and Soy free!

orgain organic powder

Another amazing feature of this shake is that there is only 1 gram of sugar used. One more additional benefit is that there are 21 grams of protein per serving!

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Soylent Drink

If you are looking for a meal shake, this is something for you. This is a ready-to-drink shake – you can consume it whenever you want. Who does not love comfort?

There are a variety of flavors you can choose from. And yes, all of them are delicious!


This protein powder is one of the powders that can easily be mixed. So, it becomes very easy for you to drink.

Soylent has 1 gram of sugar per 400 kal! This is one of the best deals on the floor!

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Ambronite CMS

Ambronite is one of the shakeology alternatives you should know about. This supplement promises not to use any artificial additives – it is purely natural. They use plants to make their powders. Yet, they make sure to provide you with everything your body craves for.

ambronite cms

Ambronite is one of the rarest protein supplements that additionally gives you micronutrients. Yes, the micronutrients are naturally extracted too!

This type of shake also contains antioxidants that occur naturally. Plus, you will get 24 grams of protein per serve!

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Now that you have read the entire article, it has become easy for you to choose the best shakeology alternative. Think about what will be fit for your pocket. Look at the ingredients that are utilized.

After you have made the shakeology comparisons, it is time that you decide. Remember, you should first think about what exactly is your aim. Do you want a supplement to reduce your weight? Do you want something to gain weight? Analyze your needs. Then, select the perfect one for you.

Do not slip out on choosing the perfect flavor! Only consume what you love!

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