Trying to work out but need more energy and motivation? Eat serotonin rich foods to improve mood and good feelings. This chemical can be created by natural sources like certain food and exercises. 

A few natural ways to get serotonin are eating certain foods like cheese, milk, seeds, and nuts. Also, exercising and massaging can be good ways to get serotonin. 


Best Serotonin Rich Foods 

These food items will make your diet more nutritious and help you uplift your mood for the entire day.

Some highly rich serotonin food that you must add to your diet. These food items will fill with positive energy and less hungry for the whole day.

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Spinach is a green leafy vegetable that has a lot of benefits. It has folate and vitamin B that improves mood. We all have mood swings, which can result from bad eating and certain deficiency in our bodies. Therefore, Spinach can promote good feeling chemicals like dopamine. Folate produces these chemicals. 


One of the most beneficial natural serotonin food and is easily available. This leafy food is also rich in tryptophan and iron. It makes your body healthy and increases red blood cells. You will energize and feel fresh. Lack of iron can lead to certain health problems like joint pains, anemia, and fatigue. 


Salmon is a great source of numerous oils, acids, and vitamins. One of the richest natural sources of serotonin. Salmon is known for its benefits. It can’t go wrong in anything most of the time. The food is nutritional and balances the cholesterol levels. People having high blood pressure can have salmon. It helps in lowering the BP. 


Salmon should be a part of your diet to improve your mood and lifestyle. Salmon is filled with omega-3 fatty acids, which clean your skin and make your bones strong. It is very healthy for the body in the long run. Also, the food is good for eye function. 

Vegans can eat seeds like pumpkin seeds, nuts, and soya for omega 3. An extremely good choice for serotonin rich foods. Eating it in regular portions can provide tryptophan for most people. 

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We all know that egg is the richest source of proteins. It is easy to get and prepare. There are many ways to cook an egg. The healthier ways are to boil it or make poached eggs. 

Frying eggs can be fatty and not much healthy. You can also make an omelet with salad for a light and fulfilling meal. 


Eggs are one of the foods that boost serotonin effectively. The protein-rich eggs contribute to improving your bones, hair, and skin. Yolks are a great source of tryptophan, tyrosine, choline, biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients that improve health. 


Seeds are a great way to enrich your diet and make it more fulfilling. They are energy-packed food items. However, these do not contain as much protein and tryptophan as much oily fish, chicken, or eggs. But they are a major source of proteins for vegans and vegetarians.

seeds serotonin rich foods

Few ways to use seeds for your daily diet-

Salad can be more delicious if you sprinkle seeds on it. Mix nuts and seeds for evening snacks. They are very much fulfilling. Eat bread that has seeds on it. Add seeds to your breakfasts like yogurt, porridge, and cereals.


Cheese is extremely popular among kids and even adults. They are filled with tryptophan. It can make any food much tastier and juicy. We often eat it in mac and cheese. This is a combination of milk and cheddar cheese with eggs. All of the ingredients combined are a rich source of tryptophan. Being rich in calcium make your bones and teeth stronger. 


If you are trying to become healthier, eat cheese and milk, which are low in fat. 

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Fruits are an efficient way to make your mood fresh and energized. We have high amounts of tryptophan with pineapple that secretes serotonin in the brain. They can be consumed every day. These are rich in bromelain, a type of protein that helps in improving skin.


Pineapples are a very old source of getting serotonin. They have known for their inflammatory properties. Unlike tomatoes and other plants are also rich in serotonin when they ripen. But with pineapple, they need to be fresh to get serotonin. 

Tofu and soy

Like poultry and cheese, tofu is also a great source of proteins and calcium. Tofu and soya can be used in the place of poultry and turkey. For vegans and vegetarians, this is the best way to consume high levels of proteins and tryptophan. Serotonin in food like soy milk is very high. Some of the best options for serotonin rich foods.

tofu and soy

It is full of rich nutrients and proteins. Many types of tofu are calcium-packed, which is great for increasing calcium intake. You can even replace any nonveg item with tofu and make it yummier.

Turkey and Poultry

If you look for the highest serotine in foods, then turkey and poultry are a great way. These foods are extremely delicious and popular for their cuisine, at the same time highly rich in proteins and tryptophan. Poultry is low in fat and rich in proteins. They are making it perfect for diet and body strength. They include chicken, turkey, and goose. Chicken breast is popular for being low in fats. 

turkey and poultry

Turkey is the main cuisine on thanksgiving. You can say it’s a turkey filed with tryptophan. People often eat this big meal and sleep. The reason is that they eat a lot and also because tryptophan can increase good feelings. These feelings are enjoyed on holidays and festivals. 

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Nuts are rich in protein, healthy fats, and lots of fibers. Snacking on nuts will easily make you full for a longer time. Say bye to small pangs of hunger. There is a myriad of nuts that you can to your meals. Almonds, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, and hazelnuts contain higher serotonin.


Almost all nuts are a good way to make great meals full of energy and fibers. Vegans and vegetarians can always rely on nuts for their protein needs.

It lowers the chances of cancer, heart diseases, and other body diseases.

Eat nuts every day with your meals as they are a great source of antioxidants and tryptophan. 

Natural sources of serotonin

Other than serotonin rich foods, there are more sources to get serotonin naturally.


Exercise is a great way to make your mood better. Due to exercise, the blood runs more frequently through busy. Therefore, it is like oiling the machine for smoother use. They help to release tryptophan and decrease the amino acids.


Exercises like cardio, swimming, jogging, cycling, and brisk walking effectively release serotonin. 


Summer has a great effect on creating serotonin. Spending time in the morning sunlight has several benefits.


Studies show that exercising in sunlight increases serotonin levels.


Massages often are a great way to release tension. It helps you to relax and breathe more. 

Various type of massages has various befits. But mostly, they decrease cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone. 


As a massage lover, I can say that it will reduce your anxiety by increasing serotonin in your body.


What fruit has the most serotonin?

Several fruits and vegetables contain tryptophan, which is a building block to creating mood-boosting serotonin. So if we consume products rich in tryptophan, our bodies can make more serotonin. Plantains, pineapple, bananas, kiwi fruit, plums, and tomatoes contain high amounts of tryptophan.


Try changing habits and including this serotonin-rich foods to improve your day. These are some food that has amazing effects on your body’s brain and energy level. 

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