Weight can be a severe issue for a lot of people! As much as it is vital for one not to go overweight, it is also essential to not be underweight and have some mass in the body. When people feel the need to gain weight, they often turn to supplements. There are a lot of weight gaining supplements available in the market, and here we will be analysing one of the most popular ones: Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review


Here, we will talk about the brand, all the product’s specifications, and answer some FAQs and a note. So let’s begin!

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Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review

Optimum nutrition is the most popular brand for healthcare supplements out there in the market. They have been in business for over 30 now and have become one of the favorites of athletes and healthcare enthusiasts! They make protein supplements, weight gainers, energy supplements to help customers achieve their desire goals.

optimum nutrition serious mass

Let’s look at some critical points related to the product Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review:

What Is It’s Purpose?

The Optimum nutrition serious mass claims to help the customer gain their desired weight! Claims to build overall mass in the body.


The product also claims to be highly healthy for the body and provides energy post-workout sessions, training sessions, heavy-duty performances, etc.

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Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass : Ingredients

With the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review, it is necessary to know the ingredients. It contains 1243 calories, 264 gm carbs, 23+ vitamins, 1g glutamine, 1g creatine and 50 gms of protein (6 lb package). These ingredients are also mentioned on the product’s packaging, along with the detailed nutrition information chart.


You can get these details on their website too!

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How Well It Is Pack?

Packaging is a thing you must know when it comes to a products, here Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review. It comes in plastic packaging in a jar form. You can easily take the product out using a spoon.


The packaging is simple and is built to make it easy for the customer to access the product inside. A lot of information about the product is also mentioned on the packaging.

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Where Can I Buy It?

This product is widely available in the market all over the globe. You can buy it easily either online or from stores.

healthy food

You can purchase it online on their website or from other healthcare websites as well. During these times, we suggest you go online to buy!

Buy from amazon

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How Much Does It Cost?

Another thing we ought to inform you in this Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review is it’s price. The product is priced at 43.77 USD for 6 lbs (chocolate flavor).

taking supplements

Which is not cheap, but we would not risk our health for an affordable health care supplement! On online purchases from the website, you won’t have to pay extra for delivery and discount the product.

What Are The Flavours Available?

The Optimum nutrition serious mass is available in various flavors such as chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, and vanilla.

different brands

A lot to choose from, isn’t it? The flavor range is good, and you can choose whatever you prefer the most. We appreciate an excellent flavor range!

Is The Product Well Reputed?

The product has an outstanding reputation in the market for weight gain. It is trusted by thousands of people and has had total positive reviews so far.

protein powder

People have said that they have seen good results in using the product as per the Instructions. Reputation is an non-compromisable aspect when it comes to Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review.

 How Should You Consume It?

You should take the supplement between your meals, after weight training, or at bedtime. These are the suggestions mentioned on their website and product.


Of course, you should discuss with your doctor once before taking any supplement about how much and when to take it.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Since the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review is done, lets’ see answers to these commonly ask FAQs.

  • Will this supplement cause side effects?

The supplement has not been reporting as causing side effects. However, you might want to get your allergies checked for all the ingredients and flavoring substances used in the product to ensure your safety.

  • How long can I take this supplement?

You should consult your doctor for this, but the least time is two weeks, and the maximum might be different for different people. You might want to seek the prescription of a medical professional to let you know, as everyone’s body and medical history is diverse.

  • At what age can I start taking supplements?

It is recommended to start taking your supplements only after you’re an adult. If you’re still a teen, do not bother taking supplements as your body is still in that sensitive growth process, and it’s best not to interfere with it.

Note: The industry of healthcare supplements, However, is hated and loved. It is hated because of many false advertisements by various companies and products with side effects from other companies. This industry, however, is loved by people who know how to use supplements properly. If one knows what supplement to go for and how to add it into their diet correctly, they can accommodate and leave no side effects.


These were some of the major points related to the product Optimum nutrition’s serious Mass review. Now, after going through this detailed Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass review, I think you have decided whether to invest in it or not! Also, don’t forget to surf through our site to find more such content related to fitness and health. From protein supplements to weight lifting equipment, we have got them all!

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