If you are a competitive weightlifter, then you know how important a pair of good-fitting shoes can be. The right shoes can even the playing field and prevent unnecessary injuries. You have greater awareness of the weight you’re about to press, pull, or press with the help of Nike weightlifting shoes for women.

Nike shoes are fantastic for stability and support during a demanding weightlifting workout for women. They have low, flat, and wide heels for stability and traction to help prevent slipping. Some of the best Nike shoes currently on the market include the Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 2, Nike Women’s Lunar Trainer, and Nike Women’s Metcon 4.

shoes for women

This article will cover what to look for when buying new lifting shoes and review some of the best weightlifting shoes for 2022. Read on to discover more about the various features you should consider before purchasing a fresh pair of weightlifting shoes. Click here to know the 8 Best Rubber Flooring For Home Gym To Workout At Home

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What To Check Before Purchasing A Lifting Shoe

When searching for the best Nike weightlifting shoes for women, there are a few key factors you’ll want to keep in mind. Most women will prefer a different fit and style of the shoe when compared to their male counterparts. Because the correct fit is so important, you should always try a pair in-store before committing to a purchase. This will help you maintain a neutral position when squatting and lifting to prevent any unwanted strains or injuries.

The choices below include the newest top-tier innovations from Nike, trail running footwear, and women’s-specific picks.

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Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 2: Best Weightlifting Shoes For Women

The Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 2 is our top choice for the best weightlifting shoe for women.

nike women's flex trainer

  • The design of the shoe helps in various lifting and  cross-training exercises. Also, provide support and stability.
  • The flexible heel is engineered to help you maintain a neutral position, while the wide fit provides added comfort and support. You’ll also value the lightweight design of these shoes, which promotes increased flexibility and mobility while lifting.
  •  A breathable mesh upper also keeps your feet cool and dry. These shoes have also proven to be extremely durable, as they have held up well even when used by competitive athletes.

The Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 2 is best weightlifting shoe for women and will last you for many years.

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Nike Women’s Lunar Trainer: Best Value Weightlifting Shoe

If you’re looking for a bargain shoe that still delivers great performance, the Nike Women’s Lunar Trainer may just be the ticket. 

nike women's lunar trainer

  • This shoe’s wide, flexible forefoot aids in keeping your feet in a neutral position, and its mesh upper is permeable to allow air to pass through, keeping your feet cool and dry.
  • The Lunars have also been designed with a slightly higher top and wider heel to provide added stability and support during lifting. 
  • While these shoes aren’t quite as durable as the Flex Trainers, they are still a great option for most women who are just getting started with weightlifting. 
  • The Lunar Trainers are also very versatile, making them a great choice for cross-training. Do Fat Burners Work, Or Is It Just A Big Scam? Read This.

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Nike Women’s Metcon 4: Best Cross-Training Shoe

With an eye on a versatile shoe that is enough to double for great cross-training, the Nike Metcon 4 is worth a closer look. 

nike women's metcon 4

  • The Flyknit upper is breathable, light, and flexible to give you the stability and support required for lifting.
  • A rugged rubber outsole is designed to provide traction on a variety of surfaces, while the mid-cut collar provides you with extra support when lifting heavy weights.
  •  They can work as both cross-training and women’s squat shoes. Read this article for the best Home gym.

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Nike WMNS Flyknit Trainer: Best Nike Weightlifting Shoes For Women

If you want a snug, lightweight shoe-supportive fit, the Nike WMNS Flyknit Trainer is hard to beat. 

nike wmns flyknit trainer

  • This shoe features a Flywire upper that wraps around your foot and ankle to provide a custom fit. Also, a lightweight construction that allows for increased mobility and flexibility.
  • In addition to being incredibly durable, the Flyknit is also great for cross-training and a range of lifting exercises.
  • This model comes in a variety of different colors and sizes and is sure to fit the majority of women’s feet. Also, you can carry a fitness resistance band while running.

 The WMNS Flyknit Trainer is one of women’s best Nike weightlifting shoes.

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Nike Varsity Compete TR 3: Best Durable Shoe

Nike varsity TR 3 shoes are high-performance lifting shoes for both boys and girls.

nike varsity compete tr 3

  • They have a TPU outsole that is lightweight, flexible, durable and work as running shoes also. 
  • The Nike varsity TR 3 shoes also feature Zoom Air Foam cushioning to provide a responsive ride.
  •  The Nike varsity TR 3 shoes are true to size and are suitable for indoors or outdoors. 
  • All sporting goods stores and online retailers have these shoes available in sizes 5-13.

 Women who wear the Nike varsity TR 3 shoes enjoy the lightweight feel of the shoes as well as the breathable construction of the shoe. Also, you can check the best cross-country shoes for men and women, which are designed to provide the wearer with a comfortable and sturdy design.

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Nike Metcon 8 Flyease: Best Lightweight And Weightlifting Shoes For Women

These are shoes designed for runners and heavy weightlifters who need a shoe that can perform high-intensity workouts. 

nike metcon 8 flyease

  • Nike metcon 8 flyease shoes are lightweight shoes with a unique metcon sole.
  •  It also features a dual-density midsole to absorb shock and cushion your heel. The metcon 8 flyease has plenty of cushioning and stability to keep you on your feet throughout the workout. 
  • The upper allows air circulation and breathability. The lacing system allows for a snug fit.

 Overall, the metcon 8 flyease is a great option for people looking for lightweight shoes. Also, they are designed for high-intensity workouts. Click here for vegan running shoes.

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Nike MC Trainer 2: Best Low Drop

The Nike MC Trainer 2 shoes are great for those looking for a low-cost, high-performance sneaker.

nike mc trainer 2

  • They are also lightweight, comfortable, and offer an excellent fit. 
  • The Nike MC Trainer 2 is available in four color options: black/white, white/black, black/red, and red/black.
  • The Nike MC Trainer 2 retails for USD 50.00, which is very affordable, considering its high-quality build and the number of features it offers.

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What are the ideal weightlifting shoes?

Flat shoes give more stability and hold on the floor during weight lifting and other activities. Throughout these lifts, they surely feel more connected to the ground.

Why do some athletes weight train in Converse?

Converse sneakers are perfect for powerlifting due to their flat base and good ankle support. The flat sole makes lifters feel more connected to the ground, which enhances balance and reduces the overall range of motion.

How tight should weightlifting shoes be?

Compact and fits in the midfoot & ankle, with plenty of room in the toe box. The aim is to keep your heel and midfoot tightly controlled while your toes naturally expand out.

What is the ideal heel height for weightlifting?

Lifting shoes typically have an average heel height ranging from 0.6 to 1.25 inches. The average heel height throughout many popular brands is approximately 75 inches.


There are numerous choices, as you can see, available when it comes to the best Nike weightlifting shoes for women. These were the best shoes for weightlifting. I hope you give them a try. When shopping for a weightlifting shoe, remember the key factors we discussed above, such as heel support, ankle width, and top height, to ensure you get the best possible fit for your foot.

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