The healthfulness of eggs is a point of debate in the community of nutrition. Are they a smart breakfast option, or are you sitting down to heart problems? Should you eat yolks or egg whites? Recently vegan eggs have been evolving in the market. This article will be a JUST egg review.

just egg

With an increasing need for plant-based foods, you can now get eggs made from plants and not animals. JUST Egg is a product that demonstrates that eggs can come from plants, and they are both delicious and nutritious. Let’s get into the JUST egg review!

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What Is JUST Egg Made Of?

JUST Egg looks just like real eggs, and they use turmeric and mung bean protein to form an egg-like texture. It contains approx. 5g of protein per serving and has no cholesterol. These “eggs” aren’t only for vegans; they could be ideal for those who need to cut down on their cholesterol intake.

just egg ingredients

Mung bean protein isolate is a fundamental component of JUST Egg, and it is a food additive for items like ice cream and pasta. The other significant ingredient is gellan gum, and it is a binding agent similar to agar or xanthan gum, and it gives the food a gelatinous element. Real eggs have added nutrients such as choline, vitamin D, vitamin B12, and some antioxidants. 

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Is JUST Egg A Good Choice For You?

In this just egg review we’ll tell you if it is a good choice for you. If you are already following a plant-based diet or want to give it a try, you can start by adding these vegan eggs to your plate. JUST Egg can help you treat yourself to a wholesome and healthy brunch. As plant-based proteins go, it seals an excellent nutritional punch, and you wouldn’t know this is a vegan egg when you look at it, but the taste is the core of the matter.


The flavor is satisfactory, and the texture is passable when mixed with other ingredients. While the taste of the mung bean eggs could pass for real eggs, the surface is a bit gritty. The creators suggest using JUST Egg to use real eggs with different ingredients for a nicer taste.  

Use it as an egg substitute in any dish you like with a scrambled egg element. Omelets, burritos, fried rice, scrambles, and even quiche can be made quickly. You can purchase a bottle of JUST Egg at any grocery store nationwide and start creating your plant-based egg dishes.

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Benefits Of JUST Egg

Vegans have started preferring the JUST Egg for apparent reasons. Who wouldn’t want to taste eggs without contributing to the egg industry? Meat eaters are just as excited about these vegan eggs. In this JUST egg review we’ll be seeing some benefits of the product : 


One of JUST Egg’s major selling points is that it doesn’t contain any cholesterol.

cholesterol free

Considering the quantity of cholesterol in one chicken’s Egg, this is an excellent deal for those who are observing their cholesterol levels.

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In this just egg review we’ll see how it is good for the planet. The JUST Egg appeals to those from an environmental perspective, and they are producing any animal product that needs excesses of water, land, gases, etc.


According to JUST’s sustainability metrics, consumers have saved around 295 million gallons of water, 2.9 million kgs of greenhouse gas emissions, and 4.5 million chicken eggs.

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Vegan Substitutes

In this JUST egg review we’ll be providing some vegan substitutes for the product as well :

Follow Your Heart

From savory scrambles to sweet cakes, Vegan Egg by Follow Your Heart can be your new everyday go-to. Made with organic soy milk powder, black salt, and nutritional yeast, this is rich in protein and loads all the eggy taste, excluding the cruelty.

follow your heart

It is both gluten-free and cholesterol-free.

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Simply Eggless

Made from earth-friendly lupini beans, these egg substitutes are filled with proteins are a must-try. For a cheesy scramble, you can choose the pourable liquid Egg.


Simply Eggless has frozen plant-based egg patties for the ideal brekkie handheld. Simply Eggless has 83% less pollution, utilizes 95% less water, generates 90% less waste than real eggs.

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Another suitable option for scrambled plant-based eggs is the Vegg. It is a powder-based formula combined with non-dairy milk to create a breakfast scramble.


It contains black sulfur salt, algal protein, flour, soy protein, and nutritional yeast. Every serving supplies almost 20g of protein. If you’ve read just egg review, you might have seen this pop up as well.

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Peggs is a company with powdered egg substitutes from chickpeas, flaxseed, and black salt. This universal product packs all of the eggy flavors without any harm.


The company plans to use chickpea protein isolate, which contains more protein than chickpea flour.

Nabati Plant Eggz

Plant Eggz is known to be a breakfast gamechanger. This squeezable liquid egg substitute is ideal for those mornings when you need a big plate of scrambled eggs—with plant-based bacon and fruit salad too.

nabati plant eggz

This product works well in vegan-friendly baked goods as well.



Concluding this JUST egg review, whether you’re getting rid of the animal eggs because you are vegan or for environmental reasons, several alternatives are available. It depends on you to decide which of these store-bought egg replacements are worth your money? The two stand-out options for commercial vegan egg substitutes are Vegan Egg by Follow Your Heart. The former is in liquid form, and the latter is a powder that you can mix with water. Both have benefits, but they are very similar overall in terms of taste and texture.

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