Being a fitness freak, it is essential that you choose the right meal. Your workout will not be of any use if you do not eat the proper food that is required. So, now you know why it is essential to choose the right food. If you go to a gym, your trainer might suggest you choose the Isagenix diet routine. You must know the Isagenix alternative to consume in your daily diet.

For those who do not know, this diet plans all of your meals for a particular time period. This diet routine is considered one of the effective ones. However, is it really useful? No matter what anybody says, this is definitely not the perfect meal for you. Here is why.

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Why Choose An Isagenix Alternative?

One of the biggest problems with Isagenix is that it contains a lot of calories. About 600 calories exist per meal. Is this meal really a diet meal? It is observed that this meal is completely processed. This is not considered a healthy way to lose weight. 

The Isagenix diet contains a lot of sugar, as well. This will add to your weight; rather than helping you lose it. 

Oh, and yes, the cost. This diet plan will cost you about $95 per week. $95 is exclusive of non-Isagenix meals. So you can imagine what the price will be inclusive of non-Isagenix meal programs.

Now that you know what the drawbacks of Isagenix are, you can easily switch to the Isagenix alternative.

4 Best Substitutes You Can Choose From

Here is an Isagenix comparison chart you must go through to find the perfect substitute.

#1. Advocare vs Isagenix

To begin with, Advocare contains more than 50 ingredients. Although there are more ingredients, they manage to reduce the fat to 3 grams per serving. The additional nutrient provided by Advocare is that it gives you the goodness of 24 grams of protein per serve.


On the other hand, Isagenix only uses 30 ingredients. They fail to provide their customers with high-quality protein. Protein needs to be the main nutrient in a diet meal. If that is not provided, what is the point to take up such a plan?

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You might find the product similar to Isagenix, but these products differ in price. Advocare is more cost-effective than Isagenix. The price is about $85 per month. You already know the cheaper version of Isagenix!

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#2. SlimFast vs Isagenix

With SlimFast, you get a little more flexibility over your diet plan. It is designed in such a way that you consume high amounts of protein. High consumption of protein leads to lesser chances of feeling hungry. Those who crave for food every two hours, this one’s for you.

Another characteristic SlimFast has is that it only provides 110 calories per serve. This is one of the few meals that have ready-made shakes too!

slimfast advanced nutrition
Slimfast advanced nutrition

Isagenix lacks proper protein components. The total calories per serving extend up to 240. Plus, it has more sugar. Definitely, something you should not go for.

If you wish to reduce your weight naturally, SlimFast is the best option for you. So now you know why SlimFast can be considered as a cheaper version of Isagenix!

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#3. Shakeology vs Isagenix

Shakeology is widely known for helping people control their constant craving for food. It is better than replacing an entire meal. This is actually good for your body. Weight loss is made through natural means when you consume Shakeology. Shakeology only provides 160 calories per serve! It also has lesser sugar than Isagenix. You can consider Shakeology to be more natural than Isagenix. Therefore, it is healthy for your body too!


Isagenix is not very effective when it comes to assisting people in controlling their fantasy over food. Adding on, Isagenix provides more calories per serving when compared to Shakeology. 

If you need to control food cravings, Shakeology is the best Isagenix alternative. Isagenix and Shakeology are a lot similar. However, you can consider Shakeology as a cheap Isagenix.

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#4. Arbonne vs Isagenix

Arbonne is perfect for you if you are vegan. It is the cheap Isagenix you are looking for! It is more cost-effective than Isagenix. Arbonne is completely organic. On top of this, it contains more amounts of protein in comparison with Isagenix. This plant-based protein powder possesses more micronutrients than Isagenix.


Isagenix does not provide room for vegans. Isagenix is a processed meal plan. Also, Isagenix is far more expensive than Arbonne. Does not make sense to buy such an expensive product that causes harm to your body.

If you want a vegan Isagenix alternative, you have finally found your product!

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You have a list of alternatives to Isagenix to choose from. The first thing you need to think of is the cost. Of course, this is important! After you narrow down to two or three diet plan programs, you should then start comparing the features.

It is important that you choose the best Isagenix alternative wisely. Do not hurry. Also, do not listen to what everyone is saying. Do your separate research. Go through the list of ingredients. Are you allergic to something? Is there a particular ingredient you want to skip eating?

After you finalize one product, look through the plan. Remember, you need to stick to the plan no matter what. If you need a little relaxation, you need to choose a different plan. Again, you will have to repeat the process.

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