How much does a trap bar weigh? To reach your ideal physique, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort, dedication, and time. Did you know, though, that one item may take your weightlifting to a whole different level? Yes! Let me present you with a wonderful piece of gym gear: the trap bar. In this article, you’ll discover something about the trap bar, including how much it weighs, its advantages, and how to utilize it correctly. In this article we’ll answer the question “how much does a trap bar weigh?”

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What Exactly Is Trap Bar?

A trap bar or a hex bar is a powerlifting bar with a hexagonal or diamond form that mimics a car’s frame. It was credited with the invention by Al Gerard, a weightlifting enthusiast, about three decades ago. Gerard designed the trap bar as a strong option for lower back issues. The trap bar gets its cool, unique name because it was designed to strengthen the trapezius muscles, which link the neck to the arms. Since its inception, fitness instructors, trainers, and weight lifting have advised the trap bar to straight bar strength training and squats.

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While the trap bar may appear strange, it is one of the most inventive pieces of gym equipment ever. The bar structure is a diamond or hexagonal form made up of an assembly of bent and soldered bars. The bar is then adjusted to lie flat on a plane after finishing.

How Much Does A Trap Bar Weigh?

So the main question, how much does a trap bar weigh? The weight of a trap bar varies according to its design. In general, there are three sorts of trap bars you’ll find in your local gym. And the three options are the traditional genuine Gerard trap bar, extra spare trap bar, and regular trap bar.

Comparable to an Olympic barbell, the typical Gerard-type trap bar weighs roughly 20 kilos or 45 pounds. Weights can, nevertheless, vary somewhat.

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The usual variety weighs around 30 pounds (13.33 kilograms), around two-thirds of the weight of a traditional trap bar.

Furthermore, the XL (extra large) trap bar weighs 55 pounds (25 kilograms) and can hold 500 pounds (225 kilograms) of weight.

If you’re not sure, you may always use a gym scale to measure the trap bar in your gym, which ought to be accessible in most gyms. Hope this answered your question of how much does a trap bar weigh.

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The Trap Bar’s Advantages

While you may have interest in employing a trap bar, you may not be aware of all of its incredible advantages. The trap bar has the additional features over regular powerlifting bars:

It Safeguards Your Lower Spine

Pain at any moment throughout your workout, of course, might indicate that you’re doing something incorrectly. Lower back discomfort is practically unavoidable with many lifting workouts, the deadlift being one of the worst offenders. This pain swiftly shuts down your body, puts a stop to your exercise. And can even cause future activities to be in pain or distress.

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When you do a typical deadlift with a straight bar, the weight is placed in front of your body, causing you to lean forth to grasp the bar. Then it would help if you pushed against gravity’s grip on the load while fighting the impulse to round your back while lifting. This arrangement puts many individuals in a precarious situation immediately away, and things only grow worse from there. With the question how much does a trap bar weigh we are also discussing what helps with it.

You also don’t need to rotate your shoulders externally, and all you have to do is extend your hands across both sides and grip the bar. As a result, you may deadlift with no or little extra stress on your spine, particularly your lower back.

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It’s Better For Your Arms And Shoulders

When opposed to plain barbells, traps bars are easier to balance. This indicates that the likelihood of getting a weightlifting incident is less. The bar’s form and length also eliminate the possibility of it interfering with the knee.

arms and shoulders

Another distinction here between a trap bar and a straight bar would be that the trap bar’s grips are parallel to the covers. As a result, instead of using pronation or setting grip on a typical barbell, you may utilize a neutral grip. This neutral grip provides several essential safety advantages.

It Enables You To Handle Heavier Loads

Whether we confess this or not, we all need to be as fit and healthy, and we already want to lift the most weight imaginable. However, we frequently forgo good form & skill due to this. It helps to know how much does a trap bar weigh.


By just standing within the route of a trap bar, one might get a speed advantage and pressure. As your technique and execution are good, you can lift substantially more weights than you could with a straight bar.

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How much does a trap bar weigh? Trap bars are ideal for beginners who are just starting with barbell and weightlifting. As a newbie, you most likely have no idea what you’re doing. As a result, since the trap bar is just so simple to utilize, it might be an excellent place to start. This simple piece of machinery does not need any prior expertise or knowledge of mechanics.