Having difficulty switching to vegan cheese? No worries, because we present the most delicious and healthy vegan cheese. 

If you plan to go ahead with vegan cheese, try our plant-based cheese brands. It can be hard to bear the thought of abandoning cheese in all its delicious varieties (grilled in a hamburger, dumped across a hot dog, melting into macaroni, smeared on a cracker), but don’t worry. Organic vegan cheese has grown from a few odd-looking pieces to a wide selection of pieces, ricottas, fetas, cheddar cheese, and gourmet cheese circles that are as lovely and flavorful as anything you’d get in a luxury food shop. Read this article to read a detailed guide for beginners to a vegan lifestyle.

Some of the vegan cheeses that you must try are Treeline Cheese, Heidi Ho, Kite Hill, and Punk Rawk Labs.

Plant-based proteins manufacture these cheese with cashews, almonds, and soy. Don’t forget to read the labels before consuming for any allergies. Here are some of the greatest cheeses to try, whether you’re allergic to milk or adopting veganism for nutritional, environmental, or moral reasons.

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Healthy Vegan Cheese Brands To Try

Here are 7 best healthy cheese brands you can try.

Treeline Cheese

Treeline is a dairy-free probiotic cheese company that is environmentally responsible. Their cheeses are dairy, glutenin, gluten, soy, and oil-free.

Treeline vegan cheeses have a very small ingredient list (which should be a good indication!). Their cheeses are mostly prepared with Brazilian cashew nuts, vitamins, and flavorings like garlic, spices or herbs, and chilies. 

treeline cheese

This firm manufactures two kinds of vegan cheese. The first is a soft Flemish nutty cheese that can be smeared on lunches, waffles, or biscuits, and the other is a hard and intense old nut cheese. One of the best healthy vegan cheeses available on the market.

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Dr. Cow

Dr. Cow is a cashew cream company in Brooklyn, Nyc. Veronica Schwartz and Pablo Castro manage the company.

dr. cow

Pure, natural, and non-GMO non-dairy cheeses are available. They again choose fresh Indonesian cashew nuts, Brazil, or Macadamian nuts for cheese composition. The list of ingredients for cheese is rather simple, consisting primarily of nuts, homegrown bacteria, Glacial salt, and flavorings such as microalgae, kale, hemp oil, and others.

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Miyoko’s Kitchen

Miyoko’s Kitchen produces the best vegan cheese by hand. Miyoko Schinner established the project, which is located in California.

Miyoko’s Gourmet vegan cheeses use fresh products. Uses organic material and is gluten-free. The key constituents of their cheese include nuts, coconut, culturing, and flavor.

miyoko's kitchen

They offer a wide range of cheeses, from cream to parmesan and seasoned cheeses. Miyoko’s Kitchen products are available in stores nationwide, or you can get their cheeses on the internet.

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Heidi Ho

The company is a Portland-based vegan cheese manufacturer. Heidi K. Lovig and Lyssa M. Story developed it. The cheese constituents are all 100 % organic. They combine cashews, hazelnuts, flax seeds, and many seasonings to produce vegan cheeses. These ingredients help the product be one of the healthiest vegan cheeses on the market. 

heidi ho

They provide vegan cheeses that seem to be excellent for Mac & Cheese, tacos, and pizza crust. These cheese are accessible online and at my stores across the United States.

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Kite Hill

Kite Hill is a sustainable and environmental enterprise with a devoted group of vegan cheese processors. They’ve spent a great deal of effort producing one of the greatest vegan cheeses.

kite hill

Kite Hill uses almond milk to create all of its vegan foods. Cream cheeses, matured cheeses, and even yogurt are available. Aside from almonds, their foods are manufactured just with a few good ingredients such as salts, bacteria, microorganisms, and herbs.

Kite Hill products are supplied in Whole Foods Supermarkets and other quality retailers throughout the country.

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Punk Rawk Labs

Alissa Barthel started Punk Rawk Labs in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company creates artisanal non-dairy milk cheese by hand.

They adopt a technique similar to existing cow processing to produce vegan cheese. They just find natural, simple components like peanuts, oil, culture, and salt.

punk rawk labs

Their website provides five distinct yet best healthy vegan cheese varieties. Punk Rawk Labs items are available online and in various vegan outlets around the United States.

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Vtopian Artisan Cheeses

Vtopian Artisan Cheeses is a Portland, Oregon-based corporation. Imber Lingard, their developer, and founder is a long-time vegan. The brand always used to strive to locate an exceptional handcrafted vegan cheese to place on a vegan menu. That’s what sparked the idea for Vtopian Artisan Cheeses.

vtopian artisan cheeses

The company sells a variety of farmed cashew cheeses, including mature cheddar, peppery brie, and chilies & dill slice. Their cheeses’ primary components include nuts, coconut oil, and spice.

Vtopian Artisan Cheeses are available on the website and in certain natural foods stores across the United States.

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Parmela Creamery Vegan Cheese

Parmela Creamery uses conventional cheese-making skills to create nut milk cheeses. Cheese chefs combine cashews and nuts with cleansed water to form vegan cheese. This is therefore cultured and left to produce unique flavors.

They typically have a large selection of vegan cheeses, such as luscious tree nut cheeses, mature nut milk cheeses, and melted cheese sauces.

Parmela Creamery vegan cheeses are accessible in Whole Foods, other health food stores, and digitally. Click here to know whether sugar-free protein powder is better. 

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Sister River Foods 

Sister River Foods is a kinship enterprise. One of their products is a wonderful vegan grated cheese Parma!, which they started making in 2000.

They offer three kinds of vegans parmesan online: Classic Parma!, Chipotle Cayenne, and Spiced Green. To flavor the cheddar, they use almonds and several natural ingredients as a substrate.

sister river foods 

Parma! is accessible online and in several grocery stores around the United States, Russia, and Germany. Add this to your best healthy vegan cheese collection.

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Consider Calcium and Protein

Please remember that vegan cheese is comparatively lesser in vitamin d, calcium, and protein than milk cheese, so don’t expect it to meet that criteria. Cheeses derived from nuts and seeds contain the maximum protein because those made from carbohydrates and coconut have a minimum. In respect of calcium, certain plant-based cheeses are enriched. And however, they often have much fewer milk cheeses.


Is vegan cheese healthier?

The fact that vegan cheese is cleaner than milk cheese cannot be ignored. Vegan cheese is healthier than milk cheese since it excludes human growth hormone, harmful animal proteins, and cholesterol-raising excessive animal fat.

Does cutting out dairy help with weight loss?

Dairy elimination can improve with losing weight. Lactose, a fermentable sugar, is found in milk, greek yogurt, and other unpalatable dairy products, whereas other milk products may contain artificial flavoring. Eliminating all sugar can be beneficial if you're hoping to lose obstinate belly fat.


The list presents the best healthy vegan cheese for everyone who wants to opt for veganism. As you can see, high-quality brands produce nutritious vegan cheese. You won’t miss the typical cheese with these scrumptious vegan cheeses!

Hopefully, you will find this collection useful, and please let me know of any other vegan cheese products that may enhance this list.

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