Green Vibrance is a nutrient-dense green superfood. An essential addition to the modern diet. With as many as 70 ingredients in its composition, all vegan, gluten, and GMO-free, it claims to radically improve your quality of life by boosting four essential health measures. Namely, digestion, nutrition, immunity, and circulation.

green vibrance

Before I address the truth behind the substantial claims made by Green Vibrance, here’s a little overview of the product highlighting everything from its ingredient list to the demographic it targets.

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Green Vibrance Composition

Vibrant Health, the parent company of this green supplement, will undoubtedly agree in the assessment that Green Vibrance is its most popular and sought after product. Dating as far back as 1992.

Green Vibrance has a glowing ingredient list with ingredients such as barley grass, wheatgrass, oat grass, organic plant powder, organic cereals, and probiotics. Amalgamated together to revitalize every cell in the human body suffering from a lack of adequate nourishment. Every scoop of the product enriches your body with 25 billion probiotics.

green vibrance ingredients

Additionally, every knowledge consumed contains 7g of carbohydrates, 2g of protein, 2g of fiber, half a gram of fat, and a total of 40 calories. It is this abundance of micronutrients and minerals that make up the majority of Green Vibrance’s mass appeal. It is a superfood drink that supplies your body with all the nutrition the humdrum of everyday city life. And its subsequent consumption habits prevent us from receiving.

In short, it is a haven for every workaholic who wants the comfort of knowing that their bodies’ dietary requirements are being met. Simply by consuming a green a smoothie containing a single scoop of Green Vibrance.

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Green Vibrance Benefits

It contains Chlorophyll which helps to heal the body inside and out. To help with detoxification and supply of adequate probiotics to enable growth of healthy cells, the product contains Organic acacia gum fiber.


It is rich in dietary fiber, providing 13 percent of the body’s daily requirement for fiber. Ingredients such as Fructo-oligosaccharides help in enhancing the efficacy of probiotics contained in the supplement.

Per serving, the product delivers 80% of your daily vitamin C content, 60% of vitamin K, 250% of vitamin D3 and 40% of Vitamin B12.

vitamin c

Flaxseed concentrate helps with the growth of cells and with the removal of waste. Aiding in digestion and nutrient distribution, the product is with numerous probiotics.

Larch arabinogalactans strengthen the immune system and promote good gut health.

In addition to the above, Green Vibrance is largely considered superior to its competitors and other green supplements in nutritional value and content. Its transparency and openness regarding its complete ingredient list is also something to be commended and considered. When opting for a product designed to boost health.

gut health

You can mix the powder into a glass of water or juice and is of use to all. Including children and pregnant women. The following are some of the many benefits this product has.

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Green Vibrance Drawbacks

The product contains trace amounts of arsenic. A controversy with the explanation that inorganic arsenic is non-toxic. And our bodies have adapted to deal with the substance.


Some may characterize the taste of the product as unpleasant. Such products do naturally have a distinct ‘green’ aftertaste that might be of concern for some adults and particularly for children.

The supplement further contains small quantities of milk, disputing the claim that the powder is 100% vegan.

stomach issues

Symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, gas, etc. can be when introducing the item to your daily diet.

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Now for the most vital question of all, is Green Vibrance a cornucopia of Health? Should you buy it? I would have to say yes. 

As someone who suffers from nutrient deficiency and is constantly looking up ingredients on the web that would help meet my nutritional requirement (only to be disappointed). Green Vibrance is a savior. In conjunction with all the points above, my reasons for labeling this product as ‘worthy’ stems plainly from its convenience. The goodness of 70 elements, packed with micronutrients to be secured from one scoop of powder in the morning, is a godsend.

The excellent track record of Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance and its largely glowing customer reviews further accentuate my belief. That introducing the green superfood into your diet is a chance that is worth taking especially considering its potential takeaways.

In summation, if you’re looking for a product that is transparent with its composition and is a clean health supplement that will meet your nutritional shortcomings, Green Vibrance is something you should consider looking into.