As we know, our body is made up of cells, and every cell in our body contains protein. If we go towards the chemistry of protein so, basically, it’s a chain of amino acids, and it helps the body repair cells and makes new cells. So, it’s an essential nutrient in our diet.
We can get protein from our daily meals but primarily can’t fulfill the requirements of an average of 0.75 gm daily for an adult. In this article we’ll show you our top picks for flavorless protein powder.

flavorless protein powder

As everyone has already heard about protein powder as a nutritional supplement, it can be taken with the proper amount to fulfill the deficiencies. Taking protein powder will help build muscles, repair tissues, and make hormones and enzymes. Many brands are selling their protein powder. It is essential to choose wisely from it. There are two types of protein first is flavored, and another one is unflavored. As in unflavored protein powder, there is a lack of additives. This means that it is higher in protein content.

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Our Flavorless Protein Powder Picks

Below are the top 7 flavorless protein powder, or we can also say whey protein powders details that may help your next buying.

Naked Whey 

The first one is NAKED WHEY. It is one of the most loved whey proteins with the best quality low sugar low carb powder. This is a natural product from the milk of grass-fed cows with minor processing.

naked whey

It is pure with the protein per serving of 25 gm, calories of 120, 2gm fat, and 3gm carbs.
It is an unsullied unflavored powder with no genetically modified organisms, soy hormones, or gluten. Its one of the best flavorless protein powder.

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Bulk Supplement

The second most liked whey protein is BULK SUPPLEMENT. When you see the packaging, you will find it light and straightforward, but it’s too heavy in quality. It’s unusual potency and purity, containing 90% protein per serving. It can be on your list of essential supplements.

bulk supplements

For the quality testing of Bulk Supplements products, there is a third-party lab. And manufactured to its highest standard in FDA-certified facilities. The protein per serving is 27 gm with 127 calories, less than 1gm carbs, and less than 1gm fat.

Isopure Zero Carb

Now, next, come into ISOPURE ZERO CARB whey protein. This will surely meet the need for a physically active lifestyle. It contains protein per serving of 25 gm, with 100 calories, and like its name, it is free of carbs or with zero carbs and fat.


So, this is also for those on strict keto diets, and they can also take advantage of its nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. And this can be mixed easily with any liquid. Its a great flavorless protein powder.

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Plantfusion Complete Protein

The fourth whey protein is PLANTFUSION COMPLETE PROTEIN. This is a plant-based protein that helps recover quickly from the most strenuous workout. Also to help create durable connective tissue, it includes L-glutamine.


And for healthy liver and stomach, it contains inulin and cynarin.
It contains 21gm of protein per serving with 120 calories, 2gm carb, and 3gm fat.

Promix Grass-Fed Whey Protein 

Now, in the list of top 7 whey proteins, the product in 5th position is PROMIX GRASS FED WHEY PROTEIN. This is also plant-based whey protein. With protein, there are plenty of other complementary nutrients like B12 in this plant-based powder to help in facilitating muscle growth and iron to boost your immune system.


This is 100% free of sweeteners, including sugar or fructose. Not like other proteins which have artificial sweeteners in the powder mix. And it also has a minimal glycemic impact. These things make it ideal for those seeking to lose weight and build muscles. It has protein per serving of 25gm with 120 calories, 3 gm carbs, and 1.5 gm fat. This is a good choice for a flavorless protein powder.

TGS Whey Protein Powder

The next one in the number 6th position comes the TGS WHEY PROTEIN POWDER. This also promises to give 100% natural whey protein powder. The primary source of raw material to make this powder is from US farms.


This brand uses an advanced micro-filtration method to get the processed output without denaturing it. This doesn’t include any sweetener or preservatives that make this pure whey, an organic ideal protein powder. This contains 25 gm of protein per servings with 130 calories, 2gm carbs, 2 gm fat. It is one of the best flavorless protein powder.

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Pure Label Nutrition Whey Protein Concentrate

Now in the list of top 7 unflavored whey protein, the last in the 7th position comes PURE LABEL NUTRITION WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE. This is also from the grass-fed cows, with their unadulterated and cold processed whey powder.


This product Claims to support the body’s overall development and weight loss. Also it will help you develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Only one con is there, which makes it come under 7th position is the dairy content in it may cause allergic reactions to some people. So before consuming it consult a doctor. Also it gives 24 gm of protein per serving with 130 calories, 2gm carbs, and 2.5 gm fat.

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These were our top flavorless protein powder picks. Also all of them have little to no flavor and can be a great addition to your workout regime.


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