Is there any fitness tracker that does not require a smartphone or computer? Fitness trackers are a massive demand in the market these days. There are top 5 fitness trackers who come to the rescue because they perform in manifold ways and help one achieve their fitness goals.

A fitness tracker is of two types, One of which works with smartphones, Bluetooth, and computers. Secondly, the fitness tracker that does not require a smartphone or computer to work with.

Here we will discuss certain fitness trackers that don’t require smartphones and computers.

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Some Of The Well-Known Fitness Trackers Which Work Without Smartphones And Computers Are As Follows

  • Huakua fitness watch
  • GRV fitness tracker
  • Huyvmay fitness tracker
  • AVTREK 3D step counter clipon
  • Fitbit inspire 2

Before moving on to the trackers mentioned above, we would first and foremost briefly discuss the basic feature of these in general. Click here to learn the 8 best pedometers to track your movements easily.

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These trackers monitor certain aspects like:

  • Breathing
  • Heart rate
  • Step counts
  • Tracking sleep pattern
  • Alarms 
  • Calories burnt
  • Keeping a check on fitness levels about cardio and other such workouts.
  • Like a smartphone, these trackers have also been termed smartwatches.

Designed in a way to track movement, direction as well as circulation with the help of the sensors built into them, fitness trackers are a great way to boost one’s confidence and start the journey towards fitness. These trackers help us stay focused on our workout goals, keeping us motivated. Read this article to learn the best heart rate monitors for 2022.

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Five Fitness Trackers Which Don’t Require Smartphones And Computers

Now we will discuss the abovementioned fitness trackers that do not require a smartphone or computer. 

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Huakua Fitness Watch

The Huakua fitness watch is one of a kind, and both men and women can use it. It is a fitness tracker that does not require a smartphone or computer.

huakua fitness watch that does not require a smartphone

Want to know the best low-calorie snacks for a healthy diet? Apart from being a parent and kid-friendly watch, seniors can also use this easy-to-operate fitness watch. Read this article.

Some features of this device are as follows:

  • This device works efficiently without a smartphone or Bluetooth as well. 
  • Additionally, being a fitness tracker without Bluetooth, this device need not be connected and doesn’t require installing any apps. 
  •  It is a simple, hassle-free fitness tracker that doesn’t require a smartphone for its usage—a great gifting option for kids and elders.
  • It covers Step counts, calories, sleep recording, and track in huakua watch
  • Its built-in features include the large touch screen of 1.47inch TFT with brightness adjustments with five watch dials. 
  • Further, it has several built-in tools such as drinking water reminders, alarm clocks, respiratory training, etc.
  • The watch is charged by the magnetic charger provided along with it. It normally lasts for about a week on charging the watch for 2.5 hours. 
  • Additionally, it is a waterproof watch too. 

The above listed are a few vital features of this fitness watch. This watch is undeniably considered one of the simplest to operate by people of different age groups. What are the best CLA supplements of 2022? Learn now.

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GRV Fitness Tracker

The GRV fitness tracker is yet another device that doesn’t need Bluetooth. One need not download any app to get this device started. 

grv fitness tracker that does not require a smartphone

A very sober and handy watch, this fitness tracker operates without a phone.

The features of this particular fitness watch are as follows:

  • It is precise in keeping track of certain details such as step counts, sleep time, alarms, and several other features.  grv fitness tracker calories
  • It has got a simple method to start with. For starting this band, one needs proper vitals, such as an accurate date and time. Vital details concerning our body such as height, weight, age, etc
  • A touch button at the bottom end of the screen helps operate the watch easily. 
  • Being a lightweight watch, it is comfortable on the skin and wearable all day long. It is a perfect gifting option for people of all age groups.
  • The built-in USB helps charge the watch.
  • One should make it a point to charge the watch on time as and when required, or the watch automatically gets reset. The battery of a fully charged watch can last for about a week. Running Shorts With Phone Pocket? Learn Now.

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Huyvmay fitness watch

Huyvmay fitness is again one such tracker which is a great option for kids, young boys and girls as well as women. Few features included are as follows:

  • Displays date and time.
  • Step counter watches without a phone. huymay fitness tracker
  • The distance covered is calculated. 
  • Counting calories
  • Stopwatch
  • Alarm clock
  • It comes with a skin-friendly silicon strap which is easy and lightweight. It is of great use to kids five years old, young boys and girls, and women.
  • This watch is waterproof, which means it can be used while swimming or any other outdoor sports activity.
  • With merely one hour of charge, this watch can go on continuously for 20 days at a stretch, which is a great advantage for longevity. 
  • It also displays the low battery warning when required. 

This watch is again one of the good gifting options in a reasonable price range and a decent pick of fitness tracker that does not require a smartphone or a computer to work with.

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AVTREK 3D Step Counter Clip On

Now, this one is a different device one can come across. It is a fitness tracker without a phone or a computer required to set it up. Not a fitness watch, it is one of the simplest pedometers one can bring to great use.

Its features are as follows:

  • This simple pedometer doesn’t require to be charged like other fitness devices. avtrek 3d step counter clip on that does not require a smartphone
  • It doesn’t need any connection to any smartphone to reset the step counts daily. The step count automatically resets itself to 0, according to the 24 hours cycle. 
  • It’s a simple and compact design and size which can be clipped onto the belt, hung to the neck, keep in pockets. 
  • It is more accurate than other pedometers available on the market. 
  • The LED lights help keep track of the steps in the darkness, too, after 6 pm. 
  • The battery life is approximately 8 hours per day.

Despite being a simple device, it is one fitness tracker that does not require a smartphone or computer. Hassle-free and easy to use, this one is undoubtedly a win.

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Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Inspire 2 is trending these days and is one that doesn’t need a smartphone.

fitbit inspire 2 fitness tracker

What Are NeuroGum Benefits? But, If we connect the device to a smartphone, it requires at least once in 2 days to save the data. Read this article.

Some of the highlights are :

  • The battery, once charged, last for about ten days. 
  • It can track heart rate as well as there is proper guidance through the calorie-burning process. 
  • Sleep duration tracking, alarms, etc. are also certainly built-in features.fitbit inspire 2 sleep duration tracking
  • It is water resistant watch, although not beyond 50 meters of area. This fitness tracker that does not require a smartphone or computer Also, click here to learn about the best resistance bands in 2022.
  • This watch is compatible with both Android as well as iOS software.

This fitness tracker does not require a smartphone or computer to work with but needs to be connected with a smartphone to sync all the data related to one’s workout. By pairing it, we can save all the data on the phone for a lifetime. Click here to learn 8 green supplements.

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What is the longevity of a fitness tracker?

A superior quality fitness tracker can last anywhere around five years. It again depends on the product's type, brand, and price. Additionally, it also depends on one's usage of the particular product.

What all features does the fitness tracker have?

These trackers collect basic data. It includes several areas, such as step tracking, calorie counting, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, etc.

How helpful is GPS for a fitness tracker?

The GPS in any fitness tracker is useful for recording vital things such as calorie count, distance covered by walking, running, etc. It monitors our heart rate; in certain cases, a few fitness trackers also record women's stress levels and menstrual cycle. Certain waterproof trackers can track the laps covered in swimming.

What is the correct manner of wearing a fitness watch?

Like analog watches are worn on the wrist, fitness watches are put on the wrist. It should not be tight or loose. Just comfortable enough for the movement and should touch the skin to track the heart rate.


The abovementioned and many more such fitness trackers are in absolute demand in the present generation and scenario, where the lifestyle has changed from having an active lifestyle to working from home coming into existence these days. We can thus say that fitness trackers play a pivotal role in shaping our health and fitness goals. After all, health is the most vital thing, followed up by everything else.