It is a scientific proof that ElevATP is a blend of water and apple extract of “ancient peat” (fossilized plants). Ancient peat comprises 70 elements, with carbon, magnesium, nitrogen, oxygen, and Sulphur being the most abundant of these components.


Magnesium, in particular, and Sulphur in general, are critical to the generation of NAD+ and cellular energy. Many enzymes that create NAD+ and ATP employ magnesium, and Magnesium-ATP complexes i.e. ATP in cells.

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ElevATP Contents 

The apple polyphenols in the extract come from the apple’s skin. These polyphenols may be combined with the other polyphenols present in the other polyphenol-rich ingredients in the formulation. Polyphenols found in apples have many health benefits as those found in other polyphenol substances.

elevatp contents


Polyphenols found in apples have many health benefits as those found in other polyphenol substances. Supporting mitochondrial energy synthesis and ATP production, ElevATP® was created to be used. We can improve our health, performance, and metabolism by having more ATP available to our cells.

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ElevATP Benefits 

Clinical trials have shown that ElevATP® may improve athletic performance, body composition, and ATP levels. Nutraingredients-USA Awards named it 2018’s sports nutrition ingredient of the year. As one of the few substances with human studies indicating stimulation of ATP, we believe it’s only a matter of time until a larger variety of supplement categories adopt it. ElevATP® was at 150 mg once a day in human clinical trials. VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc. owns the trademark rights to it. ElevATP® products are under a US patent number 9,327,005. In points, some of the advantages include: 

  1. Strengthening of bones and muscles.strength
  2. Enhanced stamina.stamina
  3. Increased output power.increase in physical activty
  4. Increased ability to do physical activity.


ElevATP Mechanism

There is no rise in blood ROS (reactive oxygen species) or serum lactate with ElevATP®. An increase in endogenous ATP often accompanies a rise in intracellular free radicals. ElevATP®, on the other hand, seems to raise ATP in muscle tissue several-fold beyond blood levels

elevatp mechanism

ElevATP® also seems to enhance anti-inflammatory cytokines and reduce proinflammatory chemokines in vivo, an unexpected advantage. Because of this, ElevATP® may be effective for gym-goers, people facing fast altitude shifts, and those with respiratory issues.

Studies Conducted

Reyes-Izquierdo et al. studied 18 healthy volunteers who were randomly randomized to receive either a placebo or 150mg of ElevATP® in pilot research. They took blood samples at 60, 90, and 120 minutes to compare groups. These data points were then combined and averaged. There was a 45 percent average rise in blood ATP levels in the group that took ElevATP®, but there was no increase in ROS or blood glucose. elevatp

A study published in 2015 by Joy et al. looked at how ElevATP® affected body composition during resistance training for a year. Cross-sectional area (CSA) and muscle thickness increased significantly in the therapy group, with no negative effects on blood biomarkers. The researchers suggested that ElevATP® might enhance blood flow to the muscles, resulting in better and more efficient nutrition delivery. In terms of body fat, there was no change.

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ElevATP has no known negative effects. ElevATP may not be a viable choice for those allergic to the fruit. Exogenous ATP supplementation may be inconsistent and sometimes dangerous. – ATP. Using ElevATP, you may enhance your endogenous ATP levels with a simple, economical, and reliable supplementation strategy.

The polyphenolic chemicals found in fruits and vegetables are to offer a variety of health-enhancing properties. The findings of this study are fascinating. Both trained and inactive persons may benefit from ElevATPpotential ®’as ergogenic benefits, along with a possible influence on fat metabolism.

The fact that the aforementioned ATP-augmenting effects are seen in young people, who are unlikely to be suffering the reduction in ATP metabolism that comes with age, is especially intriguing and exciting. It’s a good idea to combine ElevATP® with other components like caffeine and creatine. It’s been a success for Jacked Factory in this area. These products are scientifically safe and effective. PeakO2® and ElevATP® are in Build XT, which the company markets.


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