Dumbbells for women are a must for an enhanced workout session. Strength training with dumbbells will ensure you burn your body fat rather than muscle mass. It will help you get your needed shape and simultaneously increase your metabolic rate.

Some of the best dumbbells for women are the Amazon basics Neoprene workout dumbbell, Braveheart, Powerblock sport 24, Ativafit adjustable dumbbell, and Bala bars. This list of dumbbells is made for beginners and also for the ones confident in lifting weights.

So, If you are looking for muscle strengthening, improving your body shape, or cutting down your body fat, dumbbells are an unavoidable part of your workout sessions. So read through this list of the best women’s dumbbell sets to find the right dumbbell for you.

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Things To Consider When Purchasing Dumbbells

Now, the answer for what is the right-hand weight for women? It cannot be a simple numeric term. This quest considers certain factors, like whether you are a beginner or have experience lifting weights, your preference for the dumbbell material, and your budget.

Weight of Dumbbells

The dumbbell weight is of utmost importance. Because if you choose a heavier weight, you won’t be able to lift it and fail to incorporate dumbbells in your workout.

weight of dumbbells

But, if you choose the lighter weight, you won’t provide the body with the required resistance training. Hence, when unaware of weight, choose adjustable dumbbells.

Material of Dumbbell

The traditional material for dumbbells was iron. But now, dumbbells come in different materials like Neoprene, urethane, and rubber grips.

material of dumbbell

Presently, Neoprene is the most popular one around.

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Dumbbells’ shape is also an important component to scrutinize while purchasing dumbbells. It comes with round or flattened bases or hexagonal shapes. A hexagonal shape should be your best option. It is because hexagonal shapes provide an anti-rolling feature and help you with other exercise incorporations like renegade row.

shape of dumbbell

Are there too many factors to buying a dumbbell? Don’t you worry? Every beginner starts this way! And also you have found this article. This article on dumbbells for women will surely help to choose the right dumbbells for you.

Best Dumbbells For Women

Here are the enlisted best hand weights for women. So go through it without delay, and also, to track your progress efficiently, check out fitness trackers that do not require a smartphone or computer.

Amazon Basics Neoprene Workout Dumbbell

This weight set for women is available in three sizes, 2lb, 3lb, and 5lb. It is made of neoprene material to give you an enhanced grip. And also protects the dumbbells from any damage.

amazon basics neoprene workout dumbbell



If you are on a tight budget and want to start with the basics, this is the best affordable dumbbell set. It has a hexagonal shape to prevent rolling and damaging the floor. The dumbbells come with a weight stand which will be handy if you buy multiple weights.

Buy: Amazon Basics Neoprene Workout Dumbbell

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Sporzon! Rubber-Encased Hex Dumbbells

This should be your go-to dumbbell if you are fine with spending a few more bucks and want a premium, near-to-standard gym dumbbell. It comes with rubber ends. So you have a grip and don’t need to worry about damaging the floor by dropping dumbbells.

sporzon rubber encased hex dumbbell

It has hexagonal ends. Additionally, it helps you with other exercises like renegade row. It also helps in exercising the core and back muscles.

Buy: Sporzon rubber-encased hex dumbbell.

Brave Heart Vinyl Coated Dumbbell Sets

These vinyl-coated dumbbell sets come in three sets of increasing weights of 10, 15, and 20 pounds each. They have a broadened steel plate to get a firm grip. It has double screw fixation and rubber coverage for damage protection.

brave heart vinyl coated dumbbell sets


This dumbbell set comes with a durable steel rack and is highly convenient for storing our dumbbells.

Buy: Brave Heart Vinyl Coated Dumbbell Sets

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Life Pro Adjustable Dumbbell

Suppose you are a beginner and looking for space-saving dumbbell sets. It would be best if you opted for a Life Pro Adjustable dumbbell.  

life pro adjustable dumbbell


This comes with a built-in adjustment mechanism. With these hand weights for women, you can start with 5 lbs and progress to 25 lbsThese dumbbells are made from steel and look elegant. Its compact design makes it the best travel-friendly dumbbell set on the list.

Buy: Life Pro Adjustable Dumbbell

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Hampton Durabell Urethane Dumbbells

If you are not concerned about the dumbbell prices and are up for serious weight lifting, then these dumbbells for women should be your best option. 

hampton durabell urethane dumbbells


Their weight set goes up to 95 pounds. And it is made of thickened urethane coverings. Urethane covering has yet to be seen much in any of the dumbbells. This gives a sleek appearance and is shock resistant. Additionally, This is anti-odor equipment.

Buy: Hampton Durabell Urethane Dumbbells

Bala Bars

This is the best dumbbell option if you prefer aesthetics merged with your workout space.

bala bars

Since it is available in only one size of 3lb, you can opt for it only if you are a beginner and looking for a colorful, lightweight option.

Buy: Bala Bars

Gaiam Neoprene Hand Weight

Gaiam neoprene dumbbells are available in various colors and weights ranging from 3 lb to 15 lb, and these are made from iron and have neoprene coverings on the ends.

gaiam neoprene hand weight

It also has flattened ends to enhance the anti-rolling property. These dumbbells for women are the most versatile option on the list. 

Buy: Gaiam neoprene hand weight.

Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbells

This is another accessible option available if you want a space-saving option. These dumbbells arrive in five different weights, suitable for basic and specific muscle workouts. These hand weights range from 2.5 to 12.5 kg.

ativafit adjustable dumbbells


The weight set comes in a tray and saves you lots of space. Additionally, the company provides a year of warranty in case of damage.

Buy: Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbells

Nice C Dumbbells

Suppose you are looking for a travel-friendly hand weight set and prefer to change weights occasionally. It would help if you opted for a Nice C Dumbbell set.

Unlike other adjustable dumbbells, Nice C has created a unique design to change weights. The dumbbell is made of neoprene material and gives you a comfortable hold.

nice c dumbbells

The dumbbell weighs around 2.3 lbs. You will be provided with four pairs of 0.55 lbs weight bars. You can unscrew the ends of Nice C dumbbells and add additional weights. Thus, this is the ultimate all-in-one dumbbell with elegant and travel-friendly features.

Buy: Nice C Dumbbells


What hand weight is best for female beginners?

The best hand weights for female beginners would be between 2 to 5 kg till you adapt to lifting weights without straining the body.

Is a 3kg dumbbell weight good for beginners?

Yes. For a beginner, 3kg is a good dumbbell weight to start with. Eventually, you can start to increase the weight.

Can I use dumbbells to lose my arm fat?

Dumbbells are not designed for spot reduction of arms. They can help you lose fat all over your body, not specifically your arms.

What are some early signs of losing belly fat?

Once you begin to lose weight, you will notice a drop in your blood pressure, changes in body measurements, reduced chronic pains, and improved overall well-being.


This article on the best dumbbells for women provides you with the complete information you should know before purchasing them. The article enlists budget-friendly Amazon basic Neoprene, super space-saving options like Life pro adjustable dumbbells, and travel-friendly Nice C dumbbells. Click here for the 5 best weightlifting gloves of 2022.