There is a new form of amino acids hitting the market: silk amino acids, which BLOX is all about. Most people have heard about the branched amino acids before, but this is a different form. This product will take the muscle protein synthesis one step above and significant progress with the workout program. So, in this article, we will see a complete BPI Sports BLOX Review. Stick to the article till the end!

BPI Sports BLOX Review 

The silk amino acids provide a sustained release formula that helps to increase muscle volume and increase blood flow throughout the workout session. BPI Sports BLOX claim that they can help us gain more muscle, increase our stamina, raise our testosterone levels, and complete recovery after a workout. 

How To Consume BPI Sports BLOX ?

A thing that should be included in BPI Sports BLOX Review is: How to consume it?

bpi sports blox

We can achieve the best pro-anabolic product if we can have the correct amino acids in the right series. The recommended dosage for BPI sports BLOX is water with one scoop added to it. You can consume it before, during, Or after the workout, and we can choose from different flavors that include – orange, watermelon, green apple, etc. We can take the product first thing on an empty stomach to speed recovery between sessions on the days we aren’t training. 

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It is well said that we get improved fatigue resistance and improved nutrient delivery, which will enable us to perform more work in each workout session. In addition to assisting with resistance training, the product can also help to improve our endurance exercise performance by preventing the fatigue built up due to the slow delivery of oxygen to muscle tissues. 

BPI Sports BLOX: Who Can Consume It?

The next essential thing a BPI Sports BLOX Review must contain is who can be the consumers of the product?  Read on to get your answer!

It is suited for anybody doing intense workouts or athletic training who may need a boost in their recovery capacity. It will work for those also who are dieting heavily as the additional amino acids may decrease the risk of suffering from lean muscle mass loss. 

BPI Sports BLOX Review: Ingredients Used

The product consists of an amino acid blend containing alanine, glycine, serine, valine, and threonine in a specially designed matrix for optimal release.


According to another BPI Sports BLOX review, this Supplement works with silk amino acids (SAA). They are a series of 18 specific amino acids, but only five of them mentioned concern us.

You can buy this product here.

What Are The Advantages? 

  • The main advantage is that it mixes well with water and has a fantastic taste. 
  • Can decrease the level of fatigue experienced during a workout session. 
  • Increases the level of strength gains experienced. 
  • It helps in boosting protein synthesis and speeds up muscle recovery.
  • It is available in different flavors to make consumption easier. 

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What Are The Disadvantages Of BPI Sports BLOX

The BPI Sports BLOX Review is incomplete without listing it drawbacks. Well, the disadvantages of BPI Sports BLOX are as follows: 


  • We still need to consume a high amount of protein in our everyday diet to optimize recovery, alongside the intake of this product. 
  • It is more expensive than any other similar product in the market. 
  • Some people may experience slight stomach discomfort if taking in a higher dose level. 
  • The majority of people also expressed their disappointment regarding after-workout performance.
  • Furthermore, the formula also does not assure us how much of every amino acid we will be getting. Hence the results will most definitely vary.
  • Since experiments use rats, people suggest that the dosage for humans should likely be higher. 


Overall, BPI Sports BLOX is an excellent aid to our workout program as long as we take a proper diet. Some people tend to believe the amino acids they are taking in their diet aren’t as essential, but that is not the case. 

We must consume sufficient protein and these supplements to get the full spectrum of amino acids. However, all the scientific evidence regarding this is still under query. As the product is on the expensive side, people should be assured more of its effectiveness than its taste. 

The last thing I would like to say in this BPI Sports BLOX Review is that this product will make a difference in the recovery ability of those who are training heavy so that it is possible to hit the gym harder daily. 

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