Yoga is something very important and given the same in today’s world. People go for yoga more preferably as it gives a feeling of relaxation and relief of mind and body. It is the best exercise to keep yourself fit and healthy. Moreover, it builds immunity and keeps ailments away. Keeping in mind the present scenario of the pandemic, when going to the gym will make you ill instead of making healthy, yoga is the best exercise one can perform to keep oneself safe and healthy. Yoga requires just two things, first is the willingness to do it, i.e., determination to stay fit, and secondly, one of these best yoga mats in a calm environment!

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Best Yoga Mats Of 2022

There are many yoga mats of different varieties present in the market priced differently, which will confuse you when you plan to buy one. So along with the right postures for yoga, the mat used should be perfect and comfortable. Here is a list of yoga mats of 2022.

Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat

This mat is the best light-weighted advised by the yoga instructors. Users find it comfortable with the proper amount of sponginess and also do not move during practicing yoga. Besides having a good grip and being heavy, it is eco-friendly, making it shine more, among others. It is a product that has a long-lasting life.

best yoga mats Manduka

Its not slippery grip makes it more comfortable to practice in humid climates. These mats are made of all-natural, non-amazon harvested tree rubber it means they contain no toxic agents are the contents. Cleaning the mat is also very easy, just with warm water. It must be a great choice for yoga lovers and may make them fall in love with yoga in more depth. This mat is the best hot yoga mats in overall aspects.

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Lululemon The Reversable Yoga Mat

The natural rubber in this mat offers more cushion to comfort the body while practicing yoga. The top layer absorbs moisture and helps to get rid of sweats. The material used in the mats are polyurethane top layer, natural rubber base, and latex, and so the results lead to the semi-squishy, which helps to balance your hands steadily.

lululemon the reversible yoga mat

This mat helps to connect to the floor while standing, hand balance poses. Sleek and smooth design motivates and creates interest to do yoga. It also protects the bones from hard surfaces and keeps supporting throughout the session.

It is 71 inches long and 26 inches wide and so enough for people to set up in the mat properly. To keep it in good condition, it is advised to wash with soap and water after every use. One should use and enjoy the amazing experience of doing yoga on this best hot yoga mat. This mat is the best yoga mats for its cushioning.

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Balance From GoYoga

This mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide and ensures great comfort. It gives great comfort to all the body parts on the hard floor to balance eco-friendly material. With easy strapping and lightweight helps to carry the mat with no major issue and with convenience.It is made out of PVC material and has non-slip material whose absence makes it difficult to perform the poses with more confidence. The company also gives a two-year warranty for its product, making it gain customers’ confidence. Also, the thickness of the mat makes the use easier and easing. The users of the mat can find themselves happy and satisfied.


Many of the users highly recommend this mat for its features and reviews. This mat is the best yoga mats for all purposes.

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Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

Jade has everything you want in a yoga mat, good grip, cool colors, great cushion, made from renewable sources. It contains no PVC and other such rubber but is made in the united states under consumer, environmental, and labor protection laws. This mat, as similar to others, prevents slipping while poses. A good thing about Jade is that it plants a tree for every mat it sells.

Harmony Yoga Mat

This shows their responsibility for the environment and a good sales strategy for the people conscious about the environment. ‘Yoga rocks and so does this mat’ is a review shown on the website. Most people find this product lovable and perfect for vinyasa flow, going for it blindly. Many good yoga instructors also use and prefer jade mats. The sweat in the palms and feet does not affect the poses as it maintains its grip properly. Users advise Jade mats for sweaty and dry yoga and can be used for all types of exercises. In short, it is the best yoga mat for beginners as well as masters.

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Health Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat

This is an eco-friendly mat with alignment lines on the top layer to help make proper adjustments with hand and feet as moving poses. There is a double layer to provide the grip to maintain balance. It also has a Velcro strip to carry it along and no latex, no PVC, no heavy metal.

Heathyoga Eco Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat

It is made of SGC certified TPE material non-slip, odorless and great cushioning not similar to cheap and non-green PVC, NBR, or EVA6mm of thickness most comfortable experience for all levels of yogis and all forms of yoga. Health yoga is a leading company for ten years in manufacturing yoga products. People find it a very impressive product with great comfort. People are also happy as they get advisory emails regarding taking proper care of the mat, making the consumer feel special. This mat is best for alignment.

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IUGA Pro Non-slip Yoga Mat

Non-slip yoga mats – if the yoga mat slips while performing asanas, it is the worst mat ever because it can cause injury.

IUGA Pro Non Slip

The first and foremost requirement should be a non-slip yoga mat. IUGA Pro is one of the best non slip yoga mat which promises a slip-free yoga session. Sustainably made from tree rubber. So it is PVC and latex-free. And is also free from chemical odor like many other yoga mats. Measuring 72×62 inches and comes with a strap to wrap it up easily. It is the best yoga mats available in five vibrant colors.

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Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat

There is always our budget for a non-expensive yoga mat in our mind while making a purchase. So what if you get a non-slip yoga mat with great grip, price, and durability? Yes, the Gaiam Premium print yoga mat ticks all of the mentioned qualities. It is available at Amazon, Walmart, and dick’s websites to make an online purchase.

Gaiam Yoga Mat

The thickness is 0.23inches and measures 68×24 inches. It is latex-free but made from PVC. It comes in different colors and prints. This best yoga mat for hot yoga is lightweight hence suitable for both homes as well as a studio.

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Yoga is a relaxation for the body, and one should go for the mat as per the requirement. The above-given list tells all the comfortable best yoga mats and gives you immense comfort while performing the toughest of asanas. The ones that require extra flexibility – yes, the ones with the unpronounceable names! But do them! Keep control of your mind and body through consistent yogabhyas.

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