Here we present a list of Best Vegan Yogurts. Being healthy is not an option instead, it is a must for every human being. Now starting from healthy eating habits, we can include vegan, dairy-free, and even natural yogurts. Everyone does not adapt to cow milk, so there are various other options, such as the almond or oat, cashew, or even soy.

It is often said that dairy products cause inflammation, so we will not face such an issue while eating daily free products. Non-dairy products had become famous for not so very long, but now it is considered a Wellness trend, and it is widely available in yogurt. Even the non-dairy yogurt options can be a really good source of protein as many nuts have been used.

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Best Vegan Yogurts

One should always prefer a non-dairy yogurt that has less sugar in it. Natural sweetness such as from the fruit or spices like cinnamon can add a healthy life. One should always check their protein content before buying a non-dairy yogurt. Certain Best Vegan Yogurts can be considered, such as


This is a kind of yogurt that is made from soy milk. The company provides oat milk and almond milk as well. As we all know, so is a complete source of protein which technically means that it also has all the essential amino acids required.

yogurt silk

It is said that a cup of soy milk can be equal to 9 grams of protein, which makes things clear. The silk dairy-free yogurt comes in flavours of strawberry, tropical pineapple, vanilla. The texture of this yogurt is considered not so thick or not so loose, Can be said as flawless.

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Kite Hill

This is one of the Best Vegan yogurt. Kite hill is a dairy-free almond milk yogurt. And milk is extremely rich in level of vitamins and minerals. A cup of almond milk can contain 45% of the daily value of calcium. There is vitamin D, which is not easily available in food items, and there is even vitamin B12.

almond katehill yogurt

The Kite Hill yogurt is available in flavours such as vanilla, Blueberry, Raspberry, peach. This yogurt contains at least 4 grams of protein, and it is sweet but with the right amount of sugar.

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So Delicious

So delicious is coconut milk yogurt, which is a non-dairy product. Coconut milk is popular for its unsweetened creamy texture. But, it contains very little protein. It is mostly the coconut milk beverages that contain fewer vitamins and minerals you require per day.

coco almond so delicious

The delicious yogurt comes in different flavours such as plain, vanilla, key line, chocolate, blueberry. The texture is in between being a thick or running yogurt. It contains less than one gram of protein which clearly states how coconut milk does not provide the correct amount of protein And minerals.

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Nancy’s Probiotic

This yogurt is mainly for people who love oat milk. Oat milk, again, consists of having little high calories than other non Dairy Milk. Oat milk in itself has a creamy texture that almost resembles real milk, so this yogurt also has a texture that is creamy and can fool anyone into thinking that they are eating a dairy product. This is on of the Best Vegan Yogurts.nanacys probiotic

There are nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin A in oat milk. This yogurt comes in different flavours such as vanilla, plain, blueberry, strawberry hibiscus. It contains at least 6 grams of protein, and due to the existence of oat milk, it gives the exact yogurt creaminess and smooth texture like the other daily yogurts.

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Forager Project

The forager project yogurt is a cashew milk yogurt that is organic and dairy-free. Due to the cashew content, the texture of this yogurt is really creamy and very running. This kind of yogurt is mainly for smoothie because of its running texture.

project forager

This is on of the Best Vegan Yogurts. It contains at least a minimum of three grams of protein. It comes in different flavours such as blueberry, unsweetened plain, vanilla, lemon, coconut, cherry. There is no artificial sugar taste in this kind of yogurt.

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Trader Joe’s

This is on of the Best Vegan Yogurts. Trader Joe’s company makes affordable, dairy-free, and creamy cashew yogurt. Cashew milk provides a very little amount of calcium into Iran as well, and they are very low in calories if the product is unsweetened.

vanilla traders joe's

Cashew milk also contains vitamins minerals such as zinc and B12. This comes in different flavours, such as strawberry, vanilla bean. The texture of this yogurt it’s smooth and creamy and is neither thick nor in the running.

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The Coyo daily uses of coconut cream, so it has triple calories than the other dairy yogurt. It comes in different flavours such as mango, chocolate, mixed Berry, natural. coyo

The texture of this yogurt is very thick and is not smooth like the other yogurts. It is wait take than the other yogurt consistency.

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So, we got a list of dairy-free Best Vegan Yogurts. which can be an additional benefit to your healthy life. The goal should always be to stay healthy and stay fit with the best options you can take. A healthy diet can make your life healthy.

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