The pandemic has taken a toll on people all over the world. Everyone misses going out with friends and family, especially eating out with them. So, when the lockdown is keeping us home again, the subscription boxes come as our savior. They are pretty handy and are delivered to our doorstep. And that’s why we have brought to you this list of Best vegan subscription boxes.

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Best Vegan Subscription Boxes

Now, let’s talk about the 7 Best Vegan Subscription boxes in 2022: 

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is one of the best choices you can have while purchasing your Vegan Subscription Box. It is known for its smoothies, soups, ice creams, latte, oatmeals, and more.

daily harvest subscription box

Hence, it is pretty cheap compared to the other subscription boxes. It is handy, and you will be able to get the subscription within a week or month. 

It gives you many benefits as all of its pre-cut produce comes frozen, so you can store them away without getting worried about your order getting wasted. The prep is easy too. Daily harvest provides you your vessel. You have to blend the ingredients and heat the cup they provide. 

Try out the plant-based ice cream they have, also known a Scoops. Daily harvest provides healthy vegan food and has the best-selling meals. 

Visit: Daily Harvest

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Hungryroot is another excellent option you have, especially when you do not want to make unnecessary trips to the supermarket. It gives you a wide range of products ranging from pre-chopped or riced veggies to snacks and even desserts.

hungry root

Hungryroot provides not only vegan subscription boxes but also non-vegan sides, like chicken sausages. You can order at your convenience. 

Hungryroot is a fantastic Vegan box subscription that fills your fridge with all the necessary ingredients you need to make your food. It is a combination of your online grocery store with a meal kit.

Visit Hungryroot

Vegan Cuts

Vegancuts is mainly known for its packaged snack box. This box is stocked with snacks and some pantry items like date syrup.

The Vegancuts Snack Box is extraordinary because it brings in a brand new snack to the market. Hence, the snacks you get here, you cannot get anywhere else.

vegan cuts

Vegan cuts also provide a Vegancuts Beauty Subscription box which is also a great choice.

Visit Vegan Cuts

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Petit Vour

We have talked a lot about Vegan food, but Vegan Subscription boxes are not only about vegan food. They also include beauty products. Hence, when the topic of the Vegan Beauty Subscription box comes to mind, we can’t talk about Petit Vour.

petit vour

Petit Vour provides non-toxic, cruelty-free, and plant-based beauty products curated to fit your preferences. You have to fill up the subscription form according to your preferences, and your dream beauty box will be delivered to your doorstep. 

Petit vour includes body products and skincare products as well.It also gives you Free shipping. It is affordable and is quite handy. 

Visit Petit vour

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Ritual Vitamins

Vegan meals and vegan food, in general, helps you live an extremely healthy lifestyle. However, a few supplements can always add to your wellness and it perfectly fits your best vegan subscription box agenda.  

ritual subscription boxes

Ritual Vitamins provide vegan supplements that are gluten-free, free from artificial colors and synthetic fillers. They provide multivitamins made for almost all age groups. 

The best thing I love about this subscription box is that they don’t make wild inaccurate health claims and provide detailed information regarding the contents and capabilities of their products. 

Hence, these are pretty affordable. Start your supplementing journey with your Vegan Subscription Box from Ritual Vitamins.  

Visit Ritual

Fake Meats

This Subscription Box is one of the most uncommon and best vegan boxes for non-vegan people who have just switched to vegan.

fake meats subscription box

Fake Meats provides Vegan jerky. So, any person who is craving some non-vegan taste can go for this Vegan box. The flavors range from barbecue, Cajun, Buffalo-spiced, and a lot more.  

Visit Fake Meats

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Vegan Wine Club

Now, as most of us are aware, wine cannot be completely vegan. It always includes non-vegan ingredients like eggs whites, fish, etc., for the clarifying process. 

vegan wine subscription box

However, if you are vegan and want to try Vegan wine, the Vegan Wine Club’s Subscription box is the best choice for you. The wines made by them are entirely Vegan and do not include any non-vegan ingredients. 

The categories range from The Signature Club to Light Lover Club. It also gives you an option to add Vegan cheeses to your shipment


So, this was our list of best subscription boxes. If you are a vegan person looking for different options, these Subscription Boxes might be your answer. Try these and enjoy your Vegan Life. Let us know which one did you try from our list and which worked the best for you!

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