Have you recently shifted to a plant-based diet and want to know more about the vegan lifestyle? Well, you have just come to the right place as we have specially curated the best 20 vegan podcasts you should listen to in 2022. 

Podcasts are a fantastic way to keep ourselves updated and educated about the latest news and happenings of the vegan community. But it cannot be easy to find the best and most exciting podcast for you. So, out of all the available podcasts, our team has shortlisted the best vegan podcasts for you that are worth listening to.

How To Keep Ourselves Updated As A Vegan

Adjusting to a vegan lifestyle can be difficult because a person has to make drastic changes in his eating habits. It can be pretty fiddly to keep ourselves aware of all the dos and don’ts as a vegetarian. People do a lot of research, watch many shows, and browse the internet, trying to gain as much knowledge as possible about their plant-based diet.

vegan podcasts

The best way would be to listen to a podcast simply. They will keep you informed about all the latest trends, events, and research on the vegan community. Thus, podcasts will also educate you about vegan ethics, animal rights, an excellent vegan diet, and tips on keeping yourself fit.

List Of 20 Best Vegan Podcasts

We have made a list of the 20 best vegan podcasts for you, and you should listen to them. These areas follow:

Ordinary Vegan

You will love these podcasts by Nancy Montuori, who suffered from lung disease and had to fight hard to get cured of it. She has a great podcast that gives tips, vegan recipes, and practices to improve our overall health. 

ordinary vegan

There are 98 episodes, and each episode is around 20 minutes, and it is available on iTunes.

Brown Vegan

Monique Koch is a vegan family coach who offers beneficial and practical tips for a vegan lifestyle, wellness, and entrepreneurship on her podcast, Brown Vegan. She also provides information for people who want to start their vegan journey.

brown vegan

One hundred thirty-two episodes are half an hour to an hour long and can be found on iTunes.

Vegetarian Zen

This podcast will give you valuable information and assist you in your vegan journey. Vegetarian Zen will help you to build a sustainable diet and focus on proper nutrition.

vegetarian zen

It has a total of 285 episodes that are available on iTunes.

The Brownble Podcast

These podcasts are very informative as they give you tips on being a vegan and tell you new delicious recipes. 

the brownble project

There are 215 episodes of browsable podcasts that are available on iTunes.

The Chickpeeps Vegan Podcast

It is a very friendly and funny podcast that throws light on animal rights and tells about new plant-based recipes. This light podcast also focuses on raising our children with vegan habits.

the chickpeeps vegan podcast

There are a total of 86 episodes of these podcasts that are available on iTunes.

The Bearded Vegans

This podcast is an informative show that will keep you updated with all the news in the vegan world. They also conduct reviews, discussions, and interviews regularly.

the bearded vegans

This podcast is available on iTunes and has 398 episodes.

The Vegan Vanguard

This podcast aims to educate people about how veganism affects the world and its social and environmental effects.

the vegan vanguard

The Vegan Vanguard can be found on iTunes.

Food For Thought

This podcast by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, out of all the vegan podcasts, is entertaining and informative and covers various aspects such as cooking, eating, health awareness, animal rights, zero waste living, etc. 

food for thought

Moreover, There are a total of 330 episodes of this podcast that can be found on iTunes.

Planthropology Podcast

This very reliable podcast informs us about the various aspects of our earth and mother nature.

planthropology podcast

Additionally, They have a deep love for our planet and aim to educate us about a greener and healthier home. 

Go Vegan Radio

This is the first vegan animal liberty, wellness, and environmental program to be broadcast in the mainstream media.

go vegan

There are a total of 91 episodes that are available on iTunes.

No Meat Athlete Radio

It is a very entertaining podcast that gives us valuable tips about a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and vegan nutrition. No meat athlete radio also features celebrity guests very frequently.

no meat athlete radio

There are a total of 361 episodes available on iTunes.

Vegan World

This podcast by Neil Byrne is a platform where activists share stories of health, animal rights and promote a vegan world.

vegan world

There are a total of 28 episodes that are available on iTunes.

Plant Proof

Plant proof is a platform where the host invites celebrity guests who promote veganism and tell its positive impacts.


Furthermore, this is a very peaceful show that offers a very safe and non-judgmental environment for discussion.

Plant Yourself

This is a very inspiring podcast that motivates people to change and become better people.

plant yourself

Furthermore, This podcast encourages people to go vegan and to practice a better and healthy lifestyle.

The Plant-Based News Podcast

This podcast is a great way to keep yourself updated with all the latest news in the plant-based community.

the pbn podcast

It has a total of 79 episodes that are available on iTunes.

That Vegan Couple

This podcast is about an inspiring journey of a couple who turned vegan after getting motivated by a fellow couple.

the vegan couple

In the podcast, they share their journey and give lifestyle tips.

Vegan Patriot Podcast

This very informative podcast focuses on all things vegan and acts as a platform for passionate discussions.

Vegan Business Talk

This podcast is a platform for vegan business owners where they regularly hold interviews.

the vegan business talk

One hundred sixty episodes can be found on iTunes.

The Disclosure Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Earthling Ed, a well-known activist who aims to throw light on veganism, ethics, and animal cruelty.

Yoga Is Vegan

This podcast aims to raise awareness about the non-harm principles of the yoga community and it has 102 episodes.


In conclusion, this article provided you with a list of the 20 best podcasts about veganism that you can tune to. On the whole, You can educate yourself, and others, by listening to some amazingly informative sessions.

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