Are you someone who wants to gain some muscles and need mass gainers for that but don’t know which one to pick? If yes, then don’t worry because we are here for help. Oh, what? Are you vegan? No problem. Here in this article, we would list the 4 best vegan mass gainers to help you put on weight.

But before jumping right into the information, let’s discuss a few things about weight and everything.

So, weight has and will always be one of the major concerns of the human body. Some want to lose weight, whereas some want to gain weight, and it is good till the point where one is gaining or healthily losing weight.



People born skinny and could not gain weight no matter how many high-calorie foods they are having are usually called “lucky” From people trying to lose weight, but being underweight is not good for one person. Why? Because it leads to several big problems which would remove the “lucky” Tag once you face it.

It could lead to anaemia, weakened immune system, bone loss, fertility issues, low energy levels, development issues, hair loss, and so much more. Apart from these things, most boys are usually crazy about going to the gym and gaining muscles. Women are into muscle gain as well, but not compared to the ratio of men.

Therefore, to gain weight in muscles and mass, one needs enough protein, fat, carbs, and energy. So, to get your dose of everything required, you need a combination of all of that in one, which is – a mass gainer.

As you have already read by the title, and you already know what we are going to tell you today, so without wasting any more of your time, let’s just dive right into the information by listing the 9 best vegan mass gainers for you to help you gain weight.

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9 Best Vegan Mass Gainers

All of these products would be easily available on Amazon, and we would mention the links to those products as well, so don’t need to worry and hustle in finding these products-

Livo Universal Ayu Mass Gainer Supplement

This product is one of the best mass gainers to put on weight that you will ever find. It contains a great amount of protein which is exactly 21g in a single-serve, one of the best quality carbs, which is 110g in a total of one serving, a total of 564 calories, and amla has ashwagandha as well.



The product is available in three boxes weighing 1kg, 2kg and 3kg and the quantity of 3kg one’s is 3000g.

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Wild Buck Hyper Mass Gainer

This product comes with a free shaker, so you won’t have to spend extra money on shakers as it will cover that expense as well. In protein and calorie vise, it’s the better option than the one we listed above as it gives 40g protein and 1,053 calories in just one serving which would be four scoops approx.



Moreover, It’s a perfect product for increasing their calorie and protein intake daily. It will help gain weight faster and is good for hard gainers and young people. Also, the product comes in three flavors, each weighing 1kg-

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Mypro Sports Nutrition Complex

This product comes third under the list of the 4 best vegan mass gainers to put on weight. It’s suitable for both types of people who are either too active, like a gym regular, or a person who is inactive and lives a sedentary life. The product has a mixture of a lot of things that contributes to healthy weight gain.



It includes 514 calories, 78g of carbs, 25 vitamins and minerals, 18g of fat, and 10g of protein. It’s easy to digest, unlike many other weight gainers and provides premium quality of protein. It also comes in several great yummy flavors, and weight.

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Azani Active Nutrition Plant

Last but not least, this mass gainer would not disappoint you at all. It has ashwagandha, soya, pea, and brown rice. With every scoop, you will get over 362 calories, a total of 1,086 calories, 45g of protein, and 225g of carbs. The highest amongst all these 4 best vegan mass gainers.


It’s great and healthy for yourgut, improves your strength and endurance power, fuels you with energy, gives you healthy weight gain, and so much more.

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Vegan Naked Mass

Vegan Naked Mass is one of the greatest vegan mass gainer supplements. It has a combination of pea proteins and brown rice proteins, making it an excellent training buddy. Vegan Naked Mass has 1200 cals and 50 g of protein per serve.

In addition, each dosage of this product contains 250 g of complex carbs, which can aid power your activities. It also allows you to grow weight by fulfilling your daily caloric intake requirements.

vegan naked mass

You may find it difficult to consume extra calories to get weight, particularly if you are a heavy gainer. Nevertheless, with Vegan Naked Mass, it contains 1200 calories per cup; you can save those additional calories.

Because each portion of Vegan Naked Mass offers 1220 calories and 50 g of the total, it helps propel your single move, notably during all those tough daily workouts. Vegan Naked Mass also includes natural maltodextrin. The product is proven to improve and ensure sustainable activity levels necessary for exercising. Read this article for top vegan butter brands.

Vegan Naked Mass allows you to increase muscular endurance as well as calories and body weight. The supplement, Bare Pea and Naked Rice supplies all nine essential amino acids for muscle building and is one of the greatest plant-based choices for people wanting to build their muscles. Read this article to know whether pea protein and whey protein are better.

Though it helps you increase muscle mass and drives your every motion during exercise, it is still low in carbs, which some consumers may not enjoy.

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IRONVEGAN has designed a calorie-dense and no-diary vegan supplement gainer. This vegan bulk booster outperforms the market with 740 caloric intake and 40 grams of plant-based energy per meal.

The mixture of vegan mass gainer has plant proteins, healthy brown rice protein, wholesome grains, and macro veggies, making it a trustworthy supplement for growing lean muscle and facilitating quick recovery.

ironvegan gainer

With its distinctive vegan carbohydrate mixture and 2.85:1 carbs to protein proportion, IRONVEGAN Booster also delivers well-balanced nutrients. This vegan muscle booster is also extremely gifted in fiber, which benefits digestive health.

This is an excellent supplement for those wishing to grow up and raise muscle mass while keeping a vegan diet. It is safe, dependable, delicious, and inexpensive for individuals seeking beneficial results.

Per serving (2 scoops): 720 Calories / 42g protein / 120 g carbohydrates / 8 g fat

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GNC Earth Genius PurEdge Plant-Based Gainer

This is one of the most powerful protein powders on the market. With 580 calories per meal, it is an effective vegan meal alternative supplement. Each dish also offers 50g of vegan protein. This protein may aid vegan mass gainers in gradually and healthy exercise building their musaminocles.

gnc earth genius puredge based gainer

A vegan mass builder supplement derived from seven main herbals is touted to be a powerful stimulant and build muscles. It comprises Beta power, a beetroot-derived protein believed to enhance athletic performance. This vegan mass gainer helps in calories, and having greater is perhaps most likely the best strategy to bulk up.

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With 30g protein, 31g carbs, and 6g fat every serving, VEGANMASS is recognized as the “Dominant force Plant Protein Blend.” It has 290 cals, which is adequate nourishment for vegan bulking.

The nutrient ratio of 1:1 may help with lean muscle building while preventing body fat gain. It also comprises organic coconut water and helps preserve the natural immune pH levels.


Because it features no artificial colors, sugars, or tastes, this vegan bulk gainer may be excellent for someone looking to grow muscle strength while adhering to a rigorous natural, plant-based diet.

VEGANMASS may be an ideal alternative if you want to grow lean muscle without adding extra carbs or fat. Vegan Nutrition, the firm behind VEGANMASS, is also famous for its high quality.

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Nutiva Organic

Nutiva Organic, as the name implies, is a natural and vegan supplement. This vegan appetite and weight whey protein isolate are marketed as a full supply of fats, vital amino acids, and proteins. This product derives its natural ingredients from flax utilizing a ‘compression molding extraction,’ resulting in a pure whey protein.

nutiva organic

It contains omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants without the use of hazardous additives. Before choosing Nutiva Organic multivitamin as your weight-gain partner, you are making a wise decision. This vegan whey protein for excess weight includes a pure ingredient list (no fillers, sugars, or trash) and solely flax protein as the primary ingredient.

This vegan bulk gainer includes 16 g of protein and 8 g of carbohydrates per 30 g meal. It was a no when identifying a natural plant-based medication for your health.

In conclusion, this vegan mass gainer would be a great replacement for those who desire to prioritize fiber intake. The body needs a lot of fiber since eating properly is just as crucial as eliminating impurities.

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Should I take mass gainer if I'm skinny?

As a rough rule of thumb, a lean starter should aim to gain 0.5-1 kilogram per week on the meter. If you're having problems gaining weight frequently, try taking a mass gainer after every exercise. If it doesn't get the scale rolling, try eating a mass gainer on vacation time.


Hence, the mass gainer is a very effective and efficient product to increase weight healthily. It helps an individual with the correct amount of protein, fats, fibre, and carbohydrate intake, which helps in bulking up the body.

So, these were all that you wanted to know, and these were some of the best vegan mass gainers to put on weight that we could find. You should go for any of these 4 and gain some healthy weight and mass. We hope all of these were helpful for you in the best way possible.

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