Here are the 9 Best vegan iron supplements which come in to rescue you from serious iron deficiency.

Iron is an essential mineral for the human body. Iron is the part of haemoglobin which present in Red Blood cells. An iron-rich body is considered a healthy body. Its function is the transportation of oxygen from the lungs throughout other organs of the body. It is a vital nutrient that helps us store oxygen and maintain healthy brain cells for good physical growth and development of muscles and smooth functioning of your body. Iron is a very crucial nutrition in our diet. Lacking it can create a pretty serious issue. Deficiency of iron can lead to Anemia.

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Vegan Iron Supplements

We lose iron from our body in various ways in our day-to-day life, like sweating, women during the menstrual cycle, bleeding, urination, and excretion. Some population of North America is suffering from it. So the right amount of iron is a must to a human body.

 It is recommended that an adult man consume 8mg and a woman consumes 18 mg of iron daily. There are various sources of iron by including nuts, almonds, green leafy vegetables, lentils, in our diet. Still, many people lack to take sufficient amounts of iron, which is where iron supplements help us.

Types of Iron

There are two types of iron:

Heme (animal-based iron supplements) non-heme (plant-based iron supplements)compared to omnivorous vegans are tend to absorb less iron, so it is even more important to have an iron check, especially for vegans.

Mega Food Builder Iron Supplement

One of the Best Vegan Iron supplements offered for vegan people, it contains 26 mg of iron. It contains beetroot for iron absorption and vitamin C, broccoli and folic acid, and B12, which helps fight fatigue boost energy. 

food builder

Still, a little awareness is needed from synthetic.

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Garden Of Life Healthy Blood Iron Supplement

Garden of life is the second most popular supplement on Amazon with 22 mg of iron, maintaining healthy blood haemoglobin levels. This supplement is one of the Best Vegan Iron supplements. You will get the added benefit of vitamin C, B6, B12.

healthy blood

It has the best positive effects as its probiotics act gently on the stomach, but it’s slightly difficult to adjust in a smaller dose.

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Ez Melts Iron

This plant-based supplement stands out differently because these are dissolvable tablets that get swallow very easily. It has a strong orange flavor.

iron ez melts

It contains 18 mg of iron, reduces fatigue, and increases energy level. Its availability in a single flavor proposes its cons too.

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Solgar Gentle Iron

This supplement is one of the Best Vegan Iron supplements. It is an excellent vegan iron supplement with 25 mg of iron-free from gluten, artificial colour, and preservatives. 

gentle iron solar

Its lovable thing is they provide a good number of serving which maintain energy and combat fatigue. A stomach-friendly supplement, it is a good option for vegans.

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Deva Vegan Chelated Iron

This is another famous plant-based supplement with 29 mg of chelated iron contains B12 for better absorption. This supplement provides you with the biggest intake of iron with added vitamins that you can skip if you take from any other sources. 

vegan devaa

However, it doesn’t contain the B6 vitamin, which shows its cons too.

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Veglife Vegan Iron

As its name suggests, it is a purely vegan product. It can also be the best choice for a vegetarian to fulfil their iron deficiency. 

vegan veg life

It can say 25 mg of iron in each pill, which provides the additional benefit of B12 B6 and folic acid.

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Trace Minerals Iconic Vegan Iron

Another best vegan supplement to kick out your iron deficiency. It contains 22 mg of liquid iron and is very easy and fast to absorb. This is gluten-free, but it can be difficult for those who don’t like experimenting with taste.


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Flora Vital Iron

This supplement is one of the Best Vegan Iron supplements. It serves as the best of its purpose for both men and women. Each serving of the supplement provides 10 mg of iron which comes in a safe category for men. This is made gluten-free and lactose-free. This unique supplement comes in liquid form, which is easy to absorb. 


It also contains vitamin B12 to give added benefits to the body, making it best for men as they need less iron intake. But it lacks in calcium as other supplements don’t.

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Future Kind Iron And Vitamin C Supplement

This is a gluten-free related form of iron, which contains vitamin C with a great absorbent full stop. Another plus point of this supplement is it’s easy to swallow and comes with an ample supply of vitamin C, as its name shows.


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So, There were some of the Best Vegan Iron supplements.

Used to combat the iron deficiency from your body and also comes in embellished feature of additional vitamin that helps you to be iron-rich and fulfil your other nutritional vitamin needs.

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