In this vast universe, if there is a list of terms that have been misinterpreted a zillion times, it is ‘Vegan’ . The reason being- the majority of the time, the common populace don’t understand what they are referring to as ‘Vegan’ and tread on thin ice, and that’s how humans are. Here, in this blog, lets see some of the best vegan deodorant brands in 2022.


For the sake of the narration, let’s try to look at the words ‘vegan’ and ‘deodorant’ and juxtapose these two words. The key takeaway from this blog should be that a ‘vegan deodorant’ means the makers of these products have shunned away from using any harmful chemicals. And that the products have not been tested on animals or have any ingredients taken directly (or otherwise) from animals. 

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Best Vegan Deodorant Brands: Top 8

From all the trials and tribulations the word ‘vegan’ went through as a millennial lingo. Here’s a look at the eight best vegan deodorants and why everyone should use it irrespective of their dietetic habits:

Jason Deodorant Stick

It is hard to stay loyal to your roots in this day and age, but Jason’s deodorant stick doesn’t fail to do so.

jason deodorant stick

Not only it promises to be a product free of toxic elements, but it also takes utmost pride for not testing this on animals and opting for willing human volunteers. One can have a leap into faith for going with this product and will come out loving it. And that’s why this falls in the first place in the list of best vegan deodorant brands.

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Pretty Frank ( Formerly Known As Primal Pit Paste )

This deodorant single-handedly revolutionized the Vegan deodorant section even when it was not cool to do so!

pretty frank

Even in 2021, it strives to propel forward at such an accelerating speed that not every actual vegan company can keep up. It’s 100% aluminum-free and fused with natural and organic ingredients that make it win in this race of organic vegan deodorants. 

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Best Vegan Deodorant Brands Tom’s of Maine

The next one in the list of best vegan deodorant brands is Tom’s of Maine.

If word of mouth has helped any brand in this list, Tom’s of Maine has been showered with accolades and incessant appraisals. One should expect this from a 5-decade old company striving to get better and better at what they do.

tom's of maine

Their steadfast fidelity towards excellence and customer satisfaction is at par with none of its contemporaries, thus making it an excellent choice for an authentic vegan deodorant. 

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Herban Cowboy

Herban Cowboy is one of the best vegan deodorant brands out there! Apart from the catchy name of this organic deodorant, which catches its customer in a web of marketing gimmicks.

herban cowboy

It worked and is a phenomenal product to quench the thirst for “cruelty-free” and “toxics-free” products. It not only delivers well but is also PETA certified and smells incredibly good, and lasts pretty long.  

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Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Stick  

A plastic-free smell, sound, looks good, totally free of toxins, and most importantly, never tested on animals, vegan deodorant should be a big part of this list, and rightly so.

meow meow tweet deodorant

It is made with organic ingredients, the design of the packaging design is soothing and quite an eye-catcher, and it’s reusable; what more can one ask for!  

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Best Vegan Deodorant Brands Habitat Botanicals 

Apart from the main selling point, which implements 0% plastic use forever and ever, it is also great for all skin types and even those extra sensitive ones. It is sleek, compact, smells spectacular, has a reasonable price.

habitat botanicals deodorant

And free of harmful toxins to our bodies and the environment. So smell great and take care of the environment at the same time. And hence, it makes its way to the best vegan deodorant brands.

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Best Vegan Deodorant Brands Lush

This being a vegan and made from organic ingredients, which people are now eying for, it is also open about various initiatives to change and impact our environment. It has a wide array of scents and options to choose from.

lush deodorant

Lush also checks all the boxes that one authentic vegan deodorant user is looking for. And also smells pleasing and lasts relatively long, depending on your perspiration levels. It works charmingly, smells incredible, and is dependable even in those incessant sweating periods. 

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Saving one of the best vegan deodorant brands for the last, this one is hands down THE BEST choice one can ever make in 2021 in choosing an excellent vegan deodorant.

schmidt's deodorant

The founder of this deodorant created a plant-based organic deodorant formula on her own. And now it has become the most widely recognized and critically acclaimed brand in the domain of organic vegan deodorant. And nothing much can be said about this that hasn’t been said already. 

It has affiliation, toxin-free, and also certified by PETA and others. So you can make no mistake while choosing this brand, and rest assured, you will have a soothing experience nonetheless. 

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So, no matter which one you stop by choosing depending on your various needs; you can be assured that each one of them is a formidable contender for the spot of being a tremendous vegan deodorant in 2022, which is organic and more. Choose yours and make sure your kith and kin make the switch to the best vegan deodorant brands as well. Because it’s the need of the hour to do so!

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