To fulfill the ultimate fitness goals, You must build muscles and lose fat. Though many people view building muscle and losing fat as different eventful procedures, One can fulfill them simultaneously with the help of supplements. Hence we have listed the best supplements for building muscle and shredding fat.

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Some of the best supplements to build muscle and burn fat are Branched Chain Amino Acids(BCAAs), Whey Protein, Pre-workout L-Arginine/ Nitric Oxide booster, L-Carnitine, and Glutamine. These supplements help increase fat expenditure with the simultaneous build of protein.

 These supplements are essentially catalytic to your workout; hence a dedicated workout routine, diet, and proper sleep are important elements of any fitness journey. We have enlisted the best supplements for building muscle and shredding fat to help you through your fitness journey.

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List of Supplements To Build Muscle And Lose Fat

Below is the list of seven supplements that will enhance the burning of your fat and simultaneously build your muscles.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

As you are aware, muscles require protein, and proteins are blocks of amino acids. These BCAAs contain three amino acids, valine, isoleucine, and leucine. These BCAAs boost metabolism, enhance muscle recovery and build muscle tissue.

branched chain amino acids

Its interesting muscle-building mechanism involves stimulating various protein synthesis activities. In addition to protein synthesis, it also enhances fat burning. Additionally, BCAAs help increases insulin resistance which helps control blood sugar levels. Blood sugar control is an essential factor for weight management. The branched-chain amino acids also prevent muscle soreness. 

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Whey Protein

Proteins are an essential muscle-building component because amino acids’ inherent ability to repair activities. It also can burn fat because of its increased thermogenic property.

whey protein

Whey protein has all the amino acids for building muscles. It also helps faster muscle recovery by reducing muscle damage and increasing the translation of amino acids. One serving of whey protein equals 20g of essential protein bioavailability. One can have whey protein pre or post-workout for effective recovery of muscles.

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During workout sessions, your body breaks down an abundance of protein; you must rebuild these used proteins. And L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid for this process to occur. This essential amino acid functions significantly in cell building and muscle recovery. Additionally, it helps produce various amino acids and converts carbohydrates into glucose for its effective utilization.


The human body naturally produces L-Glutamine from Ammonia and glutamate. But, extreme energy spending activity during workout sessions leads to rapid depletion of L- Glutamine. And the body needs time to recover these reserves. Hence L- Glutamine supplements will ensure the body recovers faster by restoring these depleted amino acid reserves.

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L-ARGININE/ Nitric Oxide booster

After every workout, muscles are exhausted and need time to recover. Nitric oxide boosters have an exceptional quality that helps in boosting muscle recovery. It can relax smooth muscles to ensure increased blood flow. This nitric oxide booster additionally supplements essential nutrients for the speedy recovery of muscles. These boosters also help to deal with fatigue.


Increased repetition in workouts causes fatigue and hence limits your exercise. But these nitric oxide boosters enhance oxygen supply to muscles which reduces fatigue. One major misconception about nitric oxide usage is that people limit it to strength athletes. But, in reality, endurance training requires as much oxygen supply as strength training. Hence if you are looking for endurance training, nitric oxide boosters will help you get enough oxygen.

It is also one of the best supplements for building muscle and shredding fat. Research has shown that athletes have increased non-esterified fats after the consumption of nitric oxide booster, pointing out that fats were being increasingly metabolized post-consumption.



L-Carnitine is a branched product of lysine and methionine amino acids. This supplement performs the major function of transporting fat to the mitochondria. This feature of utilizing fat as a fuel makes it one of the best supplements for building muscle and shredding fat.


When carnitine is deficient, the body fails to utilize fat as an energy production agent; hence to avoid this, carnitine supplements increase fat transport, thus shredding it in the body. In simple terms, carnitine turns fat into muscle supplements. It provides the additional benefit of sparing glucose reserves in the muscles, hence building muscle.

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Though it sounds like an unusual supplement, multivitamins are crucial for a balanced diet. And are the best supplement to lose weight and gain muscle.


The mechanism of muscle building involves a workout, which causes slight damage to muscles every time. And the body, when recovering from this damage, synthesizes new cells, which add up to building muscles. Now, to supplement this repair, multivitamins play a vital part.

The vitamins help indirectly in muscle building by following methods. The vitamins D and K help calcium absorption into bones and protein synthesis. At the same time, vitamin B12 helps in red blood cell production. These blood cells stimulate blood flow to recover muscles. And vitamin B3 (Niacin) helps regulate body fat.

In addition to the nutrients mentioned earlier, vitamins A, C, E, and Omega 3 fatty acids supplements the mass building of muscles.

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This new product is one of the few fat burners proven to accelerate fat shredding and increase muscle mass. This natural weight loss muscle gain pill is an alkaloid extract from the bark of the Yohimbine tree. It stimulates the production of factors to bind with fat cells and metabolize them. 

The extracts of Yohimbine effectively deactivate Alpha fat receptors supplementing the binding of enzymes to beta receptors and metabolizing them. 


This product works better in the fasted state or when the body has lower glucose levels. It is because increased insulin levels cancel out Yohimbine effects. One should use it in a dosage of 0.2mg for each kilogram weight of the individual’s body.

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Can fat burning and muscle building occur simultaneously?

Yes, fat burning doesn't counteract muscle building. Hence, both processes can occur simultaneously.

What is the most effective supplement to turn fat into muscles?

L-Carnitine transports fat to the mitochondria for its metabolism. Hence it functions as the most effective supplement to turn fat into muscles.

What are the most efficient fat-burning supplements?

The most efficient fat-burning supplements are PhenQ, Phengold, Instant knockout, and Leanbean.

What muscles are the hardest to build?

Since calf muscles are extensively used, it is extremely hard to build them.

What are the highly effective muscle-building supplements?

Some supplements with highly effective muscle-building properties are Creatine, Beta-alanine, Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), and Hydroxy methyl Butyrate (HMB).

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We hope this article on supplements has enlightened you about the supplement that burns fat and builds muscle. The article primarily features the seven best supplements for building muscle and shredding fat. This list includes L-Carnitine, which shreds fat and builds by increasing the transport of fat to mitochondria; the Yohimbine bark extract, which is proven to accelerate fat metabolism, the L-Arginine/ nitric oxide boosters, which help fasten muscle recovery; etc. You must find the ideal balance between your food, exercise, and nutritional intake to simultaneously lose fat and gain muscle.