Athletes, weightlifters, bodybuilders commonly use mass gainers as dietary supplements. The purpose of gainers is to increase them by muscle mass and body weight, which helps athletic performance and reduces the fat in the body, which helps create a better muscular structure. Let’s get into the best mass gainer straight away.

best mass gainer

Once a person has reached 30 years of age, the testosterone levels decrease; this makes burning fat and packing on muscles difficult. So here comes the need for mass gainers, which help elevate testosterone levels in the body and help build muscles add burning fat naturally.

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Best 10 Mass Gainers

Here is a list of some best mass gainers in 2022

Muscleblaze Mass Gainer 

Muscle blaze gainer is crafted especially for that hardcore fitness enthusiast who works hard to gain big muscles—Anna’s beautifully sculpted physique. The advanced formula offers 15-gram protein but 100 grams serving—one of the best mass gainers.

muscleblaze mass gainer 

Its Simple and complex carbs per serving ensure a strapping and sustained calorie release in your body which fuels your muscle for a long duration. 

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Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass 

This nutrition serious mass provides the ultimate weight gain formula of 1263 calories in each serving by providing 50 grams of blended protein per 334 grams. In addition, the mass gainer comes back with 23 essential vitamins and minerals to enhance muscle growth to sculpt the body.

optimum nutrition serious mass 

Optimum nutrition serious mass is the premium weight gain formula for those who want to consume a high-calorie diet but cannot consume enough calories.

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Labrada Muscle Mass

This muscle mass gainer supplies proteins and other essential nutrients for muscle growth, providing the right calories for weight gain, and helps build and ton the muscle mass by stimulating your immune system and metabolic rate.

labrada muscle mass

Muscle mass gainer enriches with amino acid for faster post-workout recovery and proteins with many calories.

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Muscletech Mass Steak Extreme 2000 

Muscle tech mark steak extreme 2000 is a scientific solution for refinding mass gain by altering nutrient composition to provide balanced growth and muscle development. It is a revolutionary product that targets every muscle with advanced protein technology. I did the right amount of healthy fats and nutrients to help stimulate and develop muscle growth.

muscletech mass steak extreme 2000 

Muscle tech mass extreme 2000 helps increase the muscle mass, provides an increase in energy level, and helps in reducing the storage of fat. Its unique formula is scientifically designed to reduce fat storage in the body, which helps in better sculpting the muscle. It is enriched in various vitamins and minerals for optimizing Mars and muscle gain, such as amino acids Alpha-lipoic acid or ALA.

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MB Fuel One 

The fuel one mass gainer immunity is not just a mass gainer, but it helps boost your immunity levels and leads to a healthy weight gain. The product is added with the power of immunity-boosting agents such as vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, etc. In addition, the product is enriched with 400 milligrams off KSM 66 ashwagandha.

 mb fuel one 

An excellent antioxidant that ultimately enhances cell-mediated immunity and lowers the stress level. The product is a calorie-dense formula. That helps in a healthy weight gain through a perfect blend of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, new muscle growth, and fulfills the dietary gap. It is the most recommended mass gainer.

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BSN True Mass 1200 

BSN true mass 1200 helps deliver healthy fats that aid in quick-burning and fuel to satisfy serious athlete energy. It delivers 50 grams of protein per serving of 310 grams. The product helps in giving caloric support to those who need ultimate mass gain.

bsn true mass 1200 

It helps inflate your muscles with the right blend of ingredients. Thus, giving you the desired look to help you sculpt your body. 

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GNC Amplified Mass XXX Powder

Weight strength and endurance 50 grams of fast and medium digestive proteins. Along with 10 grams of BCAA, 748 calories plus 125g carbohydrates, and healthy fat for science-based nutrition.

gnc amplified mass xxx powder

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Nutrition Planet Extreme Mass Gainer With Added Digezyme

A scientifically ingenious formula that had been gaining weight. With added micronized creatine monohydrate L, glutamate comes up with protein-plated way products.

nutrition planet extreme mass gainer with added digezyme

With added digezyme helps in getting muscle mass and faster in the recovery process. It is one of the cheaper alternates with good results. Also recognized as the best mass gainer.

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Big Muscle Real Mass Gainer 

1000 grams of calories, 7500 grams of BCA, along with 3000 milligrams of glutamate per three servings. It is a well-engineered product with clean proteins, all-natural whey, and milk proteins. Which provides the body with ultimate nutrition throughout the day. 

big muscle real mass gainer 

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Musclepharm Combat XL Mass Gainers 

This product he’s a healthy and effective read-gaining supplement for the fitness enthusiast in India; it has well-blended high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins minerals to support weight gain.

musclepharm combat xl


This supplement provides 1270 calories per serving, which is enough to provide sufficient energy to the body throughout the day and helps repair faster. Musclepharm combat XL mass gainer is a high-performance formula of superior strength and helps increase muscle rate recoveries rapidly. 

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This was our list of the 10 best mass gainers. We have provided everything you need to do while choosing mass gainers. We hope this article would help you in buying a mass gainer that best suits you.:)

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