Laxogenin (full name: 5-Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin) is a chemical one can find in plants that helps plant growth and has now shown usage as a muscle-building supplement. Moreover, it is a natural steroid one can obtain from an Asian plant, Smilax sieboldii. It also has properties that are very similar to anabolic steroids but has an advantage over them because of its plant origins. Additionally, it ensures muscle gain without side effects and without losing muscle mass while maintaining a well-balanced diet. Moreover, it is recommended that usual Laxogenin supplement cycles should last from 6 weeks to 12 weeks. We will go over some of the best laxogenin supplements in this article.

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What Is A Laxogenin Supplement?

Laxogenin is a naturally occurring plant-based steroid, used to increase plant growth. But the research was done to make use of this steroid for growth in humans. And thus, now after a lot of hard work, success has been achieved in using this in humans for muscle growth.

How Does It Work?

It helps you grow your muscle by first breaking down your muscles into smaller molecules of proteins and then converting them into huger protein molecules which is anabolism.

Facts about taking laxogenin supplements which makes them better than steroids:

  • Helps increase muscle mass in a significant amount of time and cuts down fat.

    laxogenin supplement
    Laxogenin supplement
  • It is not classified as a prohormone, so doesn’t mess up with your hormone
  • It doesn’t need to be cycled, like some performance-enhancers.
  • There is no post cycle therapy required after completing a cycle unlike steroids
  • It’s available at most multivitamins and sports performance stores, so basically legal “almost” everywhere.

Is Laxogenin A Steroid?

Laxogenin is put under the steroid category and also popularly called as the plant steroid, but the best part is that it has all the effects of a normal synthetic steroid minus the negative i.e., the hormonal effects.

Is It Legal To Intake Laxogenin?

It is available in a lot of sports and vitamin stores, but it is important to know that it is illegal through USADA. So, you could be disqualified, if tested positive.

Benefits Of Laxogenin

  • It’s not common of you to gain 5-10lbs from a cycle, but these gains will be as clean as crystal because there is no water retention which results in Rapid lean muscle gains.
  • You’ll be able to lift heavier and more intense during your workouts due to an increase in strength and power.
  • Advanced protein synthesis helps out our body to repair itself and rebuild the muscles faster with quality muscle gains.
  • Improved recovery rate. Accelerate the rate of your body recovery time and making ourselves ready for the next workout.

The study shows that it is pretty much the best and most advanced way to for muscle-building with natural supplements available.

Recommended Dosage

To know that Laxogenin is working optimally in your system without any wastage, you need to know how to use and cycle it. The optimum dose is 100mg.

But then again you have to try for yourself how much is needed by your body according to your body weight and it also depends on the amount of workout you do.

Who Can Consume?

Safe for both men and women.

Most of the people who are trying to increase their lean mass and are actively going to the gym or are a gym freak should usually take these.

At What Time of the Day?

To get the maximum benefit from these supplements you should ideally take them with food for their maximum absorption.

A few people suggest having laxogenin before and after workout sessions or early morning, just before bed.

How Long Should You Use?

Usually, steroids and prohormones have a negative effect on the body because of the hormonal imbalance they create in the body. And thus, you cannot use them on a long-term basis. So, you use the term cyclical use which means using it in regular intervals.

But laxogenin is neither a steroid nor a prohormone, so long term usage can be made.

Price Range

One bottle will cost between $25 to $48.


After each cycle, you can see a change of at least a minimum of 5 to 7lbs. You can see significant changes ranging from within a week to a month.

Side Effects

Usually when used in optimum doses, these don’t usually have adverse effects. But in a very few cases these minor side effects are seen (which again we are not sure if laxogenin is the cause):

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea

So, you have to stay within the normal recommended limits of the optimum doses. And if you have a medical condition, please make sure to consult your doctor.

7 Best Laxogenin Supplements To Buy In 2021

So, we all know that it is a plant-based compound from the introduction. Now we see how it can help us reach our goal in building muscle, and it’s time for the most exciting part. The best laxogenin supplements available in market!


50mg Similax Sieboldii Extract (Laxogenin)

Contains 60 servings

Increases protein synthesis

Genbolin laxogenin supplement

It improves muscle strength, speed and recovery. It increases protein synthesis by 200%. Also helps reduce body fat while maintaining muscle mass. Results are expected in 7 days if taken as per recommended serving.

Buy Here

Mass Caps Muscle Builder

Manufactured by PCL, it is a natural anabolic supplement. Like every other supplement, it helps in muscle building and has guaranteed no side effects on testosterone production, making it one of the best laxogenin supplements available. Moreover, it is designed for both hard gainers who work out frequently and easy gainers. It also allows the body to focus more on using fat as energy sources. 

Mass Caps Muscle Builder
Mass Caps Muscle Builder

Mass Caps also helps break plateaus, i.e. the tendency that makes some parts of the body not want to grow anymore. No post cycle therapy is required after the consumption of Mass Caps as it has strong anabolic properties that do not affect your natural hormones. The recommended usage of the supplement is three capsules per day, and it contains 

  • Smilax Sieboldi Extract as a laxogenin
  • Added ingredients for building lean mass
  • 100mg Similax Sieboldii Extract (Laxogenin)
  • For the full effect – to build lean body mass

Mass caps are a high-quality musclebuilding supplement, especially for hard gainers. It is for 30 servings if taken as recommended. It helps increase lean muscle mass and a higher level of strength. You can find best results when you accompany it with high-quality training and a well-balanced diet.

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Anabolic Accelerator

100mg Similax Sieboldii Extract (Laxogenin)

6mcg of Bioperine to help with absorption

Speeds up muscle mass

Anabolic Accelerator laxogenin supplement
Anabolic Accelerator

It speeds up muscle mass, lowers cortisol levels, and recover faster after workout without any side effects. Recommended to start slow then increase dosage as per requirement

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Redcon 1 HALO Muscle Builder 60C

RedCon1, one of the leading bodybuilding supplements brand’s productions, Halo is one of the best Laxogenin supplements. It contains 100mg of laxogenin per tab, which absolutely is the recommended content of laxogenin per dose. Studies have shown that halo drastically improves nitrogen retention in mega doses and increases protein synthesis by 200%. It is a pack of 60 capsules per container and instructions recommend the consumption of 2 capsules per day.

Redcon 1 HALO Muscle Builder 60C
Redcon 1 HALO Muscle Builder 60C

STACKED certified and Nutravagence supplement solutions verified Halo is the most awarded supplement in its category. You need no pct and no bloat with Halo. While these types of protein synthesis occur only when a person is using super psychological doses of potent anabolic steroids, Halo is safe compared to them, providing similar results. With less cortisol present, it helps for greater fat loss and more muscular gains. This would help you train longer and would translate to faster results.

  • Laxogenin 100mg of Chinese Similax root extract 
  • For men and women
  • Popular with a PCT, but not required
  • Halo, the all-natural laxogenin supplement’s formula help both men and women increase protein synthesis and gain muscle while reducing fat. For best results, 1-2 capsules a day with food is suggested.

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Annihilate from huge supplements is one of the best natural anabolic supplements on the market. Its design allows athletes to take their performance to the next level. Reviewed and certified by STACK, it has been very effective in enhanced recovery and breaking through plateaus. It doesn’t have any side effects because it is a natural compound. Both men and women can use it, and as it does not affect your hormones, it does not require post cycle therapy. It also contains 100mg of laxogenin per tablet. The recommended cycle of the supplement of 8-12 weeks with a dose of 2 capsules per day.

annihilate laxogenin
  • 100 mg 5a Hydroxy Laxogenin Supplements
  • Promotes lean muscle mass
  • 8-12 weeks’ time period

It also helps increase protein synthesis and improves strength and recovery. 1-2 capsules a day for 8-12 weeks will help make the most of the money spent. Works best with another supplement like Arachidonic acid.

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Nano Genin by Assault Nano series

Nano genin from the Assault nano series is one of the best Laxogenin supplements. Mensxp ranks it #6 in the list of 10 best anabolic supplements. Moreover people hold its extreme effectiveness in high regard. Nano genin combines Laxogenin with a technology called ‘nano absorb technology’, often used in the pharmaceutical industry until recently to increase the efficiency of their products and vastly changes the game of the supplement industry.

Nano Genin by Assault nano series
Nano Genin by Assault nano series

It helps to increase the effectiveness of laxogenin by up to 600%. It also guarantees that it does not affect your natural testosterone production. Added with Vital Zma supplementation to support strenuous workouts. It is available at strong supplements at a price of $54.95.

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Hi-TECH Pharma Laxogenin 100   

We can consider Hi-tech pharma’s Laxogenin 100  the small brother to Halo. Like Halo, this product also contains 100mg of laxogenin per tablet. It comes with perks quite similar to Halo, such as less cortisol and an increase in protein synthesis quite close to 200%. It is best for those who want to gain muscle and/or increase athletic performance.

Hi-TECH Pharma Laxogenin 100   
Hi-TECH Pharma Laxogenin 100

Athletes who are in need of a supplement that would complement his/her current stack of supplements and who is avoiding androgen supplements but still want to promote muscle growth. It contains 60 tablets, and recommended usage is two tablets per day, and the length of the cycle should be 8-12 weeks. It is available on the official website of Hi-Tech pharma for $54.95, making it one of the cheaper yet best options available in the options for laxogenin for sale.

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We hope our information helps you choose the best laxogenin supplement for you and clarified why these laxogenin are the top best in 2021.

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