Looking for an Isagenix alternative according to your desires and needs? No more looking, and this is where you find several other brands that will work perfectly for you.

Isagenix is a company focused on providing the maximum protein-rich healthy food nutrients in the shape of snacks, smoothies, and drinks. This company also sells its line of cleansing, purifying, and complexion vitamins.


However, Isagenix’s minimal nutritional content and refined sugar level make one ask if there are still safer options. Luckily, there are many products on the market currently, making it tough to select the ideal choice for us.

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Best Isagenix Alternative Picks

Some of the choices that you can go for are Lady Boss Lean,  PhenQ, Herbalife, and Exante Diet. These products work extremely well if you want something with much more nutritional value. 

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Wolfson is a supplement firm that has been around for quite some time. They create several high-profile and trusted products, including the PhenQ brand. One of their best-selling goods is the PhenQ nutritional supplement smoothies.

PhenQ supplements are vegan meal substitution shakes consisting solely of organic components. It can be used to replace a supper during a busy day without losing essential vitamins and minerals. The company also sells an urge suppression product to help customers reduce their weight, produce energy, and burn fat safely.


Isagenix Alternative is PhenQ, and both are protein drinks high in nutrients.  You can use it to substitute meals. When you connect the different shakes, you can discover which feature of every shake is preferable to the other. Isagenix contains 18 g of protein, whereas PhenQ only offers 16 grams of vegan foods.

However, when referring to the entire component list, PhenQ surpasses Isagenix. The ingredients of PhenQ include 24 essential nutrients, adaptogens, Natural oils, and Innoslim.

Regarding flavor and aroma, Isagenix comprises six possibilities for its customers. For instance, PhenQ offers only two variants: chocolate and vanilla. When it comes to flavors, Isagenix is a better choice.

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Lady Boss Lean

Lady Boss Lean is a high-protein product that delivers a nutritionally rich meal alternative for working women who hardly have time to cook balanced food. Its protein content is excellent for improving metabolism and keeps you full for longer.

Let’s continue with the total protein; they’re both protein products. Lady Boss Lean has 16 g of protein each meal, but Isagenix offers 24 grams. Secondly, it is only accessible in one taste: vanilla cake, but Isagenix offers at least six taste options for every drink.

lady boss lean

Then there’s the amount of sugar because these products improve ideal health and fat loss, their glucose content is critical. Isagenix has 10 grams of sugar per serving, while Lady Boss Lean contains only 4 grams.

About ingridients, Lady Boss Lean comprises simple elements, including high protein, nutrients, and vitamins. Isagenix, on the other hand, provides energy in the form of highly efficient stemmed proteins, vital fats, power carbs, and 23 valuable elements.

Lady Boss Lean comes with lots of goodies, including a cookbook and a fitness schedule.

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Herbalife is a high-protein nutritional supplement product that can be an Isagenix Alternative. This product is loaded with helpful vitamins and nutrients that can increase your physical immunity and assist you in achieving your ideal weight.

Herbalife’s protein is derived entirely from natural materials, making it a healthier product.

Isagenix products are available in six diverse tastes, but Herbalife comes out ahead with 12 enticing product choices.


Herbalife is full of simple but powerful nutrients like minerals, enzymes, and energy. Isagenix, on the other hand, has 24 distinct micronutrients as well as a good carbohydrate and healthy fat content. Isagenix, unlike Herbalife, produces a gluten-free and soy-free composition.

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Exante Diet

Exante Diet is a corporation that offers a wide range of innovative meal replacement products. Unlike many other protein supplementation businesses, does not confine its product line to protein drinks; it also offers whey protein powder, bars, and juices. Isagenix products are famous for their nutrition composition, which comprises 23 key aspects, protein, carbs, and vital fats.

extante diet

However, the Exante Diet’s ingredients list takes the initiative because it contains 27 vital nutrients and several minerals such as Vitamins C and e, B12, B9, and K. The protein of these products is also critical. The Exante Diet has 16 g of protein per meal, but Isagenix has 24 g of fiber per dish. Read this article to know what are the best Vegan probiotic supplements.

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Optavia is a business that aims to stay fit and healthy and acts as a perfect Isagenix Alternative. It includes a variety of nutrition-rich snacks, smoothies, and protein bars to allow you to reach your fitness objectives.

Isagenix products have 24 g of fiber per serving, while Optavia food contains 14 g of protein every serving. Optavia contains high amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, as well as calcium and iron. Isagenix, on either hand, has a more thorough component list that includes 23 essential nutrients.


Each dose of Isagenix includes 7 grams of manufactured sugars. Optavia, on the other hand, uses natural sweeteners in the form of honey and has 10% sweets per dose.

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310 Shake

Another great Isagenix substitute is the 310 Smoothie.  In the form of 310 shakes, the 310 nourishment company provides a wide range of nutrient meal alternative shakes. These smoothies likewise have a low carbohydrate content, but their high protein content enhances fullness and promotes metabolism to aid in better weight control.

310 shake

310 Shakes brand offers more flavor possibilities than Isagenix because Isagenix only has six flavor options, whereas 310 Shakes have nine. Isagenix products also have more sugar than the 310 shakes, which derive their sugar from all sources. As a result, the sweetness in 310 Shakes has no calories. Both of these goods contain a gluten-free composition that would benefit individuals who are allergic to gluten.

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Huel is another Isagenix Alternative company that sells protein-rich meals. It includes all sorts of energy bars, smoothies, and warm meals. Huel has a longer component list than Isagenix since it contains 27 vital nutrients in the form of protein, whereas Isagenix only has 23.


Furthermore, the protein shakes are available in two varieties: Huel 3.0 and Huel Black version. Huel 3.0 powder exists in 9 varieties, Huel Black Series in 6 flavors, and Isagenix in 6 preferences.

Huel 3.0 includes 20 g of protein per dose, whereas Huel Black Edition offers 40 grams. Isagenix, on the other hand, leads the way with 24 g of protein per dose.

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Why am I gaining weight on Isagenix?

When energy expenditure is low, high protein consumption may cause obesity. This nutrient contains high calories. If you do not really utilize the excess calories, they will collect and drive you to gain weight.


Isagenix is famous for protein-rich, low, calorie products.

However, there are several products available. If you are hunting for Isagenix Alternative, check out all of the high-protein, nutritional supplement solutions listed above. Except for Optavia, all of the goods on the list are less affordable products to Isagenix but have low sugar content.

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