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 Weight loss has taken the world by storm, with that weight loss supplements came into the picture. People nowadays want to look slim and eat healthily. Sometimes over-dieting and over-exercising can cause long term side effects. People have nowadays adapted to the greener versions of weight loss that is Garcinia Cambogia supplements. In markets, there are tons of brands which makes it difficult to find the ideal one.

We all have tried our best to reduce that stubborn belly fat and get the weighted needle down. But even after numerous diets, yoga and pills nothing seems to work and maybe you aren’t doing it the right way and seeing no results. Not to forget Pandemic has taken a great toll on our lives and changed our daily routine, from emotional eating to mental health issues and physical changes in hormones. Pandemic has also distorted our sleep cycle, so click here to get the best natural sleeping aids, if you are having troubles falling asleep.

While we all enjoyed the part of work from home, binge eating and watching shows on Netflix. The food we consumed during this period was delicious high-calorie junk food with loads of unhealthy fats which reduced our metabolism.

Let’s stop dallying over something which isn’t helping you get the desired results and get down the nitty-gritty essentials of your weight loss journey with Garcinia Combogia.

What Is Garcinia Cambogia And How Does It Help You Reduce Weight?

Garcinia  Cambogia or Garcinia gummi-gutta is used prominently as a spice by different cultures. It is grown in many Asian countries and in some parts of Africa. The fruit of Garcinia Cambogia looks like a multilobed pumpkin. The sour flesh of this fruit will pucker your lips and is often pickled. Various studies and researches have shown that this herb prevents the body from making fats by interfering with the fat synthesis in the body. Which also makes it an appetite suppressant for which the component called Hydroxycitric  Acid (HCA) is responsible. It is a great fat burner and significantly improves your metabolism making you feel more energetic. 

You will find an HCA composition of  60% to 95% in Garcinia Combogia tablets or capsules in the market. The extract from Garcinia Cambogia  also sees its use in treating conditions like diabetes, cancer, ulcers, diarrhoea and constipation. It also increases the level of serotonin in your body and enhances your mood, reducing stress which in turn helps you to avoid emotional eating.

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Side Effects 

The Garcinia helps to lose weight without any exercise and diet. It is a spice and when used regularly does not show any side effects. When the herb is formulated, it may show common side effects like dizziness, dry mouth, headache, upset stomach and even diarrhoea.

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  • It inhibits the conversion of fat into calories.
  • Moreover, it is a fat blocker.
  • It will also boost your metabolism.
  • Additionally, it acts as an appetite suppressant.
  • It increases serotonin levels.
  • Also, it improves the lipid profile.
  • It lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Furthermore, it helps to reduce stress.
  • It also helps to improve our immunity.

Best Garcinia Cambogia Supplements

We went through all the supplements with Garcinia Cambogia reviews, and brought you the best Garcinia Cambogia supplements available in the market. 

HealthKart Garcinia Extract

Healthkart is one of the most well-known platforms and a brand in itself regarding health and dietary supplements. It is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine. It is a blend of natural herbs that may help to curb appetite. Healthkart comes with the goodness of pure Garcinia Cambogia fruit extracts, which is also known as Malabar tamarind in India and south-east Asia. The primary ingredient in Healthkart Garcinia is HCA. HCA helps to block the conversion of spare carbohydrates into fats in the human body. Healthkart Garcinia may also help to control appetite and make you feel fullness after having a meal. It may help you to reduce belly fat and control emotional eating.

HealthKart Garcinia Extract
HealthKart Garcinia Extract


  •       65% HCA
  •       Weight management
  •       Appetite suppression
  •       Stimulates fat burning
  •       Improves metabolism

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Nutrigold Garcinia Cambogia Gold

Nutrigold Garcinia Cambogia Gold is the best Cambogia Garcinia. It is standardized and multi-patented to contain 60% HCA, and its natural formula is simple and effective. It supports satiety, appetite control and fat reduction.

Nutrigold Gold
Nutrigold Garcinia Cambogia Gold


  •       500 mg Garcinia extract
  •       Standardized to 60% HCA
  •       Vegetarian
  •       Great value
  •       Clinically proven & water soluble
  •       healthy lipid levels
  •       Includes 50mg calcium and 70mg potassium nutrients that are used as binding agents to increase the absorption rate of the HCA.

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Healthawin Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Healthawin is an Indian brand of dietary supplements. Years of research into natural health supports its elaborate range. As the name suggests, they are here with the motto to help people win over health in a simple and easy way. They have various products to offer, including coffee bean extracts, grape seed extract, CLA, carnitine, and Cambogia.

Healthawin Pure Garcinia Cambogia is one of their most demanded products and is the best Garcinia Cambogia supplement they offer. They have a series of Garcinia products, each differing in their HCA concentration. The products are free of fillers and artificial ingredients.

Healthawin Pure Garcinia Cambogia
Healthawin Pure Garcinia Cambogia


  •       Most potent formula
  •       Backed by research and science
  •       Pure and potent
  •       Promotes steadier blood sugar levels

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Lean Health Burner Max

Leanhealth burner max is a natural supplement that contains 95% pure hydro citric acid from Cambogia extract. This may help burn even the most stubborn fat, making it one of the most effective and best Garcinia Cambogia supplements.

Leanhealth burner max can effectively help manage weight issues, boost metabolism, and help reduce hunger pangs. It can also work wonders in elevating your mood and lowering your stress and anxiety. It may improve concentration and helps people with restlessness, anxiety and stress issues.

Lean Health Burner Max
Lean Health Burner Max


  •       Enhance energy level
  •       Enhance metabolism levels
  •       Inhibits enzymes and improves overall health
  •       Helps to reduce stress hormones & controls levels of anxiety
  •       May curb unnecessary hunger pangs
  •       Helps in stubborn fat reduction

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NutriHerbs Garcinia Cambogia

Nutri Herbs is an upcoming nutraceutical brand that is specifically into natural and healthy weight management products. Some of the products churned out by them are green coffee extracts, omega 3, wheatgrass and Garcinia products.

Nutri herbs Garcinia Cambogia is a 100% vegetarian product that aims at weight loss by suppressing appetite and preventing fat formation. Also, the level of HCA in this product is 70%.

NutriHerbs Garcinia Cambogia
NutriHerbs Garcinia Cambogia

Key Ingredients:

  •       Cambogia 70% HCA
  •       Guggul extracts
  •       Green tea


  •       Improves the rate of metabolism
  •       Normalizes the blood sugar levels in the body
  •       Helps to increase the energy
  •       Burns body’s excess fat
  •       Helps to restrain the appetite

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Be Natural Garcinia Cambogia

As the name says, the company is all into natural health and beauty products. It is also  formulated as a capsule and it is 100% vegetarian.

This company is into health and beauty care products that are chemical-free and natural. Furthermore, Be natural Garcinia Cambogia is one of the promising product with good reviews and customer satisfaction. It is a 100% vegetarian product in the form of a capsule. Each capsule contains 800 mg of Garcinia Cambogia extract with rice powder and 70% HCA, making it one of the best Garcinia Cambogia supplements

Each capsule contains 800mg Cambogia extract and then it is mixed with rice powder. All this makes it easy to be filled into the capsule shells. HCA content in the extract is 70%.

Be Natural
Be Natural Garcinia Cambogia


  • No additional chemicals.
  • It has only natural ingredients.
  • It is ideal for both men and women.
  • The capsules are affordable and easy to use.

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Sinew Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia Extract

It is a nutraceutical brand with a wide range of products. Moreover, its Cambogia Extract is perfect for weight management blended with essential minerals which help to burn fats and boost metabolism.

Sinew Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia Extract
Sinew Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia Extract

It is yet another vegetarian product with 1500 mg of Garcinia extract with 60% HCA and 15%  natural calcium. It aims for healthy weight management while giving the body the minerals you need.

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Does this article resolve your question : “ Which is the best Garcinia Cambogia ,” ? We hope you found the best Garcinia Cambogia supplements from this list and it satisfies your needs.

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