Are you on your weight loss journey or simply trying to switch to healthy beverage alternatives? This write-up is for you! We have made a list of best detox teas for weight loss to try in 2022. Read on to know more.

With the beginning of the summer season, we all are ready for a fresh start. Along with the constant running and exercise, we are brushing our culinary skills for a healthy diet in our daily routine. 

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Presently, one of the popular detoxing and losing weight techniques is drinking detox tea. Detox teas help in weight loss by increasing our body’s fat-burning abilities and accelerating metabolism. They reduce stress by eliminating the free radicals and compounds in the antioxidants and polyphenols present in the tea. They eliminate wastes present in the body as well as keep our liver healthy. 

Best Detox Teas For Weight Loss

Let’s see some of our best Detox Teas of this year that call help us in our healthy routine:

Green Tea

Considered the king of teas when talking about health benefits, it has antioxidants that help us flush the radicals from our body. It is a perfect blend of stress reliever and health maker.

green tea

It has epigallocatechin, which helps in weight loss, boosts our metabolism, and helps burn body fat quickly.

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Traditional Medicinals Organic Dandelion Probiotic Tea

Traditional Medicinals launched this tea to boost our digestive health. It contains probiotics that help fix the balance of gut bacteria, which is one reason for bloating and indigestion, along with dandelion with vitamins and minerals. traditional medicinal organic dandelion probiotic tea

Cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon give it a delicious and spicy taste.

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Hint Wellness-14 Days Detox Tea

It detoxifies our body in two weeks by consuming a burden, dandelion, orange peel, and black walnut.

hint wellness 14 day detox tea

If the body is not used to a healthy diet, then there may be a little burping, but only during the start as it is detoxifying our body and balancing the pH level. But after a couple of days, one would feel great. It reduces bloating, flushes the extra water in the body, and makes us feel healthy and friendly within the timeframe.

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BaeTea 14-Day Teatox Herbal Detox Tea

Made of green tea leaf, matcha green tea, and guarana seed, it helps in excess bloating, digestive issues and helps in weight loss. Baetea- one of the main ingredients of this tea helps reduce inflammation in our digestive system.

baetea 14-day teatox herbal detox tea

It contains a small amount of caffeine, making one sleepy, so it’s advised not to consume it during work time. This natural tea has got lots of positive reviews from the customers.

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Yogi Tea Detox Tea

This tea consists of the blend “trikatu,” consisting of ginger, black pepper, and long pepper. It is present in different flavors like- berry, dandelion, licorice, peach, etc., and is readily available in stores or online. They clean the body every day and helps the kidney and liver function properly.

yogi tea detox tea

It is very suitable for bedtime work as it is caffeine-free. It improves digestion, bloating, and other health problems. And, it has a spicy taste that may not appeal to everyone and may cause digestive issues initially.

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Total Tea Gentle Detox

The next one on the list of best detox teas for weight loss is Total Tea Gentle Detox. Ingredients like chamomile, hibiscus, senna, peppermint, ginger, etc., it is one of the best solutions for bloating. Chamomile is very efficient in reducing stress and making us calm

total tea gentle detox

Senna relieves constipation and helps indigestion. It reduces inflammation in the digestive system. It usually takes time to show effects. In the beginning, one may have to go washroom frequently as it cleans the colon. It increases the productivity and energy levels of the body as it is caffeine-free. It is present in orange flavor only.

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Gaia Herbs Detox and Cleanse Herbal Tea

Its key ingredients are burdock, artichoke, and rooibos, along with lemon and peppermint. Licorice is sweet and promotes liver function. It cleanses the body as well as strengthens the immune system.

gaia herbs detox tea

The product is light in taste due to the presence of peppermint and lemon. It increases the longevity and vitality of the body. And this is why this product makes its way to the list of best detox teas for weight loss.

Before using this product, one should consult with a doctor as it is not advised to drink this if one has kidney or liver disease during pregnancy and hypertension.

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Pukka Herbs Organic Herbal Detox Tea

The last one in the list of best detox teas for weight loss is Pukka Herbs Organic Herbal Detox Tea. A caffeine-free and organic tea that helps us calm from a long tiring day. Cardamom, fennel, organic aniseed helps us in detoxifying and relaxing.

pukka detox organic tea

It improves digestion and supports the bodily function. Launched in 2001 by Tim Westwell and Sebastian Pole, Pukka has its best natural and herbal health products.

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The Takeaway

These are some of the best detox tea products of 2021. Before choosing any detox tea, one should check whether they are certified organic to avoid overall side effects. It is advised to take detox teas in the morning and the nighttime as it increases the productivity level and energizes us.

One should also have the tea between meals and during snack time to reap its benefit. Losing weight is not just about detox tea. Unless and until one doesn’t exercise regularly and have a healthy diet, it would be of no use.

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