We live in a world where supplements have taken over the health and wellness industry. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good or bad. It ultimately comes down to our discretion and choice. The basic thing to do before choosing a health supplement is to have a thorough understanding of the same what it does to your body. And if there are any complications in consuming them for a longer period of time. Now let’s come to the topic of the day that is Berberine. It is a plant-based supplement that is proven to be quite effective when consumed in the right dosage. Let us dive deep into the topic and list out some of the best Berberine supplements available in the market:

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What exactly is Berberine? 

Berberine is a chemical compound that is a part of naturally occurring in plants like Berberis. It is an ammonium salt from the family of benzylisoquinoline alkaloids and has a slight yellow color. Once Berberine is consumed, it travels through our bloodstream and reaches the cells, where it attaches to different molecules and alters their functions.


This way, Berberine activates an enzyme in our cells known as the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). Also known as the master metabolic switch, this enzyme helps in regulating the metabolic rate of different organs such as the kidney, liver, brain, and heart.

What are the benefits of the best Berberine supplements?

Now that we have a basic understanding of what the supplement is and how it functions, let us look at some of the common benefits observed in individuals consuming Berberine:

· Helps reduce blood sugar levels: 

Berberine decreases insulin resistance in the body, thereby increasing the level of insulin, which is crucial in maintaining the right blood sugar level in the bloodstream. Individuals suffering from PCOD and Thyroid will find this feature extremely useful.

· May help in losing weight: 

The functions of fat-regulating hormones such as adiponectin, insulin, and leptin are improved through the consumption of Berberine, which helps individuals improve their metabolism. This ultimately resulted in a healthier Body Mass Index and decreased weight.

· Reduces the risk of heart disease: 

Consumption of Berberine has proven to lower the blood triglycerides, total cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol in the body, along with increasing the HDL cholesterol level. This has an overall effect of decreasing the risk rate of heart disease.

The Best Berberine supplements in the market

There are tons of berberine supplements available in the market, and not everyone has the same effects. You will have to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right one for you. Let us look at some of the best berberine supplements available in the market today:

 GlucoVantage Super Berberine by Peak Performance

Each bottle of Super Berberine has 30 capsules of 100mg each and is proven to have benefits like lowering the GI stress, bioavailability, higher absorbability, and almost zero allergies.

glucovantage berberine
glucovantage berberine

It is also a completely vegan product and has no preservatives added to it. It is also one of the most effective weight loss supplements available in the market, so if weight loss is your main goal, then give this supplement a try.

Berberine Pure + by Nuzena

Proven to be the supplement having the highest amount of Berberine (in a pure state) in the market, Berberine Pure helps increase the metabolic rate of individuals effectively.

berberine pure
berberine pure

We know that individuals with type 2 diabetes have metabolic syndrome, which slows down their metabolism, so consumption of two of these capsules per day can help them manifold in alleviating their condition.

Clinical Grade Berberine 1,500mg by Whitaker Nutrition

If you are someone trying to normalize the blood sugar levels in your bloodstream, then the Clinical Grade Berberine might be perfect for you.

clinical grade berberine
clinical grade berberine

Unlike the previous two supplements, you will have to consume three of these tablets per day to reach the 1500mg target. Just make sure that the ingredients in the supplement do not clash with the medications that you take if any.

Thorne Berbercap Berberine

For promoting proper insulin and cholesterol levels, consuming 1 to 2 capsules of the Berbercap berberine supplement is proven to be helpful.

thorne berberine
thorne berberine

It also promotes better gut health by eliminating bacteria that cause IBS, bloating, and other bowel problems. This leads to better absorption of vitamins in the intestine as well.  

 Lipo Berberine by Alive By Science

One of the key benefits of choosing this supplement is that it provides the most concentrated form of Berberine which is absorbed quite efficiently by the body.

lipo berberine
lipo berberine

Proper blood circulation is a given, which makes sure that the nutrients reach every part of the body. It is not necessary that you have to consume it along with food.

 Ezyabsorb Insulin Herb Berberine

The manufacturers of this product claim the insulin herb, aka Berberine, as an ayurvedic miracle plant. Calling it a jewel in the crown in the crowd of insulin medicines, the product is highly advertised for its benefits for the diabetic section of society.

ezyabsorb berberine
ezyabsorb berberine

They claim that their product can increase the efficacy of the hormone insulin. Decrease the production of sugar in one’s liver, reduce the speed of the breakdown of carbohydrates in the body. And most importantly, reduce the belly fat, one that can be extremely hazardous for the body. The Berberine that is in the product is from the tree called Phellodendron Amurense and is coupled with silymarin. It is said to up the bioavailability of the chemical.

Berberine HCL

With the chemical in question right in its name, this supplement reigns in as the best source of Berberine in today’s time. When taken alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise, this product assures peak liver health.

berberine hcl
berberine hcl

It also boasts about the maintenance of healthy eyesight and bones, thereby targeting the absolute necessities of the body. Despite the innumerable pros that side with the product, reports have stated diarrhea being a common side effect. This, however, is not an issue due to the multitudes of points that make the pros potentially aside to stand by.


The sunergetic Berberine is one of the best berberine supplements out there. It is from the premium plant, namely, Barberis aristata. It contains 600 mg berberine per capsule, which is more as compared to the other variants of the same in the market today.

sunergetic berberine
sunergetic berberine

The producers of the product assure their customers of premium quality of ingredients, pure vegetarian in all forms, and great for cardiovascular health. It is, however, not for usage of long periods of time solely due to the overdose that may affect the organs it intends to help.

 Berberine Root extract

A product from the Salt Lake City in Utah. This formula is manufactured by Solaray, a company that has been in the inddustry for the past 40 years. Which now ships to over 60 countries. The product stands by the basic benefits of the berberine chemical while claiming to be the best berberine supplement to help one get right back to their healthy lifestyle and help in the overall maintenance of the same as well.

berberine root extract
berberine root extract

The manufacturers claim its additional advantages for the people who follow the ketogenic or Keto diet. As it is said to support the metabolic rate that is deals with ketones, fatty acids, and glucose storage in the body. Additional features include it being vegan friendly, which helps in the reduction of symptoms for menstrual problems, among others. This particular product may cause constipation but otherwise is an ideal supplement for today’s health-conscious generation.

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Just because Berberine is super effective and useful. It doesn’t mean that everyone can consume it without the consultation of a doctor.

If you are suffering from any sort of medical condition. It is imperative that you visit a doctor and get their expert opinion before deciding to use it.

The right dosage and time of consumption are also crucial for you to get the maximum benefit of the berberine supplement. So, take your decision wisely.

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