Looking for the best 100m spikes? So you’ve decided to get onto the tracks and run 100 meters in the fastest time possible?  Are you a school or a college-going student who wants to be on the 100 meters track team? The main thing is – Are you planning to get on the tracks and run 100 meters? And that too in the fastest time possible? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. 

100m spikes

The first thing you gotta do is set the vision and a goal. Having already planned to run 100 meters, we’re pretty sure you are well over the first part. Now comes the second part, the equipment. What shoes are the best if I want to run faster? Shoes that will be comfortable and don’t give me sore legs? Or any general doubt regarding picking the best track spikes for a 100m race in general? Worry not! We’ve got your back.

Best 100m Spikes To Buy In 2022

We are here to tell you the best spikes to give the best performance in a 100 meters race. This list is compiled by people with years of experience in the field, and you can bank on it. Comfortable. Lightweight. Precision running. Affordability. We’ve all got it covered! So read on and then make an informed decision on which pair of shoes you want to buy and buy the best 100m spikes that there are. Best track spikes for 100m.

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Adidas Adizero Accelerator 100m spikes

This is a reputed name in the sports shoemaking industry, and you can blindly trust their products just as they present the Adidas Adizero Accelerator.

adidas adezero aaccelerator

With an aggressive spike plate and precision spike placement, it provides you with the best traction that any shoe can provide. Good traction means good contact with the ground, and this will help you in the running better. These Adidas sprinter spikes are very lightweight, with its heel part being made of mesh material. This mesh material makes the shoe lightweight despite its aggressive spike plate.

A little bit on the expensive side, but see these Adidas spikes as a good investment if you’re planning on taking 100-meter track events seriously. These are the best 100m spikes in the category.

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Nike Zoom Ja Fly 100m spikes

Talking about sports shoes, and we don’t mention any products designed by Nike? Not possible! The Nike Zoom Ja Fly are versatile track spikes.

nike zoom ja fly

The suit bent running more than the 100-meter track. But still, they are one of the best 100-meter track spikes on the market. Its upper part is woven, which makes the shoe very flexible. Flexibility allows your feet freedom to move in any direction, thus making a 100 meter run a comfortable experience and very good 100m track spikes.

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Adidas Adizero Finesse 

The Adidas Adizero Finesse is one of the most popular shoes among the peers who run 100 meters of track events. Adidas has been manufacturing this model for a long time now.

adidas adezero finnesse

This being its popular model, they make amends to it every year for the benefit of the people who run 100m. With its natural spike plate design, it makes this shoe versatile and can be considered as the best spike for 100m and 200m. Lightweight. Durable. Comfortable. What else do you need in a shoe? Plus, they are available in various colors, making them easy to match with your sportswear. 

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Nike Superfly Elite 

One of the most multifunctional shoes on the list and also one of the most pricey ones on the list. The Nike Superfly Elite is one of the must-have shoes in your arsenal if you’re looking to run in 100-meter track events.

nike superfly elite

Not only restricted to 100 meters, but they can also accompany you on cross-country tracks. The Dynamic Fit Technology that Nike has used in these shoes makes it very comfortable for the user. The woven upper part is also made with care so that it doesn’t cause any irritation to your foot. One of the best 100m spikes out there.

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New Balance Verge V1 

It enters into the sports shoe-making scene with an explosion and the Verge V1 gives a very strong justification on why people love it so much.

new balance verge v1

With a great design, it’s a treat to the eyes of the consumer and looks aesthetically pleasing. But with good looks, it also comes with awesome features to complement the good looks. Injuries are minimal with the stiff spike plate. Oh, and they’re very comfortable too. The New Balance Verge V1 personifies the saying – All that glitters is gold. A good choice of 100m spikes for beginners.

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Puma Evospeed 9 

Last but certainly not least, Puma really became a sensation in the last decade when Usain Bolt (the Guinness World Record holder for completing the 100 meters race in the lowest time) ran wearing their shoes.

puma evospeed

So it’s a fact that Puma is no less in making fantastic track spikes when they have the World’s Fastest Man endorsing them. With eight spikes, not placed aggressively, it is one of the best ones of its kind.

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If you have decided to take upon the 100-meter track events, and you plan to do seriously, we’ve got the best shoes for you, so you spend more time on the tracks rather than on the internet researching the shoes. Every shoe on our list is perfect in its own sense, and you won’t regret buying it. Carefully selected by people with tremendous experience in this field, this is your one-stop for selecting 100m spikes. 

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