How 40 years Old I Shocked The Whole MEDICAL Community By Losing 12 Kgs Weight In 1 Month!

Hello, I’m Zachary. Although I’m in my 40s but I still feel active and beautiful as I was in my early 30s. Here I’m going to share my story of how I lost my weight upto 12kgs in just a month with RESURGE Deep Sleep and HGH Support Formula.

My Struggle Story

It all started back in my early teens when I remember being heavily bullied, shamed, made fun of and teased by my classmates in my middle school for being an obese child. I remember one humiliating incident which still haunts me. It was Independence Day which was being observed at our school with a round of songs and dances by students. As an eager child I took part in the celebrations with one of the singing choirs and was very happy.

But reality had different plans for me, apart from having a sweet voice and talent I was rejected to perform with other kids in the group. Our music teacher said that I would take up the space of three students alone and everyone in the classroom started laughing at me I was a laughing stock even through my high school for my over weight.

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When I was in university losing my weight became vital and the only option for me to gain confidence and appear as a desirable candidate among my peers. I started trying out numerous ways to lose weight but shamefully failed as they were nearly impractical to follow and maintain for an obese person. I even tried all the latest trending weight-loss diets like the glutton-free, the keto, and even tried to mimic the ones followed by skinny celebrities only to realize that I was only wasting my time and money on these. It cracks me up to think of the desperate times when I tried to live on single sugar cubes for a week!

So, I eventually gave up trying anything new anymore as every trick in the book or diet or plan was proving ineffective for me. I remember being unhappy and even depressed during those dreadful years of my life until the day finally came which changed me for good.

What Really Helped Me To Lose My Weight And End This Living Nightmare

What proved to be a boon for me and eventually shaped me up was RESURGE. It is a dietary supplement which is proven to promote deep sleep and regulate HGH (human growth hormone) production in our body. It was during one of my many restless nights surfing the internet that I stumbled upon John Barban’s video presentation on RESURGE. John’s insightful presentation revealed that people especially women who are in their 40s-60s stop losing weight and tend to store more fat because of ‘shallow deep syndrome’.

It hardly matters whether the person is getting an 8+ adequate hours of sleep, what really matters is to see if they are experiencing a shallow and troubled sleep experience or not. This interruption results in hormonal depletion and compels the body to store fat. Strict diets and exercises turn out ineffective and the person keeps on gaining weight and this is nothing less than a nightmare.

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My Experience With RESURGE

I received my first supply or RESURGE within 3 business days and I started consuming it from the same night. Next morning when I checked my weight I realized that I had already lost 900grams. I continued with my normal balanced diet and kept on experiencing a healthy process of weight loss through my RESURGE supplement.

After about 2months or regular consuming RESURGE religiously at night I am proud to announce that I’ve lost 20kgs of weight. After just about a month I had already lost 10–12 kgs which is nothing less than a miracle. This supplement truly works with weight loss and not only that it also helped me with a bunch of other problems which came with my obesity:

It helped me to sleep better and wake up refreshed and I was a different person altogether.I experienced more energy to do my daily chores and job.It drastically reduced my fatigue, promoted me more energy and reduced my anxiety and mood swings to a great extent.It also improved my concentration levels and enhanced my cognitive function by stabilizing hormones.So, If you are an obese person who is also a woman then I highly recommend you to try it at least once in your life. This revolutionary formula requires you to at least give it a shot even for once. You will be benefitted from it.


RESURGE is a dietary supplement which is proven to help anyone who is struggling with their weight loss journey. It helps them to obtain a prolonged period of deep sleep to support the optimal production of Human Growth Hormones (HGH) while they sleep. We have to understand that an optimal level of HGH makes our body burn fat faster and slows the aging process down dramatically, and RESURGE is the first ever clinically proven all-natural supplement to do all that. RESURGE helps men and women over 40 years of age to overcome their metabolic slowdown and shallow sleep syndrome while also enhancing the body’s metabolic regeneration process. This means RESURGE is a miracle supplement which will burn our fat and promote us healthy sleep.

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How is RESURGE Different

RESURGE has proven to be different as it focuses on securing deep sleep as its main priority which makes it stand apart from other dietary supplements which are more focussed on only addressing weight loss. RESURGE knows that deep sleep is the main priority of our body because deep sleep is the most regenerative phase of sleeping. According to a study conducted on 1,892 obese men and women, 86% of participants were able to double their weight loss progress by just obtaining 6–7 hours of deep sleep every night.

What Is RESURGE Supplement Made Of

RESURGE is all natural and it comprises of a FDA approved formula of 8 naturally derived ingredients including- natural amino acids like 1,2. 1200mg Arginine & 1200mg Lysine which help in the release of HGH hormone during sleep; It has 200mg L-Theanine which reduces anxiety and resting heart rate, which in turn significantly increases the duration of the ‘deep sleep’ stage of rest; contains 150mg East Indian Ashwagandha which naturally decrease stress, cortisol, and anxiety; it has 10mg Melatonin; 50mg Magnesium & 15mg Zinc and 100mg Natural Amino Acid Hydroxytryptophan which promotes sleep makes us healthy and active and further improves the quality of sleep.

Benefits And Advantages Of Talking RESURGE

RESURGE has been targeted for people who are failing their diets and have lost all hopes of losing weight. RESURGE saves you a lot of money and time from maintaining all sorts of weight loss diets, keeping tracks of charts, counting calories and from what not. It a simple process with RESURGE which helps you lose weight and promotes great sleep.

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The RESURGE formula is backed by solid science, research and evidence, with all the facts to back its claims and suppositions it is a product which surely works. RESURGE is made from all-natural ingredients — no additives, no preservatives and has no side effects. If you are a person who is struggling to lose weight then you must give RESURGE a try. It really works. RESURGE changes lives overnight.


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